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In today's present time, every person's dream is to achieve that success so that his life becomes pleasant. At the same time, to succeed in our life, the study room is considered to be of particular importance because every person takes a step forward towards their goals by studying in it. Parents also take special care of their children's study rooms. Therefore, let us tell you that just as Vastu is considered necessary to bring happiness and prosperity to our life, the study room, an essential part of our house, should also be made according to Vastu so that your hard work pays off.

Vastu Shastra helps to remove negativity in the house. The work of Vastu is to increase the flow of positive energy in life so that we can be successful in every sphere of life. According to Vastu Shastra, the wrong direction of the study room can cause hindrance in your studies because the wrong direction works to attract negative energy. Vastu Shastra works to improve any working conditions. It is believed that the study room should be in the north direction, considered the centre of education. So let's know how the study room should be according to Vastu.

Vaastu colours suitable for study room

When you think about the colour of the study room according to Vastu Shastra, then you must check the Vastu defect because just as the direction and location of the house affect the life of the person, in the same way, the colour of the study room also affects the life of the person. It is considered necessary. Please tell them that light colours like yellow, pink and green should be used in the study room children. Along with this, the green colour is considered to be a symbol of intelligence, and the yellow colour is a symbol of learning.

If you use these colours, then it increases the intelligence of the child as well as strengthens the mental power.

Tips for Children's Study Room to Improve Children's Behaviour

Vastu tips are often given to enhance the creative power of the students and to give them a good environment, which develops their intelligence. You can use these tips to improve your child's behaviour.

  • The direction of the child's study room should be west. Which is considered beneficial in developing good qualities in the child.
  • Also, the door of this room should not be in front of the entrance of the child's bed as it gives a wrong impression.
  • You have to keep in mind that your kids bed should always be made of wood as metal bed brings negative energy which can hinder the overall development of your child.
  • According to Vastu, the best direction for the study room table should be towards East, North or North East. Also the table should be clean.
  • There should be enough light in the child's study room, so that the child remains energetic.
  • According to Vastu, there should be no mirror in the study room as it attracts negative vibes.
  • Study room should never be near the toilet as it is not considered auspicious.

Room direction according to Vastu

According to Vastu, each direction has its own importance. At the same time, the right direction of the study room works to have a good effect on studies. Along with this, here are some guidelines for the study room that you should keep in mind.

  • One should study in the study room facing north or east, it increases memory power.
  • To bring positivity and good luck in the study room, the picture of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Saraswati should be placed in the north-east direction of the room.
  • Also, the North or East direction is considered the best place to place a wall clock in the room.
  • It is considered good for the child if the study room has windows in the north or west direction.
  • Study room entrance as per Vastu should be in North-Central or West.

Best Direction for Study Table as per Vastu

Explain that the study room should always be in the east or west direction of the house, the second best direction is considered to be the north direction. Always while keeping the table in the study room, make sure that the student faces the east or north direction while studying. Also, the study table should be at least 3-4 inches away from the wall, because by doing this you can stay away from laziness.

If the study table is of wood, then the east direction or igneous angle is appropriate to keep it. Apart from this, choosing the south-east direction works to increase concentration in children. But if the study table is made of any other metal like iron, then it is good to choose west or north-west direction. With this, the child's study table should not be round, because it can also cause the child to not feel like studying.

Lights in children's study room

It is believed that while reading, the arrangement of light should be such that the light of the light falls directly on the book. So that the shadow of the student does not fall on the book and you can see the words written on the book correctly.

At the same time, unnecessary books should not be kept on the table. According to Vastu, the lamp should be placed in the southern corner of the table, which is very auspicious.

According to Vastu, in which direction should the wardrobe in the study room be?

Explain that the correct direction of the book rack or cupboard in the room for studying is considered to be east or north direction. According to Vastu Shastra, it is auspicious if the bookcase is placed in the east or north direction in the study room. But if due to lack of space in the house, you study in the bedroom, then the reading table, library and rack should be in the west or south-west.

Arrangement of electronic gadgets according to Vastu

Today electronic gadgets are known to hamper the creativity of the child and reduce their mental development. But with such huge technological advances, it doesn't seem possible to completely keep your kids away from such gadgets. Therefore, video games and computers should be kept in the north direction, while the TV should be placed in the south-east direction of the room.

Picture for study room as per Vastu Shastra

Pictures have a special importance in the study room of children and care should be taken while selecting the pictures for the study room because the kind of pictures you put on the wall directly affects the mental development of the child and his studies. It is a fact that all children learn a lot from what they see. Therefore, you should put pictures that are happy and inspiring so that it helps them to make a bright future.

It is believed that according to Vastu Shastra, pictures of birds flying in the sky, rising sun are very beneficial for children. At the same time, there is also an importance of putting pictures of those people, which are inspirational for everyone like Gandhiji, Swami Vivekananda, A. P.J. Abdul Kalam. But special care should be taken to never put any picture depicting grief or violence in your child's study room as it can adversely affect your child's mental health.

Is the south direction good for a child's study room?

If you also ask people whether the south direction is good for the study room or not? So let us tell you that Vastu experts say that the south direction is not ideal for making children's study rooms. Also it is suggested that according to Vastu, the direction of the study room should be in the North-East direction and the child should study only by facing the East or North direction.

According to Vastu Shastra, things to be kept in the study room

  • It is believed that you should keep a picture or an idol of Saraswati, the goddess of knowledge, in your study room.
  • A lamp can be placed on the study table in the study room.
  • Such posters should be kept, which are inspirational.
  • A crystal globe should be kept in the study room as it is considered auspicious for studies and brings positive development.
  • Keep a study table with a square or rectangular shape.

What should not be kept in the study room according to Vastu Shastra?

  • Let us tell you that mirrors should not be kept in the study room as it attracts negativity.
  • Do not keep pictures showing sadness or violence, it causes mental stress.
  • Refrain from keeping the photograph of a deceased in the stud room.
  • The circular study table should not be kept in the study room.
  • Also, if there is any old calendar, bad calculator or pen or any broken furniture in the room, then it should be thrown out of the room.
  • Such old pictures should not be kept in the study room which creates mental pressure.
  • Also, TV should not be installed here.

Do's and Don'ts of Study Room according to Vastu

  • According to Vastu, white or cream color cover should be put on the table.
  • According to Vastu Shastra, computers or laptops should be kept in the south-east direction in the study room.
  • Black or red dark colours should not be done in the study room.
  • The student should not study facing the North-West direction, because sitting in this direction does not feel like studying.
  • Explain that the study table should always be kept square, it increases concentration.
  • Study table should not be kept glued to the door or wall.
  • Heavy books, files and sofa should be kept in the south direction in this room.
  • Also, the study room should always be kept clean, which gives positive energy.
  • The useless face should not be kept in this room.
  • A picture of Ganesha or Saraswati should be placed on the cupboard in the study room and worshipped daily.

Common Vastu myths related to study rooms

  • There should be a toilet in your study room.
  • Also, students should never sit in front of a wall or window while studying.
  • The doors of the study room should be in North East, North, East, West only.
  • While studying, students should sit facing north or east directions only.
  • Also there is a myth, book shelves should never be kept above the study table.
  • Having a pendulum clock in the study room helps in studies.
  • The ratio of length and width on the study table should be 1:2 only.

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