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Table of Contents

  • Bedroom colour as per vastu shastra
  • Best colours for Kitchen as per vastu
  • Colour for pooja room as per vastu
  • Living room colour according to vastu
  • Vastu colour of guest room
  • Study room colour as per vastu
  • Bathroom colour as per vastu
  • Colour of curtains according to vastu
  • Best colour for exterior wall as per vastu

Each colour has its energy, and each colour has its speciality. Colours also have a deep significance in Vastu. So, we should choose the right colours for our house's exterior and interior for happiness, prosperity, peace and better health. However, often most people do not know which wall should be painted with which colour for it to be vastu compatible. That is why here is one blog where we will help you find the most suitable colours for your home as per Vastu.

Before proceeding, let us tell you that every part of the house has energy, shape, and direction. Accordingly, you should choose the colour of your house's walls, rooms, curtains, and flooring. Also, remember that whatever colour you choose for your home has a specific psychological effect, it has a profound impact on our emotions, and these colours try to bring balance to our life. Therefore, while choosing any colour for the house, be careful - be aware.

Bedroom colour as per vastu shastra


The bedroom is the place where you want to be in complete peace. Hence, you must emphasise only those colours in your bedroom which promote positivity. Along with this, the couple, newly-weds, should be more conscious when choosing the colour of their bedroom. Even the slightest negative energy entering the house can lead to a rift between the couples.

Blue colour for bedroom according to vastu

  • The blue colour signifies calmness and stability. So if a couple is recently married, they should give the blue colour some space in their bedroom. This maintains peace in the environment.
  • Apart from this, you can get the door of your house painted blue. However, don’t overdo it.
  • The combination of white colour with this can add to the happiness and peace of your home.

Green colour according to vastu

  • According to Vastu, green can also be chosen as the colour for the main bedroom. Green colour relaxes the eyes, relieves the mind, and improves health. People who have been ill for a long time, suffering from health-related problems, can choose the green colour in their bedroom.
  • This colour is perfect for older adults because the energy of this colour increases the immunity of the person.
  • If you do not want to choose this colour for the bedroom, you can keep a green decorative item or plant in your bedroom.

Yellow colour for bedroom

  • As per Vastu, the yellow colour is a symbol of peace of mind, enthusiasm, and happiness. If your bedroom is small, then this colour is excellent for your bedroom.
  • This colour communicates positive energy in your bedroom, which makes you enjoy the time you spend in the bedroom. If you want, instead of painting a simple yellow colour in your bedroom, you can choose a wallpaper of yellow flowers.
  • This colour is also known to add sweetness to life.

Other colours for bedroom as per vastu

  • On using pink colour, a wave of happiness rushes into our minds. According to experts, this colour symbolises love, happiness, and unity. Significantly couples can add sweetness to their relationships through this colour in their home. As an alternative to pink, you can choose rose gold too.
  • According to Vastu, the purple colour helps in increasing balance in life. Therefore, this colour is considered suitable for the bedroom. This brings balance to life; for those who do not have patience, this colour is also a good option for them because it promotes tolerance in life.
  • For those who do not want any negativity in their life, white colour is perfect for them.
  • Not only architects but psychologists also believe that white colour is a symbol of peace. Therefore, if you want to stay away from disturbance, trouble, and discord, then you can get your house painted white. This colour also promotes innocence in your life.

Apart from the colours mentioned above, other colours that are good options for the bedroom are Grey (symbolising freshness), Indigo (improving spiritual abilities), Orange (increasing self-esteem) and Brown (making life joyful and comfortable).

Kitchen colour as per vastu

Like the rest of the house, the colour of the kitchen is also associated with our success and prosperity.

According to Vastu, painting a kitchen with the right colour is very economical and also saves the family from disputes. Seen this way, the importance of colours in the kitchen cannot be denied. Not only the kitchen walls, but the colour of every item in the kitchen is essential. This includes shelves, kitchen tiles, cabinets, everything.

  • You can also choose brown colour for the kitchen. Brown colour signifies satisfaction, so this colour is considered very good for the kitchen.
  • Red is the colour of fire, good luck, and celebration. Therefore, there must be some shades of red in the kitchen too. If you do not want to paint the walls of the kitchen red, then you can use red-coloured containers or buy red-coloured spice pots.
  • Like red, orange colour is also a colour associated with happiness. It also fills your life with vibrancy and is considered an auspicious colour in Vastu.
  • As far as your kitchen floor tiles are concerned, they also have particular importance. So whenever you renovate the kitchen, take special care of them. Choose mosaic, marble, or ceramic tiles for flooring as per Vastu. Light colours like beige, white, or light grey floors can be good.
  • You can choose orange, yellow, and green colours for kitchen countertops. You should always remember never to use too dark colours in the kitchen. These are not good.

Tip: Avoid using black and dark brown colours. The use of blue colour in the kitchen should also be avoided. The colour blue represents water. At the same time, the kitchen is a fire zone. Both are opposite to each other. If they stay together, then the condition of your house can be negatively affected. Here you can choose a lemon yellow or orange colour for your kitchen cabinets.

Colour for pooja room as per vastu

The place of worship is where you find peace. Therefore, the pooja room should also be designed according to Vastu only. The puja room should be located in such a place and have an ambiance that helps you meditate easily.

  • As per vastu, the right direction of the place of worship is North-East. It is good if the pooja room is in the direction where the sunlight can be harnessed.
  • Yellow colour should be used more in the pooja room. You can also use white and cream colours. Both these colours are calm. They emit energy and prove to help inculcate good thoughts in mind.

Living room colour according to vastu


As per vastu, colours are essential in balancing our body, mind, and soul. They also affect the people living in the house. The colour used in the living room also has a lot of importance in Vastu Shastra.

A living room is a place to socialise and frequently used. Hence, it is necessary to maintain a balance of energies in the living room. In doing so, both the design and colours of the living room play a role.

  • Brown colour can be chosen for the living room. This colour gives a touch to the wooden element. This colour contains valuable energy, which helps connect with the earth. If you don’t want the brown colour on the wall, you can choose to paint the chairs or table in the room brown.
  • According to Vastu, green colour can also be chosen for the living room. It is not only the colour of nature, but this colour is also helpful in keeping our minds calm. This colour invokes feelings of growth.
  • Using white colour in the living room also proves beneficial. This colour is elementary, flat and without any wraps. It is a colour that speaks for itself. There is no negative energy in it. According to Vastu, this colour is not only a symbol of purity but is also a combination of clarity and intelligence.
  • All in all, you must emphasise light colours in your living room. It includes blue as well as yellow and peach shades. All these colours keep the mind calm and are pleasant to the eyes, and give a gentle feel to the mind.

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Vastu colour of guest room

  • If the guest room in the house is in the North-East, then you can use a light shade of blue.
  • If the guest room is in the East, you can use green or brown colour to paint it with. However, if your guest room is touching this direction, then shades of blue can be helpful.
  • Red, pink, orange, and purple colours are excellent choices for a guest room in the south direction. If you want, you can use any light colour for your guest room located in this direction.
  • According to Vastu, people who have a guest room in the southwest should use yellow, beige, and light shades.

Study room colour according to vastu

  • These days the culture of working from home is in trend. In such a situation, most people have made their study room a work room. If you are also among these people, you must be careful while selecting the colour for your study room. Choose such colours for your study room that supports a positive attitude. Always choose light colours for the study room. This increases concentration. At the same time, dark colours should be avoided.
  • You can use green, blue and cream colours in your study room. According to Vastu, these colours are perfect. This increases the learning ability of the students. However, you should never get your study room painted black.
  • If you want, you can also use table chairs of light colours in your study room. You can buy table chairs in light colours like the blue and white combination. This will also keep the child's desire to read.
  • You can also use white along with blue, green, and red on the walls of the study room. Indeed, too much of the light hitting the walls of the study room reflects off. Therefore, according to Vastu, a white-coloured study room is a suitable option. In addition, you can choose gold, yellow and green colours in your study room to boost the working environment.

Bathroom colour as per vastu

The colour of the bathroom is also very important for positivity in the house. Generally, many people like to spend some time here for deep contemplation. Viewed from this point of view, the bathroom's colour profoundly impacts our lives. Therefore, not only do the colours of the walls matter here, but the colours of the existing furnishings here also matter a lot.

  • According to Vastu, a blue-coloured tub or bucket should be kept in the bathroom. This is because it brings blessings to the house. White and brown colours are also considered suitable for the bathroom. Black or red coloured buckets or tubs should not be used in the bathroom.
  • Choose light colours while painting the bathroom. Keep this in mind while choosing the colour of the toilet sheet in the bathroom. For this, you can choose white or blue colour.
  • Similarly, the direction of the cabinets in the bathroom and their colours also have a lot of importance. Never use black or dark colours for bathroom cabinets. This is not considered correct. This can bring negative energy to the house.
  • If you are keeping the washing machine inside the bathroom, choose the right direction. Keep laundry items or washing machines in the South West or North West corner. If the colour of the washing machine or laundry-related things is also white, then it will be good.

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Colour of curtains according to vastu

Just like the window present in the house is very important. The air coming from the window and the sun's rays affect the environment of your home; in the same way, the curtains present in the house and their colours also affect the energy of your house. Usually, curtains are used so that there is no unwanted arrival of any negative thing from outside the house.

  • According to Vastu, blue coloured curtains are perfect for the living area of ​​your house. Since this colour is a symbol of peace, curtains of this colour play an essential role in keeping your mind calm. Apart from this, the inclusion of this colour has also been seen in removing all your fatigue.
  • As green is nature's colour, it is essential in Vastu. According to Vastu, this colour gives a feeling of relaxation. This colour also symbolises healing, prosperity, and energy. You must have seen curtains of this colour in many hospitals too. You can put green curtains in your bedroom. This helps in getting good sleep.
  • Yellow curtains symbolise happiness, good thoughts, optimism, and happiness in life. Therefore, yellow colour curtains are good as per Vastu. This colour also increases the concentration of the person.
  • Orange colour curtains are also given priority in Vastu. This colour is associated with pride, determination, vivacity, warmth, action, energy, comfort, and ease. According to Vastu, this colour is most preferred for the living room.

Exterior wall colour as per vastu

According to Vastu, not only is the colour of the walls inside the house important, but the colour of the house's outer walls also matters. It also has a significant impact on your life.

  • According to Vastu, when you use blue colour to paint the exterior walls of the house, it enhances peace. Similarly, green is the colour of energy, peace, and nature. It is also considered a fruitful colour for couples.
  • Yellow is the colour of optimism. It should also be used for painting exterior walls. When this colour is painted on the house's outer walls, there is a shower of happiness inside the house. This increases the chances of promotion.
  • Apart from this, the white colour is also considered suitable for the house's exterior walls. This colour helps save you from conflicts. This colour is also helpful for you to make the right decision.
Direction Suitable colour
Northeast light blue
East white and light blue
Southeast orange, pink or silver colour
South red and yellow
Southwest Mud Colour, Biscuit colour and Light Brown colour
North West white, light gray and cream
West blue and white
Green and Pistachio Green

Do not use these colours in the house

We should not give place to some colours in any room of our house.

  • Always give more importance to the lighter shade. Because dark colours do not suit everyone and can be harmful. These include red which indicates Rahu, Saturn, Mars, and Sun.
  • According to Vastu, you should prefer those colours which support your planet. Such colours open the door for your success. Each colour has different meanings in Vastu. You should use them only after knowing their proper use and your purpose. The correct direction is also chosen for each colour. Whatever colour you use should be used according to the right direction.
  • Red colour should not be used for a bedroom. This colour symbolises the energy of fire. In addition, this colour increases anger inside the person, which is unsuitable for anything.
  • According to Vastu, any house owner should not paint his home all in white. Although white symbolises peace and purity but excessive use of the colour can increase the ego of a person.

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