Vastu for Plots


Table of Contents

  • Right direction of the plot
  • Shape of the plot as per Vastu Shastra
  • Vastu Tips for Plot Selection
  • Irregularly shaped plot as per Vastu Shastra
  • Plot cuts according to Vastu
  • Open space and entrance in the plot
  • Surroundings to consider around the plot
  • Guidelines for the road around the plot
  • Other Vastu tips for surrounding areas of plot
  • Remedies to remove Vastu Dosh of plot
  • Other Vastu Tips for buying a plot
  • Frequently asked questions

Nowadays, every person works hard day and night to achieve their goal of purchasing a home for themselves. But occasionally, their dream home ends up being the cause of their downfall. This occurs when a person doesn't follow the Vastu Shastra rules before purchasing a home, which causes them to run into difficulties.

When you purchase a plot apartment, you should research Vastu Shastra. Because by using Vastu Shastra, you can prevent problems brought on by Vastu Dosh. Buying a suitable plot for yourself is also a very challenging process. It is an empty place where you can build your house, factory, shop, etc. This place can also be known as the beginning of a new journey in life.

If you choose the plot according to Vastu principles, it will benefit your life. Space will bring happiness, prosperity, and success, and you can earn more money. When you purchase a plot for yourself, you should keep many things in mind, like the size, direction, and height. And, the road, surroundings, etc. should be considered too. All these things are essential for your plot. That is why you should estimate your plot according to the guidelines of Vastu Shastra. If the plot is not according to Vastu principles, negative energy may arise in the person's house, shop, or factory, which is likely to cause significant loss to him.

Generally, people consider the rules of Vastu Shastra after buying a plot, which is incorrect. Therefore, you must know the rules of Vastu Shastra before purchasing the place so that you do not face any trouble after buying the plot. There are several legal documents required while buying, but apart from this, there is one essential thing to know: Vastu Shastra for your plot. If a person has purchased one according to the rules of Vastu Shastra, then positive energy comes into his life. That is why it is imperative to assess the Vastu principles while buying a plot.

Right direction of the plot

A plot which has a road all around is considered auspicious. If it is not possible to build a road on all sides, then plots can be selected according to your occupation. If a person is a teacher, priest, professor, or philosopher by profession, then East-facing plots work best. Similarly, for those who work in the administration department or government employees, then North-facing plots are most suitable.

  • A South facing plot is considered auspicious for business people, whereas a West-facing plot is very favourable for people doing social service.
  • If you have bought a plot for residential purposes, then you should build a flat.
  • If your plot is slightly slanted, then you should construct the plot with a slope towards the Southwest and Northeast.
  • If the slope is towards the West, it may mark dissonance among family members and health problems.
  • On the other hand, one should not buy a plot situated between two big plots, as it may lead to financial problems for the owner.

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Shape of the plot as per Vastu Shastra

If you also want to make your home and office together, then for this you should choose a Shermukhi plot, which is wider than the front and back. At the same time, this size of land for business is very beneficial for you. But this size is not good for residential purposes.


Square Plot

According to Vastu Shastra, square plots are considered to be quite good for commercial and residential purposes. Also, there is no incomplete corner of the square plot and it is considered lucky enough according to Vastu Shastra. At the same time, you should choose a Northeast, East, or North-facing square plot for more benefits.

Rectangular Plot

Rectangular plots provide completeness to your residential stay or office space. According to Vastu Shastra, the property of the north or south slope is good. For maximum benefit, one should choose a rectangular plot with a ratio of length and width of 1:2 or less.

Triangular Plots

Triangular plot is not considered auspicious, as it attracts negative energy which is not good for the plot at all.

By the way, it is quite beneficial to live in corner plots. But having a road or walkway on the South and East corners is not considered the recommended size. This brings negative energy into your house, so you should avoid buying such plots.

Basic auspicious and inauspicious shapes for the plot according to Vastu Shastra:

Auspicious shapes for the plot Inauspicious shapes for the plot
Square Round
Rectangular Spherical
Gaumukhi plot (for home) Semi Circular
Shermukhi Plot (for office) U & L shaped Plot
Elephant shaped Plot Triangular
Bull shaped Plot Cart shaped and star shaped plots
Plots with corner extension and slope

Vastu tips for plot selection


According to Vastu Shastra, the shape of the plot matters as much as other factors. Following are the right and most appropriate shapes for the plot as per Vastu:


Knowledge of Vastu shastra is very important while buying plots. And according to Vastu Shastra, a lion-shaped plot is wide from the front but narrows from the back, which resembles the structure of a lion's body. This Shermukhi Plot is considered very lucky for the owner of the property. The position of the plot should be as follows:

  • The broad part of the plot should be towards the North direction.
  • At the same time, the roads should be in the North or East direction of the plot.
  • The Lion is considered to be a symbol of power, control, and dominance. That is why the Sher Mukhi plot is considered auspicious for commercial purposes.

Cow Shaped

The shape of the cow-shaped land represents the cow. Such a figure in Vastu Shastra is called Gaumukhi plot and brings good fortune to the owner of the plot. According to Hindu tradition, the cow is considered a holy animal, which is also worshipped. So these plots are auspicious for many purposes. However, the position of the plot is as follows:

  • According to Vastu for plots, the wide part of it should be in the Northeast direction.
  • At the same time, the South or West part is good for the roads.
  • The narrow part of this type of plot should be in the Northeast corner.
  • According to Vastu Shastra, the gaumukhi plot is considered inauspicious.
  • When the narrow end is along the roads towards the East and towards the front, then this plot is considered inauspicious for the owner.

Three-sided Road Plot

It is considered very auspicious to build a plot with a road on three sides and an office together. Also, the southern part of the plot should be closed and the roads should be open from the West, East, and Northside. A plot with a road on three sides proves to be highly beneficial for offices and homes.

Irregularly shaped plot as per Vastu Shastra

An irregularly shaped plot is one that does not have the same sides or the same angles. Moreover, the ground of such spaces is not even or balanced. It is said that plots of irregular shape have bad energy because magnetic forces propagate unevenly. According to Vastu Shastra, if the size of the plot is inauspicious, it can cause misery, loss of wealth, and other problems.


In Vastu Shastra, the auspicious shapes for the people are square and rectangular. These plot sizes bring prosperity, well-being, and happiness to the owner. Other shapes such as circles, and U or L-shaped plots do not have corners, which can cause serious problems depending on the missing corner in that. Round, oval, triangular, semicircular, cart-shaped, and star-shaped plots should also be avoided.

Plot Shape Effects
Gaumukhi Plot Quite auspicious for building a house
Singh Mukh (Shermukhi) Plot Suitable for official building
Triangular shape Plot Natives shall face a variety of problems
Oval or Semi-Circular Plot Many problems in the house and the owner might face health-related problems
Round-shaped plot Good enough for making buildings
Polygon-shaped plot Person may experience many problems in life
Hexagonal-shaped plot Brings happiness and prosperity in the life
Octagonal-shaped plot Puts the owner in debt
Wheel-shaped plot Financial loss
Bow-shaped plot Increases the fear of the owner
Dholak-shaped plot Trouble and enmity increases with family members
Pot-shaped plot Serious illness every now and then
Varahan Mukhi shape (Pig's face shape) Can expect news of the death of a relative
Tortoise-shaped plot Owner and family have to face trouble
Hand Fan shaped plot Problems related to money
Fan-shaped plot Causes misfortune to the owner
Star-shaped plot Native gets entangled in legal cases
Bucket-shaped plot The person always remains indebted

Projection and corner of an irregular plot

Naturally, not all plots can be square or rectangular. They may have projections, extensions, or corners. The estimates imply that plots have additional spaces, which, when you subtract, make it a regular square or rectangle. Some people revise it by adding some, which leads to a regular square or rectangle.

At the same time, extensions are beneficial only in North, Northeast, East, and East-North-East directions. Other extensions are considered inauspicious. Thus, plots with extensions to the Southeast, Northwest, or Southwest directions are unsuitable, as they bring bad luck. At the same time, you must also avoid plots with any large expansions or cuts in the corners. If necessary, take the advice of a Vastu expert.

However, decisions regarding a plot of land should not be based on a factor in isolation. You must purchase the space only after accounting for the effects of all the factors.

The level and slope of an irregular plot

According to Vastu Shastra, you must buy a plot with a flat surface. The ground level in the South and West should be higher than in the North and East of Vastu. It should be the lowest in the northeast corner. It is considered good for all areas of prosperity and happiness. A lower Northeast brings health, wealth, peace, and prosperity.

  • If the slope of the plot is towards the East or North, it leads the owner toward prosperity. Do not buy land sloping South or Southwest.
  • The slope towards the West and South is not good and can cause damage to the owner.
  • Plots sloping South, Southwest, Southeast, and Northwest led to a decline in occupation. On the other hand, plots with extended corners other than the Northeast side create Vastu defects depending on their extending direction.
  • Also, high ground in the South, Southwest, West, or Northwest direction is lucky, as it looks like an elephant's back and is associated with the goddess of wealth, Maa Lakshmi.
  • At the same time, the land raised from the middle and low on the sides is wonderful, like the back of a tortoise, and it increases the wealth of the person.
  • The elevation of the plot in the Northeast, East, and Southwest directions is similar to that of a demon's back and can lead to loss of wealth and progeny. On the other hand, the land spread in the East-west direction and high in the North-south one is like the back of a snake. Due to this, the person may also face the ill effects of untimely death.

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Plot cuts according to Vastu

The different cuts according to the Vastu Shastra for residential or commercial plots are as follows:

Northeast Cut

According to Plot Vastu Shastra, the North-East cut is considered to be the most auspicious for buying land. If there is a cut on this side of the plot, then it is considered inauspicious. Due to this the owner may have to face obstacles in progress in life.

Northwest Cut

A cut in the North-West corner for residential purposes may cause the family members to experience health problems. If the property is for commercial use, you will not benefit.

Southeast Cut

South-west cut brings unnecessary pressure in life. This can be from relationships, jobs, health, money, or anything that leads to psychological issues.

Southeast Cut

According to Vastu Shastra, South-East cuts can cause big trouble in your life. This dosha can cause poverty, disease, and damage to the family or business. If you have a commercial plot with a South-East cut, try to fix it with Vastu remedies.

Open from all around

All the directions have their own importance and it is very important for the person to choose the plot according to the direction. Along with this, all four directions bring happiness and sorrow in the life of the person. But one should choose a plot that is open from all sides, as it is considered very profitable. An open plot from all sides is considered auspicious in Vastu.

Open space and entrance in the plot

Plots are cut systematically and only an architect can understand its topography. But you should keep in mind while selecting the plot that there should not be any open space in the North direction. On the other hand, it is considered best to have an open space towards the south and it is considered very inauspicious to have a large part of the open space in the north direction. Also, it attracts destruction, so it is very important to avoid it.

The best direction to cut the entrance of the plot is the midwest or the northern part of the plot. One should always avoid buying a plot facing west, as it is considered inauspicious for the family members.

Surroundings to consider around the plot

Other than the changes and modifications in the plot, there are certainly other points to consider while you purchase a plot, after all, it would be your home or office place.


The greenery around the plot

Trees and plants have always been considered the best for humans. And plants provide many benefits to the person from food to a healthy environment, luck and happiness. Having a garden in the house changes the atmosphere of the house. And the home becomes a happier place to live. Similarly, a plot surrounded by greenery is considered a good investment in Vastu. Surrounding greenery removes all the negativity from the plot and attracts positive energy into the house.

The area around the plot

Many people are quite superstitious about neighbouring areas. It is often said that if the surrounding area is not good, then it becomes impossible to live in that place. According to Vastu, areas with tombs, graveyards, and cremation halls should be avoided in front, back, or side of the plot. These are the places where dead people are burnt or their graves are made, causing negative vibrations all around. Having plots near these places attracts negative energies to that place. And it becomes difficult to stay in that place. Also, if a river or canal is flowing in the west or south direction of the plot, then the plot should not be bought.

School or theatre near the plot

Avoid having plots near schools, colleges, or theatres. These places are large and overcrowded, leading to commotion, jams, and chaos. It can also damage the property, so it is better to buy a plot at some distance from the school, college and theatre. You should also keep an eye on your neighbours' roofs. If water is falling from the roof, then the plot should not be selected.

Placement of a tall and large building

When you are going to buy a plot, you should consider whether there are tall buildings and apartments nearby. According to Vastu, a high-rise building plot should be chosen in the south, southwest, and west directions. Also, a high building in the north direction promotes mental problems and removes peace.

Avoid having plots near poles or pillars

If there are different electric poles and poles in the street or there is a plot adjacent to the pillars and pillars, then you should not opt for it, as it is considered inauspicious for the family. At the same time, it also takes up half of the space in front of the plot. Thus it is always better to avoid taking the plot facing the pillars. At the same time, you should choose the plot according to the principles of Vastu Shastra.

Guidelines for the road around the plot


Plots surrounded by roads on four or three sides are considered very auspicious. The plot which has adjacent roads to the North and West is also good enough. On the other hand, the plots which have roads towards South and West, lead the person towards wealth creation. The land which has plots on three sides and a road in the South and Southwest is not considered auspicious.

Auspicious Plot Average Plot Inauspicious Plot
Road coming from East to Northeast part The road coming from the West of the plot, hitting the Northwest The road coming from the West corner connected to the Southwest
The road coming North of the plot collides with the Northeast The road coming from the south side of the plot connects to the Southeast The road coming from the East of the plot collides with the Southeast part
The road coming from the North connects to the West
The road coming from the South colliding with the Southwest

Water bodies and soil according to Vastu

In Vastu Shastra, a pond or a well on the Southwest side of the plot can bring adversity. If there is a well, pond, lake, river, or stream flowing in the Northeast direction in the plot, then also the person can get predhana. Red, brown, or yellow soils are good for agriculture and also for building foundations. Black and clay soils hold water and create moisture in the foundation. Also, plots of land, which have the potential to grow fruits and medicinal herbs, are considered very good, while having thorny bushes in the plot is not good.

According to Vastu Shastra, buying a plot with sandy soil is considered inauspicious, as it cannot bear the weight of the foundation of the house. Therefore, you should not buy a plot that has a lot of insects, because it loosens the soil and then this soil is not useful for construction.

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Other Vastu tips for surrounding areas of plot

  • You should take special care that the plot is not close to the temple, as people bring a lot of negative energy, which can flow inside your house as well.
  • There should not be any big trees around your plot, as it would be very inauspicious to remove them and you have to get permission from the government to remove them.
  • At the same time, the electric pole should not be in the Northeast corner of the plot, as it is the place of water.
  • The entrance to the plots should be in the North or East direction. If the entrance of the plot is in the south direction, then definitely consult your local priest.

Remedies to remove Vastu Dosh of plot

  • If you have purchased an irregularly shaped plot, you can divide it into two regular plots by separating it through compound walls.
  • If your plot has an extended part in the Southwest direction, then you should build a shop or garage in this direction.
  • If the extension of the plot is towards the Northeast, then build a small temple and you can also make a garden.
  • You can also use the Vastu pyramid to reduce the effect of plot extension in different directions. For example, a lead pyramid in the Southwest direction or a brass pyramid in the Northwest extension may be used. Similarly, copper strips are good for a Southeast extension.

Other Vastu Tips for buying a plot

  • If the soil of your plot smells of rotting matter, then buying such plots should be avoided. Also, if the plot is full of rocks, insects, thorns, bones, or other inauspicious substances, then such land should not be bought.
  • If things like cow's horn, conch, tortoise, copper, gravel, brick, etc. are found while digging, then it is considered very auspicious. However, getting things like cowries, tiles, torn clothes, coal, iron, lead, gold, gems, and crude oil is considered inauspicious.
  • At the same time, your plot should not be located next to the graveyard or hospital. Also, there should not be any industrial buildings around the plot.
  • Those plots should be avoided, which are between two big buildings.
  • On the other hand, having a river in the south of your plot and mountains in the north of the plot is considered inauspicious.
  • Corner plots covered with lush green vegetation are considered auspicious.
  • Plots surrounded by roads running from all directions are considered good for commercial purposes.

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