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The living room is the place in the house where you take your first step after coming from outside. Therefore, this part of the house is the most used. Here we welcome guests, so sometimes the whole family spends time here. Usually, people pay a lot of attention to the decoration of the living room. These days, a lot of attention is being paid to the decoration of the living room, according to Vastu. Actually, according to Vastu, decorating the living room has a positive effect on our life.

The living room is the centre of all social activities in the house. Hence, it should be well organised for the guests and comfortable so that the whole family can enjoy some private time together here. According to Vastu, the living room being in the right direction, the colours used, and the furnishings profoundly affect our lives.

Best Vastu for Living Room

Usually, the living room is addressed as the living room or lounge. A living room is a room where various functions are performed. For example, the family entertains itself, relaxes, reads books, all the family members gossip together, and spend time with the children. Some people even eat and drink in the living room itself. In this way, the living room is helpful for multiple purposes.

There is systematic knowledge present in Vastu for the living room. Vastu principles can be used while designing the living room. This makes our life good and happy. The living room is an integral part of the house. Everything or stuff here makes it favourable or unfavourable for those living in that house.

According to Vastu, the living room decides your fate.

The living room is the main centre of the house, so we want to decorate it in the best possible way. But the decoration of the living room should not only enhance its looks, but the decoration here should also give peace to your mind.

Along with this, the rules of Vastu should also be followed so that you can lead a successful, healthy life and your luck can be bright. Hence it is essential to be careful while decorating your living room, according to Vastu. Only then will the communication of positive energy and sweetness increase in the relations of all the house members. Vastu tips go a long way in making your living room a positive and happy place.

Let's see how directions affect the space of the living room

  • north-west direction: North-West direction is an ideal direction for the living room. This direction will prove to be helpful for you in avoiding late night parties, get-togethers etc.
  • North-East Direction:Due to the living room in this direction, positive energy enters the house and the mind and mind of the people living there always remains calm.
  • North Direction:This direction of wealth and health adds a favorable atmosphere to the room and it fills the room with positivity.
  • south west direction: This part serves to attract the guests.

Living room instructions and decorations as per vastu

The main door of the living room should be clean, and there should be enough light in it. According to Vastu, one can place a Buddha statue near the entrance or a pair of elephant statues above the door to invite prosperity. Let us tell you that each direction has a different effect on the house. The ideal direction for a drawing room is East, North-East, West or North.

The foyer (the entrance to the house) leading to the living room should be slightly more expensive. Whereas the living room door should be such that anyone can quickly move in and out with the goods. Avoid placing heavy furniture here. Let us tell you that Vastu Shastra is all about balancing energy. The main door is a place from which good luck enters the house, so it should be beautifully designed. If you want, you can keep such green plants here, which improves and increases energy flow.

Vastu Tips for Living Room: Furniture Direction

Furniture is such a thing- as soon as you sit on it, you get tired or feel comfortable. Some other furniture is present in almost every room of our house. There will be some furniture in your living room too. According to Vastu Shastra, heavy furniture like a sofa should be kept in the west or south-west direction of the room. However, there are different rules in Vastu for items like television sets and electronic systems. According to Vastu, the southeast direction is the ideal direction to keep these things.

If your living room is also a dining room, then the dining area should be made in a different direction here. According to Vastu, the East or South-East direction is better for the dining area in the living room.

  • All heavy furniture items like the sofa should be placed in the west or south-west direction of the living room.
  • The couch should be arranged away from the north or east wall.
  • The TV should be placed in the southeast of the living room.

Living room colour according to Vastu

Your living room tells a lot about your lifestyle. People's first opinion about you is formed from your living room. That is why it is important that whatever decoration you are doing in the living room, pay special attention to its colours. According to Vastu, there are specific colours for each room of the house which helps in bringing in positive energy.

  • According to Vastu Colours attract different types of energy. Avoid using dark colours and instead opt for whites, creams and light shades. You can also consider colours like blue, green or warm yellow for the living room.
  • Turquoise, pink or gold colours bring prosperity to the house.
  • Avoid using colours like black and dark red, as according to Vastu these colours have a tendency to absorb negative energies.

Living room decoration

  • Keep in mind, the living room should always be neat and clean. Remove unnecessary furniture and non-essential items from the living room.
  • Design the living room in a way that reflects your thoughts and lifestyle. Also the decoration of the house should help in bringing happy and peaceful feelings.
  • Never decorate the living room with art pieces or similar items that depict sadness or sadness. Remove broken showpieces, electrical appliances that don't work, broken glass, etc. According to Vastu, such broken or clogged appliances carry negative energy which attracts bad luck.
  • Use decorative items that reflect natural beauty. Avoid using dried flowers, bonsai or cactus in your living room. Note that real flowers attract positive energy while dried and fake flowers attract negative energy.
  • Decorate your living room with air-purifying plants like money plant, spider plant, areca palm, snake plant and peace lily.
  • Place a fish aquarium on the north, east or north-east side of the living room. This creates a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere in the house. If there is enough space in the living room of your house that a fountain can be installed there, then choose the north direction for it. The sound of water helps to increase positivity in the house.

Best painting for living room according to Vastu

Along with decorative items, you can also use paintings to decorate the living room. For peace and stability in the house, place a painting of a flowing river or fish in the living room. If you want, you can apply other similar nature inspired paintings. Paintings like a rising sun, a setting dawn or a beautiful evening can be good choices. Hang them on the wall facing south, west or south-west. These directions are considered to be the best direction for wall painting.

Pictures with natural colors can do wonders for your living room. As already mentioned, painting of natural scenes like flowers, waterfalls, flowing rivers and mountains can be done. But keep in mind that never put abstract pictures in your home. Such paintings depict negativity.

When there is a temple in the living room

In many houses, a separate room is made from the temple. But in most homes, temples are still kept in the living room, study room or other rooms. Wherever there is a temple in the house, that place becomes revered. According to Vastu, the temple of worship in the house brings positive energy and creates a peaceful atmosphere there. When the direction of the house and the temple is placed according to Vastu Shastra, it can bring health, prosperity and happiness to the house and its occupants. .

The best direction to place the temple in the living room is North-East or Northeast, which is considered very auspicious according to Vastu Shastra. Yes, you can have a temple or a place of worship in the living room. According to Vastu, this place can be made in the North-East direction.

What should be on the main door according to Vastu/?

Usually the main door of the house and the main door of the living room are the same. No such decorative items should be kept in the main door, which can promote negativity in the house. Keep such decorative items at the main entrance, which helps in the free flow of positive energy. It includes sacred symbols like Om, Cross, Swastika etc. Avoid placing items like broken furniture, dustbins etc at the main entrance.

According to Vastu, when there is a dining table in the living room

Avoid selecting circular or any other irregular shaped dining table for the living room. Choose a dining table that is either square or rectangular, which helps in bringing stability and positive energy.

What kind of items are correct according to Vastu for living room

  • The decoration of flowers is considered to be of special importance in the living room, where the house full of colorful flowers should be decorated in a beautiful way. Instead of artificial flowers, real flowers should be used, which increase positive energy.
  • It is considered auspicious to place a water body in the North, East or North-East of the room. It is also good for health, wealth and wealth.
  • Square and rectangular shape is considered good and right for the living room. This gives positive energy. If the design of the room is not like this, then it would be good to plant a plant in the room.
  • Carpets decorated on the ground look nice and beautiful. You can use it, it also attracts the guests.
  • Showpieces, curtains etc. should be neatly placed in the living room.

General Vastu Tips for Living Room

  • The paint on the walls of the living room should be white or light green as it promotes a sense of unity and affection between the guests and the occupants. Do not use dark colours except on the east wall.
  • Use light curtains for windows and doors in the north-east wall and heavy curtains for the south-west wall of the living room.
  • Keep some space in the Northeast corner of the living room. Make sure it stays clean and clutter free. The serenity of this place can be enhanced by planting some indoor plants.
  • Keep the television and air conditioner in the south-east or the corner of this direction.
  • To generate positive energy and uplift the mood, put up a painting depicting the beauty or scenery of nature. This also adds peace to the room. Avoid putting pictures of war, wild animals, scary pictures etc and even dead family members. Such pictures disturb people and keep restlessness in mind.
  • Never decorate the house with artificial flowers. Performing them is considered inauspicious. Dried flowers also attract bad luck as they represent the season of autumn. Indicates fall, scarcity and the end of life. Apart from this, never keep a cactus or bonsai in your living room as they have a negative effect on the career and financial condition of the occupants.
  • Hang a heavy chandelier in the south or west of the room. Avoid hanging it right in the center (Brahmasthan). The lighting in the living room should be bright.
  • Make the guests sit in the north-west side of the room. This quadrant of wind and movement ensures that they stay within their limits and that your relationship with them remains cordial.
  • The head of the family should always be in the south-west quadrant facing east or north. This ensures to remain in command and prevents the guests from coming into the house.
  • The exact location of the living room is essentially based on the direction of your home. For a house facing north or east, the living room can be constructed in the north-east. For a west facing house, the living room should be in the north-west direction. South-east direction is best for south facing house. Similarly, the living room can be in the Central West, Middle East and Central South or Central North of a house.

Direction for home furnishings as per Vastu

Belongings Best Direction according to Vastu
telephone Southwest
electric appliances Southeast
Furniture south and west corners
Showcase and wardrobe south west corner
cooler or ac west or north
Painting showing water fountains, aquariums north to east zone
Chandelier Slightly to the west, not in the middle of the house.
gate east or north
windows east or north

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