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  • Vastu tips to keep in mind before buying a flat
  • Why does the Vastu direction matter?
  • How to check property Vastu?
  • Best direction for bedroom as per Vastu
  • Vastu tips for bedroom for flat
  • Best direction for bathroom as per Vastu
  • Vastu tips for toilet for flat
  • Best direction for kitchen as per Vastu
  • Best direction for different kitchen items as per Vastu
  • Vastu tips for kitchen for flat
  • Direction for pooja room as per Vastu
  • Vastu tips for pooja room for flat
  • Best direction for living room as per Vastu
  • Vastu tips for living room in flats
  • Best direction for balcony in flat as per Vastu
  • Vastu tips for balcony in flats
  • Best direction for entrance gate in flat as per Vastu
  • Vastu tips for entrance gate in flats

Buying a flat these days is a hassle. And buying a Vastu-complement flat, an add-on to the same hassle. The problem is that the spiritual Indians invariably seek the most Vastu-complement property, however, a 100% Vastu-friendly property is simply a myth.

Vastu Shastra is the science of direction, also called the science of architecture. Vastu Shastra combines the five elements of nature and tries to balance them with humans and their environment. Thus, the five elements (Pancha Bhootas), when in a favourable stance for humans, pave the way for enhanced health, wealth, prosperity, and happiness in an enlightened environment. However, when the five elements of Vastu Shastra are not balanced, they create Vastu Dosh. Vastu Dosh negatively affects the life of the native.

As per mythology, the ancient Gurus and Rishis have been using the five elements of the universe to enhance their lives for ages. Of all the planets that exist in our system, Earth has been blessed with the gift of life due to the presence of the Pancha Bhootas. And clearly, all of these elements can mould life on Earth in any way they want, and hence their balance is of utmost importance.

Just like Earth, our home or flat too has the presence of these five elements. The presence of five elements in your home means they have the ability to mould your actions or life in both a positive or negative way. Here, the positive or negative effects of the elements can be tweaked based on the Vastu of your home. For example, the ascetics, arts, and alterations we do to our home can also modify the effects of the five natural elements, hence the Vastu of flat and hence the life of the native.

So what we learned is that Vastu Shastra of the house is important to balance the energies in our life. If you are a Vastu believer and looking for a Vastu-compatible flat, then there are two things that you need to consider:

  • Firstly, you need not overlook the musts. Means you must not overlook the major principles of Vastu for flats, such as the entrance of the flat should always face north-east, east, or north direction. Kitchen in the south-east, etc.
  • Secondly, you must understand that finding a 100% Vastu-compatible flat is impossible. But, you can always make some modifications to make your property Vastu compatible.

So, in this post, we will talk about the things you must check or remember if you want a Vastu-compatible flat for yourself and also some Vastu tips for flats.

Vastu tips to keep in mind before buying a flat

Buying a flat is a lengthy process. When purchasing a flat, it is not just the BHKs or budget that matters but also the locality, its closeness to the workplace, accessibility to basic services, and many such things need to be considered. If finding all this in one place wasn't a tough task already, buying a Vastu complement flat makes it tougher. Yet, it is important for a fortunate life.

When seeking a Vastu-friendly flat, certain things, such as the direction of the flat, the number of windows and even the shape of the flat are taken into consideration. Astrologers at Astrotalk share some important Vastu tips for flats that every person must notice when inspecting the flat for purchasing purposes.

  • As per Vastu for home, never consider buying a flat that faces the west or the south direction. As per Vastu experts, always look for flats facing the north or east direction as they create positive impacts on your life.
  • Vastu tips for buying a new flat recommend that one should not buy a flat that has a huge water body in the south or the west direction. It is good to have a water body such as a river, lake or canal in the north or the east direction of the flat. Swimming pools don’t count.
  • Let go of apartments that face a dead end no matter how pleasing, cheap or peaceful it is.
  • Also, avoid buying apartments adjacent to cemeteries or shattered buildings. Flats with balconies in the south or west directions are not good, as per Vastu shastra. A flat with a balcony in the east or north direction can be considered.
  • A flat extending in the north-east direction is good for the native.
  • If there is any kind of cut in the south-east or north-east direction of the flat, don’t consider giving your time inspecting it.
  • The good shape of the flat as per Vastu Shastra is the ‘Gaumukhi’ shape. The Gaumukhi shape is one that has a narrow point of entry and a broad back.
  • If considering buying an old flat or home, avoid buying one which has witnessed a serious accident. If the owner of the house has gone bankrupt, then you shouldn’t consider buying it.

These are some major things that must not be ignored when looking for a Vastu compliant house, as per the Vastu shastra experts.

Why does the Vastu direction of the house matter so much?

Buying a house is a huge investment. And most of us can only make the investment once. Hence, making every penny count when buying a house should be the motto. As per astrologers, a Vastu-compatible house is one where the Panchtatva - earth, water, fire, air, and sky or space - are in a balanced proportion. Such balance will ignite harmony for the native. Overall, the concept of Vastu Shastra is based upon the eight cardinal and ordinal directions. Only when the things at your home are placed in a way that they complement the element of that direction or the direction, only then can we call the home Vastu compatible.


For example, in the above picture we can see that fire is the element of the south direction. Hence, this makes the south direction an ideal spot for the kitchen. Similarly, water is the element of north and north east. These directions bring wealth, growth, and career opportunities as these two directions are ruled by Lord Kuber and Eesha God, respectively.

Direction Ruled by Represents Best for
North Kuber Wealth Study room, Living room, Drawing room
North-east Eesha God Study room, Puja room
North-west Vayu Wind Drawing room, Living room
West Varuna Rain Storeroom, Toilet, Staircase
East Indra King of Gods Drawing room, Dining room
South Yama Death Bedroom
South-east Agni Fire Kitchen
South-west Nirutti Decay Master bedroom, Wardrobe, Stairs

When buying a flat, make sure to check the location of different rooms as per the table given above to ensure each of the rooms is present in its favourable directions.

How to check whether the property is vastu-favourable?

If looking for a Vastu-compliant flat, you can either ask an astrologer to check it for you, or jot down some points to remember by when going house-hunting. The simplest way to check if the house is Vastu compliant is that you check each room separately for its directions, shape, colour and more. Here is more to it.

Best direction for Bedroom as per Vastu

There could be more than one bedroom in a flat depending upon the requirement and choice of the native. However, of all the bedrooms, the master bedroom is one whose Vastu check is most important. When it comes to Vastu for bedroom, there are some Vastu guidelines one needs to consider to have a Vastu-compliant bedroom.

  • As per Vastu for bedroom, the master bedroom should always be in the south-west direction of the flat or house.
  • Avoid flats with a master bedroom in the south-east or north-east direction of the apartment. This placement of the bedroom brings health problems.
  • The ideal bed direction is south-west as per Vastu, with one’s head facing the west.
  • Apart from the master bedroom, the children's bedroom is another important room in the flat. Children’s rooms should be in the north-east or north-west with a window on the north wall.
  • If purchasing a two-floored house, then make sure that the master bedroom is on the second floor in the south-west direction.
  • A house with a guest room, if any, in the north-west direction is auspicious as per Vastu for flat.
  • If there is an unmarried girl at home, it will be beneficial for her growth that her bedroom is in the north-west direction of the house or flat.
  • The ceiling of the bedroom should be at a level as it makes the energy of the room uniform.
  • If the bedroom has an attached bathroom, it is compulsory to have the bedroom in the southwest direction. Ensure to keep the door of the bedroom closed.

Vastu tips for bedroom for flat

  • The flat you might be planning to buy is mostly pre-painted. If so, make sure the bedroom paint is of lighter shades.
  • Also, consider wooden beds over metal ones as wood is a natural material and thus emits positive vibrations.
  • Many people consider box beds as their main bed. However, astrologers say that such beds stop energy circulation.
  • Vastu for bedroom suggests that you always make sure you sleep with your head in the south or east direction.
  • Another Bedroom Vastu tip is to not keep mirrors in the bedroom, especially one opposite your bed.
  • Keeping the bedroom fresh and fragrant also attracts positive energy.
  • As per Vastu for bedroom, make sure you use light coloured bed sheets for the bed in the master bedroom.
  • If there is a wardrobe in the bedroom, it should sit against the south or west wall as per Vastu. Cash and jewellery should always be kept in the north direction.
  • Money plant, Bamboo plant, Lily plant, and Lavender are the best plants for the bedroom as per Vastu.
  • Bookshelves or office desks in the bedroom, if any, should be placed in the west or south-west corner.
Direction of legs while sleeping Benefits
East Wealth gain
West Harmony and spiritualism
North Prosperity and opulence

Best direction for toilet/bathroom as per Vastu

For some, a bathroom could be the most peaceful place on earth, especially if it is well decorated, scented, and Vastu compatible. As per astrologers, most of the health problems in life are due to incorrect placement of the toilet or bathroom in the house, as they reek off negative energy. Here are some tips to check whether the bathroom or the toilet in the flat that you are planning to buy is Vastu compatible or not.

  • When looking for a flat, avoid ones that have toilets in the north-east or south-west directions of the flat.
  • Vastu for bathroom states that north-east direction commands worship and thus a toilet or bathroom must not be built in this direction.
  • Also, avoid flats with bathrooms in the south, south-east or south-west directions as they are detrimental to one’s health and well-being.
  • Ideally, the bathroom should always be in the south, east, west or north-west corner of the house.
  • The drain of the toilet must flow towards the north-east.
  • Another Vastu for toilet tip to remember is not to have the toilet right next to your pooja room or kitchen.
  • The ideal Vastu for bathroom is that the floor of the bathroom must slope towards the north or east direction of the flat.

Vastu tips for toilet/bathroom for flat

  • Most important Vastu tip for bathroom is that the toilet seat should be about 1 or 2 feet higher than the flooring.
  • The entrance door of the bathroom should preferably be on the eastern or northern wall and never on in the south-west direction.
  • In a Vastu-compatible toilet, the commode is placed in such a way that the person using it never faces the east or west direction.
  • So, the commode should be in the southwest or northwest direction facing north or south, as per Vastu.
  • The best placement for the washing machine as per Vastu shastra is in the south-east or north-west direction.
  • The east or north wall of the bathroom is most suitable to hang the mirror.
  • One can’t have a bathroom without a window and it should be on the east, west or the north wall as per Vastu.
  • Never use religious or decorative statues in the bathroom.
  • Always make sure that the door of the bathroom is made of wood. A door made of metal reeks off negativity as per bathroom Vastu shastra.
  • The washbasin and shower area must be in the east, north or north-east part of the bathroom.

Best direction for kitchen as per Vastu

The kitchen direction as per Vastu is another thing to consider when looking for a flat. The kitchen is the source of one’s health and well-being, and hence its favourable direction is necessary to enjoy a positive and fulfilled life. Also, a kitchen has things that represent various elements of Vastu, such as fire, wind, etc. All these things should be placed in the direction that complements the element they represent. Here are some tips to remember for kitchen Vastu in a flat.

  • Astrologers suggest avoiding a flat that has the kitchen in the north-east or south-west direction.
  • The best direction for the kitchen as per vastu is the south-east and the north-west direction.
  • The kitchen cooking platform should be such that the owner faces the east direction when cooking.
  • The kitchen in flats are usually small in size, which is not good, as per Vastu. Astrologers suggest that the kitchen should at least be 80 sq ft or more.
  • As per Vastu, the entrance, or the door to your kitchen, should be in the east, north, or west direction.
  • Proper ventilation in the kitchen is not only necessary for Vastu but also for whosoever is using the kitchen. Windows should be in the east direction of the kitchen as per Vastu for kitchen.
  • If considering an open kitchen, the best position for the same is south-east as both south and east directions are dominated by the fire element.
  • Avoid erecting an open kitchen in the north direction of the house as it hinders career growth, as per Vastu shastra.
  • Open kitchen in the west can promote gains and good health.

Best directions for different kitchen items as per Vastu

Kitchen Item Best direction as per Vastu
Entry door North, east or west
Gas cylinder South-east
Cooking gas South-east corner
Refrigerator South-east, south, north or west
Equipment (e.g., heaters, conventional ovens, microwaves, ovens) South-east or south
Storage racks Western or southern wall
Sink North-east corner
Drinking water North-east
Windows and exhaust fan East direction
Clock South or south-west wall

Vastu tips for kitchen for flat

  • Astrologers recommend that one should never have the kitchen facing the entrance of the flat or home.
  • Another Vastu tip for kitchen to remember is that you must never keep medicines in the kitchen.
  • Also, make sure that you don’t keep waste material like old rags or newspapers in the kitchen.
  • When it comes to the kitchen Vastu, do not keep the salt in the steel or iron utensils.
  • Never keep the shoe rack close to the kitchen.
  • Also, make sure you discard any type of chipped or broken cups or cutlery from the kitchen.
  • Clean up all the utensils you have in the sink before sleeping for a good kitchen Vastu.
  • Ensure that the garbage bin is always covered with a lid and the dustbins are cleaned regularly.
  • Keep Tulsi, Pudina or Bamboo plants in the window area of the kitchen. Avoid thorny plants.
  • Also, if possible keep a small idol of goddess Annapurna (goddess of food ) in a rice jar. One can also keep a picture of Annapurna Devi or a picture of fruits, which ensures abundance in the kitchen.
  • As per kitchen Vastu, one of the best practices is to keep a bowl of fruits in the north direction of the kitchen.
  • If you seek a window in the kitchen, it should always be in the east direction.
  • Do not make too many cabinets in the kitchen of dark colour.
  • According to Vastu, keeping a water-filled pot in the kitchen helps in keeping financial woes away. If one cannot keep a big earthen pot, opt for a small one. Fill it with water and keep it in the north or north-east portion.
  • Avoid keeping a broom in the kitchen as it hinders the growth of the native.

Best direction for pooja room as per Vastu

According to Vastu Shastra, the pooja room is one of the most important rooms in the home. The same plays a huge role in spreading positivity in the home, and thus should be taken well care of. To note is the fact that flats these days have a separate pooja room. Meanwhile, some people tuck it in the living room. However, before considering any of this, make sure you inspect the pooja room for these pooja room Vastu tips.

  • As per Vastu rules, the pooja room should always be in the north-east direction of the home.
  • The other good Vastu directions for pooja room are the east and north directions of the house.
  • Jupiter is the lord of the north-east and this direction is called the abode of God, and hence is one of the most auspicious for Puja rooms.
  • The pooja room should never be constructed in the south direction of the house.
  • The idols of the Gods in the puja room should be placed in such a way that the person faces the east or the north direction while praying.
  • When buying a new flat, ensure that the toilets should not be next to the pooja room or the kitchen.
  • The windows and doors of the pooja room must always open in the north or east direction.
  • The pooja room of the home should be on the ground floor of the home. Basements and upper floors are not recommended for mandirs as per Vastu.
Do’s for Puja room Don'ts for puja room
North-east is the best direction Puja room should never be under the staircase
Face north or east while praying Puja room should not be against a bathroom
Ground floor is the best location for pooja room Idols should not be kept facing each other
Doors, windows should open in the north or east Do not use it as a multi-purpose room
Copper vessels are better Do not keep pictures of the dead
Use light and soothing colours Avoid placing a mandir in your bedroom

Vastu tips for pooja room for flat

  • Never put the images of dead people in the pooja room of the house.
  • As per Vastu, is it wrong to store unnecessary items in the pooja room as they block the blessings of God.
  • It is a must to keep dustbins out of pooja rooms because they can drain positive energy.
  • The idols in the pooja room must not face each other. Also, they must not be kept too close to the wall.
  • Another Vastu tip for mandir is to place lamps and agnikund in the south-east direction
  • Make sure you always use only copper vessels in the pooja room.
  • If placing the Pooja room in the dining room, place it in the north-east direction. Cover it with a curtain to keep the pooja room out of public view.
  • The pooja room door must have two shutters, ideally, and preferably made of wood.
  • White, light blue, yellow or other subtle soothing shades are good vastu colours for pooja rooms.
  • Pooja room in kitchen should only be considered if there is no other space available. You can create a wall-mounted puja room in the kitchen in the northeast direction.
  • It is not the best idea to have a mandir in the bedroom, as per Vastu.
  • The Puja room in the living room is the best place for small apartments. However, this could be a problem for people who like to spend a lot of time in meditation and praying.
  • Also, pooja room Vastu shastra recommends anything like a pyramid-shaped tower should be kept in the pooja room to attract positive vibrations.
God Idol Suitable direction as per Vastu
Lord Ganesha Northeast
Lord Ram East
Lord Krishna West
Lakshmi Southeast
Lord Shiva Northeast
Goddess Kali South
Goddess Durga Northeast
Lord Hanuman Southeast
Kul Devi/Devat Northwest

Best direction for Living room as per Vastu

As per Vastu Shastra, the living room of the house is another important place that one needs to take good care of. The living room is the hub of social activities and thus exposed to numerous energies reeking off from people who visit the same. Also, the living room, in most situations, makes the centre of the home or flat and thus needs to be warm and inviting. Below, we have mentioned the best direction for the living room as per Vastu and some tips for the same that you can consider before buying a flat.

  • As per astrologers, the living room should always be in the north or east direction of the home.
  • A living room in the north-west direction relates to vayu (wind) energies. These energies bring restlessness. Those who wish to have guests at their home all the time can consider a flat with a living room in the north-west direction.
  • In case you own a house that is south facing, then under such circumstances, the living room should be in the south-east corner as per Vastu.
  • Overall, if you have the option, always try to buy a flat with a living room in the north direction as it is the most promising place according to Vastu for hall.
  • As per Vastu for living room, the floor of the living room should slope in the east or north direction.
  • The south-west direction is related to Prithvi and makes the people feel at home. As per living room vastu, socialising in this direction will ensure you are able to stick around with your friends for longer.
  • As per Vastu for flat, the direction of the entrance in the living room is as important as the living room. The west entrance is beneficial for people in academics. North-west for growth and development and south entrance must be avoided.

Vastu tips for living room in flats

  • The best place for TV in the hall as per Vastu is the south-east corner.
  • Heavy items, such as the sofa, in the living room should always go in the south or west direction of the flat.
  • Painting or religious images should be hung in the north-east corner or wall. Don’t place pictures depicting negativity or violence on the walls of the living room for a good home Vastu.
  • The chairs or sofa should be placed in the living room in such a way that the head of the family sits facing north or east direction in the living area. This will ensure that your guests are not able to dominate him.
  • Use light colours for the living room is advised as per Vastu for living room.
  • Chandelier goes in the west or south direction of the living room, as per Vastu shastra. And fish-aquarium in the north, east or north-east part.
  • The best direction for a water fountain as per Vastu is the north direction.
  • Phones in the living room should be kept in the east, north or south-east direction.
  • If planning to have a Mandir in the hall, the best direction would be the north-east, as per vastu.
  • AC must be tucked in the north-west, west or east wall of the flat as per Vastu. Never place the AC in the south-east direction.
  • Chinese bamboo plants bring good luck and are considered extremely lucky for living rooms.
  • Also, it is good to consider a house, which doesn’t have exposed beams.
  • A pinch of positiveness can be added to the living room by introducing throw cushions and accessories in rich hues of turquoise, pink, or gold.
  • Make sure to design the living room in such a way that evokes happiness and positivity in you. Use artworks and antiques for the purpose.

Best direction for balcony in flat as per Vastu

We ought to thank balconies for being the background to our aesthetic pictures or simply the perfect spot when we need to get out of the party or enjoy the rain. As per astrologers, balconies are one of the most important spots of the house and play an important role in balancing the energies of a house. In fact, balconies are not just important to enhance the flow of positive energies in the flat but also for ventilation and sunlight purposes. Here are Vastu guidelines to keep in mind when inspecting the balcony of a flat.

  • The best Vastu directions for balcony are the north, east or north-east directions. These directions are where there is constant sunlight from morning to evening.
  • Avoid flats with a balcony or terrace in the south-west or south direction of the flat.
  • Balconies extending to the flat in the south and west direction are considered negative. Meanwhile, balcony extension in the north-east direction of the house is positive, as per Vastu.
  • A balcony in the north direction will add to your luck and wealth. One in the east attracts health and opportunities for the native.
  • A balcony in the west direction, meanwhile, attracts litigation, and one in the south attracts fire woes.
  • The shape of the balcony or terrace should always be either square or rectangle. Any other shape is not advisable in Vastu.

Vastu tips for balcony in flats

  • Most people consider keeping furniture on their balcony. The best direction to keep the furniture on the balcony is the south-west direction. Always use wooden furniture in the flat.
  • Water fountain should be in the north-east direction of the balcony, as per Vastu.
  • Plants should always be placed on the east and north side of the balcony or terrace. In case you have thick plants, they shall go in the south or west direction.
  • Balconies are prone to rain water, and hence must be constructed in such a way that there is a slope towards north-east so that water always flows from south to east or west to north.
  • Make sure you don’t litter the balcony. Try to keep it clean always as it is a place to relax and hence must always be filled with positivity.
  • Use cool colours on the walls of the balcony.
  • Most people consider hanging swings on the balcony. The ideal direction for swing on the balcony is the north-west direction.
  • When sitting on the swing, sit facing the east or north direction, says Vastu astrologer.
  • As per vastu for home, you should never sit on a dark or unlit balcony. Hence consider lighting it up with soothing lights.

Best direction for entrance gate in flat as per Vastu

Vaastu astrologers explain that the entrance of the house is the passage not only for the family but also for different kinds of energies. Hence, the main door of the house is accorded utmost importance in Vastu science. Here are some Vastu tips for entrance gate in flat that you must remember when buying one for yourself.

  • As per home vastu, the best direction for the main door in the north, north-east, east or west direction.
  • The native must avoid a flat, which has a main door in the south, south-west, north-west or south-east direction as they bring negativity.
  • If you have the main door in the wrong direction, let's say the south or south-west direction, then use a lead metal pyramid and lead helix to correct the entrance gate Vastu dosh.
  • An entrance door in the north-west can be corrected by using a brass pyramid and a brass helix.
  • Any door in the south-east direction can be corrected by using a copper helix.
  • The main door should open at 90 degrees, without any obstacles in the way. The door must always open in a clockwise direction.
  • If there are steps at the entrance of the flat, count them for an odd number as odd numbers are believed to bring good fortune.

Vastu tips for entrance gate in flats

  • Avoid keeping dustbins, broken chairs, or stools near the main door as they attract negativity.
  • Use a black horseshoe on the front door to safeguard the house from buri nazar.
  • As per Vastu for flats, consider decorating the main door with symbols Om, swastika, cross, etc., as they are auspicious and invite good fortune.
  • The entry door of the house must be made of wood. On the other hand, if the entry door is in the south direction, then a combination of wood and metal must be used.
  • Similarly, if the main door is in the west direction, it must have some metal work on it as per Vastu.
  • The main door of the house in the north direction should have a silver colour.
  • Vastu experts suggest installing a bright light at the entrance of the house but avoid red-coloured lights.
  • As water is a bad conductor of negative energy, hence putting a pot with water with flower petals in it at the entrance of the door will safeguard the native from negativities.
  • You can also stick Lakshmi feet stickers at the entrance of your home.
  • Placing a nameplate is considered lucky as per Vastu. If the door of the flat is in the north or west direction, use a metal nameplate. Meanwhile, if the door is in the south or east direction, use a wooden nameplate. Place the nameplate on the left side of the main door.
  • Also, make sure to place a doorbell at a height of 5 ft or above.
  • One can also consider keeping idols or pictures of Goddess Lakshmi and Ganesha at the entrance to attract luck and prosperity in the house.

Main door colour as per Vastu

Direction Colour
West Blue and white
South and South east Silver, orange and pink
South west Yellow
North Green
North east Cream and Yellow
North west White and Cream
East White, Wooden or light blue
  • When it comes to the main door of the flat, ensure that the hinges are smooth. In case they are not, relationships among family members get strained.
  • Next Vastu tip for entrance is to not use rusted locks on the main door. Either or or replace them..
  • As much as possible, avoid self-closing doors.
  • If the house has more than one floor, the doors should not be placed one above the other on each floor.

So these are some Vastu guidelines that you can consider for yourself to get yourself a Vastu-compatible flat. For more vastu tips, you can talk to our astrologers.

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