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  • Vatu products to attract luck
  • Peacock feather and Vastu
  • Uruli with flowers and water
  • Wind chimes and Vastu
  • Fish aquarium Vastu
  • Gomati Chakra
  • Best direction for Horseshoe at home
  • Water fountain Vastu
  • Kalpavriksha
  • Sun face wall hangings

Vastu Shastra is the technique of amalgamating the natural elements on this planet— earth, sky, fire, water, and air. All of them combine to help natives for harmony with the environment and keep faith in the elements for good times in life. Some folks even believe that there is actually a scientific reason behind incorporating this branch of astrology for the betterment of people. Therefore for good fortune, luck and success, people place certain items in specific directions and places to attract the luck factor in your life.

Vastu items like the Gomati Chakra tree, Laughing Buddha, Wind chimes, etc., possess quashing impacts on people and help get rid of issues, bad luck, Vastu Dosh, etc., from the lives of the people. Here are some products that you can use to attract good luck in your life. You can use them in your commercial spaces or home, whatever suits you the best.

Vastu products to attract luck

As remedies, people utilise certain Vastu products that shall help them get rid of the troubles they are facing in their lives. Be it their workspace or a personal one, people incorporate products that not only add beauty but also wear off the ill impacts of any Vastu-related mismanagement from their lives. At nominal expenses, people shall follow the Vastu-related guideline to bring happiness with good luck and charm to their space.

So, if you have been detected with Vastu Dosh of some type, you don’t need to rebuild your houses. You can add a few things that will help you with luck and happiness. Fortune attracting items, as per Vastu are many. It just depends from person to person, which one to choose and involve in their lives according to the Vastu –related problems.

You can effortlessly place these items in one of the rooms or entire workplace, near it or others, and get rid of negativity at a pocket-friendly price. If you are facing troubles in earning money from your endeavours, Vastu items for good luck would help you regain your luck factor and help things fall in place.

Peacock feather and Vastu


A Peacock feather in the house is considered highly auspicious. People use this to protect their homes from negativities and keep positivity alive in the hearts of the natives. Known as the symbolism of harmony and fortune, it attracts well-being, celebrations, and colours. A life full of luck and fortune, a peacock feather in Vastu Shastra attracts vitality and goodwill.

The best placement for peacock feather as per Vastu

  • Generally, it is recommended that you must keep the peacock feather in the South direction of your respective room. Also, if you want, you can keep it in the Southeast direction for great progress in your life.
  • Furthermore, you can keep the peacock feather in the northwest direction of your space to avoid the welcome of negative energy and bad luck in all manners.
  • For attracting luck wealth-wise, you must keep a peacock feather in your cupboard as it would add benefits to your ongoing endeavours and works.
  • Reducing the malefic impacts from the place, a peacock feather in the Northeast direction is highly helpful for keeping the misfortune times at bay.

Uruli with flowers and water


Do you wish to attract financial stability to your house? The solution is water and flowers. As much as they are affordable, they are available too in the marketplace. So, you can purchase a Vastu flower bowl of crystal or an Uruli made of brass. Adding water and some rose petals in the same would be aiding too. It grabs wealth as well as immense positivity in the house. One must remember that the water inflow must be inwards and placing it in front of the main door would be its best position.

The best placement for Uruli as per Vastu

  • You can place an Uruli anywhere. But, remember that it is visible from all sides of the space of work or living. This way, Uruli calms you down and adds compliments to your luck inflow.
  • Moreover, placing it in front of the idols of the deities is also a great placement for an Uruli. You can fill the utensil with water to eliminate all negativities and evil eyes from your place and welcome fortune in all forms.
  • Other than these places, placing an Uruli in the Northeast corner of your workplace or right side of your entrance gate is also a great Vastu remedy if suffering from luck-related problems.
  • If you wish to eliminate hurdles from your life, Uruli on the table or balcony is a great idea.

Wind chimes and Vastu


As much as they add beauty to your house, they are considered one of the most influential Vastu products. These pieces are not only decorative, but also welcome harmony, peace, and good luck in the lives of the people who place them. The sound of the wind chimes is even used for healing therapies. According to Vastu experts, metal wind chimes are considered best for getting rid of misfortune issues. However, you can even use wooden ones.

Best direction for wind chime as per Vastu

  • According to Vastu Shastra, you must hang the metal wind chimes in the North, West, or Northwest direction. Not only does it help in attracting great luck for children, but it also brings pride to the family. In fact, hanging them in the North direction also attracts professional opportunities.
  • For wooden wind chimes, the place to hang in the South, East, or Southeast direction. It attracts fame and financial stability to the natives. Luck follows you regarding money and brings abundance to the house.
  • However, on the other hand, you must keep in mind not to hang wind chimes over a door. Also, you must never hang a metal wind chime on trees.
  • Furthermore, if you hang them on the entrance or exit area, it shall trap the positive vibes and energies and not let them escape from the place.
  • To enhance your luck and skills in culinary arts, you can hang the chimes in your kitchen. Doing so would help you in motivation regarding cooking and add positive energy to it.
  • Hang a six-rod metal wind chime in the Northwest area of the house. It shall attract influential folks in your life. Also, hanging five, six, or eight-rod metal at the end of the stairs would banish further degradation of money from your life.

Fish aquarium Vastu


Keeping a fish aquarium in any commercial place or at your home is considered one of the best remedies to the removal of Vastu Dosh. Aquarius usually reduces stress, anxiety, blood pressure issues, and similar problems. If you wish to have luck in your love life, aquariums are considered one of the best Vastu products. Moreover, for kitchen Vastu, having aquariums increases the chances of mutual discord between family members. Also, keeping flowers inside it brings prosperity to the home.

The best placement for the aquarium as per Vastu

  • Water-related objects must be kept in the Northeast direction of the space. This generally attracts wealth and positivity in the house. Thus, the best direction for an aquarium, as per Vastu Shastra, is the Northeast one. However, you can also keep it in the East or North direction.
  • If you wish to see miraculous changes in your married life, keep the aquarium on the left side of the main door of your house.
  • Keeping the aquarium in the West direction won’t be harmful either. However, for the same, you must consult a Vastu Shastra expert as this may vary from house to house.
  • In the house, the living room is the place for Aquarium placement. However, if you are unable to keep it in the living room, you may keep it in other rooms of your house. But, remember that there are no stairs or beams covering it. Thus, find an open space for the same.
  • Also, according to Vastu Shastra, you must remember to keep 3 or 9 fishes in your fish aquarium, depending on their size of it.
  • The fishes you must keep are Goldfish and Dragonfish. So, you either keep 1 Goldfish and 8 Dragonfish or 1 Dragonfish and 1 Goldfish.

Gomati Chakra


Gomati Chakra is a shell-stone considered a great Vastu product to attract luck in the lives of individuals. Usually used in spiritual practices, it is known as an ancient mark for growth and development. To eliminate the Vastu Dosh from the Kundli, sometimes people bury a Gomati Chakra in the building’s foundation to seek blessings of it. You may even see Gomti Chakra hanging in front of shops and houses to welcome peace and goodwill in their lives.

The best placement for Gomati Chakra as per Vastu

  • Generally, it is considered auspicious if you place 11 Gomati Chakra in the foundation of your building.
  • Pressing them in the Southeast direction is highly auspicious and attracts goodwill to people residing there.
  • To grab some luck in the employment section, you must remember to keep 11 Gomati chakra in your pocket. Not only this shall attract opportunities in your bag, but it shall also bless you with desired benefits.
  • Furthermore, wearing a Gomati Chakra, as per Vastu, is a highly effective remedy. It acts as a boon for people who lack confidence and have self-loathing tendencies.

Horseshoe Amulet at home


Dedicated to Lord Shani, a horseshoe amulet is generally used to attract good fortune. It signifies peace, and hanging it attracts a calm environment in the lives of the people residing there. Horseshoe also keeps evil spirits at bay and prevents negative energies from entering inside. Horses, in general, are believed to absorb all types of ill vibes. Therefore, hanging a horseshoe amulet, specifically black in colour, shall eliminate the bad omens, making a passage for good times and good luck.

Ideal direction for Horseshoe Amulet as per Vastu

  • Hanging a horseshoe amulet on the entrance gate is highly auspicious. It removes Vastu Dosh from the place and lets great energies enter our lives.
  • In case you cannot hang it on the entrance gate, make sure you at least place the horseshoe amulet anywhere on the entrance.
  • Nailing it on top of your door is great to get rid of Vastu Dosh and welcome good fortune.
  • The most important thing to remember is that the ends of the horseshoe are pointing upwards. If the ends are pointing downwards, it may attract misfortune and lead your life into negativity and hardships.

Water fountain


Water fountains usually focus more on the direction in Vastu Shastra. Installing a water fountain in the house or a commercial place usually welcomes wealth inflow and good luck in the same. It not only impacts the individuals but all people residing in that place. The placement of the water-flowing fountain in an appropriate direction helps the native seek maximum results in their ongoing works and tasks. It helps to attain peace, love, and a harmonious environment in the house and blesses the people with growth and success. With a soothing ambiance, it aids in attracting cosmic energies from all around.

The best placement for the Water fountain as per Vastu

  • The ideal place for placing the water fountain is the North direction. However, you may also install the water fountain in the East or Northeast direction.
  • On the other hand, remember not to install the horseshoe amulet in the South, West, or Southwest direction as it might lead your life into troubles and problems.
  • Moreover, placing the water-flowing fountain near the entrance is highly helpful. It would banish the negative energies making an entry into your house.
  • Avoid the stagnation of water in the fountain. It may create problems in your good fortune and hinder your growth and progress in work, especially money inflow.
  • Never place a fountain in the middle of the property. Placing a fountain in the middle of the house can stop it from reaching its full potential. Instead, place it in the north corner of the house, adjacent to the entrance door.
  • Avoid keeping the fountain in the bedroom or centre of your house. It could be troublesome for the relationships and peace in the house. In fact, hanging a painting of a water fountain in the bedroom shall impact the luck factor and charm of either of the partners on the premises.



The origin of the Kalpvriksha is connected to the Samudra Manthan times. Possessing roots in history, a Kalpvriksha possesses divine power and is known to spread peace and positivity around. The owners of the premises and commercial properties can place the Kalpavriksha in the place to yield fruitful and fortunate results. As per Vastu, it is recommended to keenly look out for the Kalpavriksha position. Therefore, Vastu experts at Astrotalk have listed some appropriate placements of the Kalpvriksha in residential and commercial places.

Best placement for Kalpvriksha as per Vastu

  • According to Vastu Shastra, the best placement for Kalpvriksha is in the Northeast direction. The places you may keep are the living room, dining room, drawing room, hotels, hospitals, offices with other commercial spaces, and Pooja room.
  • The next thing to keep in mind regarding it would be that the leaves must be oval in shape and green in shape pointing upwards. This way it attracts the kind of fortune and desired results in your life.
  • For prosperity and growth, you may also install a Kalpvriksha made of brass. Along with prosperity, it also welcomes luck and fortune in manifesting your deepest desires.
  • Moreover, keeping a Kalpvriksha on the office premises helps in improving the willpower and energy to perform stuff.

Sun face wall hanging


According to Vastu Shastra, the Sun face idol is one of the most harmonising energy sources available. It charges the place with positive energy and helps to attain name, fame, and glory in the world around you. You shall attract good luck in relationships and maintaining partnerships and social connections with people. Also, there shall be a strong build-up in you in terms of confidence and clarity towards life. There could be many places where you can hang the Sun face wall hanging. But, the right placement is highly important to seek blessings and goodwill in an appropriate manner.

The best placement for Sun face wall hanging as per Vastu

  • Sun rises in the East direction. Therefore, it is considered ideal to hang the Sun face idol in the East direction of your space. If you wish, you may also hang it on the Eastern wall. This way, it welcomes good fortune pertaining to wealth and helps build a harmonious environment.
  • An incorrect direction or place for the Sun face idol, according to Vastu, might lead you towards downfall and adversities. Therefore, you must avoid hanging it under the staircase.
  • Usually, the Sun face idol eliminates the Vastu dosh of the toilet and the wrong direction of heavy storage places. So, using a copper or brass Sun face idol helps in getting rid of the same.
  • Moreover, you can also hang it in your office place or business area. Doing so will aid in your opportunities, and soon you will find yourself away from negative thoughts and self-loathing tendencies.

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