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  • Best direction for the balcony as per Vastu
  • Sitting area in balcony Vastu
  • Shape of the balcony as per Vastu
  • Best plants for balcony as per Vastu
  • Roof of the balcony as per Vastu
  • Right colours for balcony as per Vastu
  • Railing location in balcony as per Vastu

Remember how we crave the most pleasant balcony view on a trip? Well, that is the charm of balconies as they behold the capability to uplift anyone's mood. When considering buying an independent home, flat, or even an apartment, a decent balcony view is a top priority for most of us. If you have ever purchased a house or flat for yourself, you must remember the pain you might have gone through to find a flat with a decent balcony space and view. As one of the most crucial parts of the home, balconies are not just important for aesthetic reasons. When considering buying a house, there are many more reasons why the perfect balcony - in shape and direction - needs to be considered.

As per Vastu Shastra, a balcony in the home plays a vital role in the transfer of energies. A wide-open balcony balances the flow of energies from and into the house. It is a widely accepted belief among Vastu experts at Astrotalk that a balcony built in the correct direction can enhance the flow of positive energies. In contrast, a balcony in the wrong direction can cut short that flow. Negative energies hamper the progress of the natives living in the house. Negative energy is also detrimental to one’s health and focus. Apart from the transfer of energies, terraces and balconies are also crucial for proper ventilation in the house.

In ancient and mediaeval times, balconies were constructed after studying the direction of the wind. People would prefer to have a balcony in a direction against the wind's flow. This was to maintain the flow of wind into the house to have a decent environment to live in. Even today, many architects follow this rule. Apart from the basics, architects also follow Vastu for balcony rules to enhance the acceptability of the flats or homes among the buyers. And the most crucial rule when considering balcony Vastu is associated with the direction of the balcony as per Vastu.

Best direction for the balcony as per Vastu

When considering a flat or home, checking whether the direction of the balcony is as per Vastu or not is necessary. Here are some direction-related Vastu tips for terraces and balconies that you must keep in mind.

  • As per experts, the best direction for balcony as per Vastu is the north, east or north-east directions.
  • Apart from positive energies, these directions also assure an abundance of sunlight on your balcony from dusk till dawn.
  • If you are someone who practices Surya pooja on a regular basis, then a balcony in these directions will be favourable for you.
  • One must avoid buying a flat with a balcony in the south or south-west direction of the flat or home.
  • If your house plan doesn’t approve the aforementioned directions for balcony construction, in such cases, you can consider the north-west direction to construct the balcony.
  • Ideally, the balcony floor must always be a bit lower than the floor of the main compound of the building.
  • As the last resort, you can even have a balcony in the south or south-East direction on the condition that there must be an equally big balcony in the opposite direction too.
  • Balconies extending in the south and west direction are considered negative. Meanwhile, balcony extension in the north-east direction of the house is positive, as per Vastu.
  • Also, the balcony must always slope towards the north-east direction so that water always flows from south to east or west to north.
  • If possible, it is auspicious to have balconies towards the south-west incorporated with sliding windows.

Sitting area in balcony Vastu

The balcony is our happy place after a tiring day of work. It is one of the best spots to catch the rain, take Instagramable pictures and spend some leisure time. Overall, it seems like we always have a reason to go to the balcony, so we must try to convert it into a comfy place. For those planning a sitting area on their balcony by putting on some furniture and decor, here are some Vastu tips that you can consider.

  • The best direction to keep the furniture on the balcony is the south-west direction.
  • Always use wooden furniture on the balcony. As the balcony is the route to energy flow, we ought to keep it as natural as possible.
  • Vastu says that heavy furniture like chairs, bean bags, stools, and tables should always be placed on the south-west side of the balcony.
  • Swing on the balcony is also a part of the sitting arrangement, and most people consider one these days. The ideal direction for a swing on the balcony is the north-west direction.
  • When sitting on the swing or furniture, always face the east or north direction, says Vastu astrologer.
  • The shape of the furniture also has a role to play in Vastu. Astrologers suggest using square-shaped furniture in earthy tones such as cream, beige and yellow on the balcony to attract positivity.

Balcony decor as per Vastu

Decorating the balcony is the most pleasing of all the tasks. While some people consider using lights to decorate the balcony, others, on the other hand, are content with plants. In fact, there are some who like both. Simply said, decorating the balcony is a compulsion in modern times and even reflects our standards. Yet, not everything you place on the balcony is Vastu friendly.

  • If considering placing a water fountain on the balcony, it must always go on the north-east side of the balcony or terrace.
  • As per Vastu, keeping a water fountain on the balcony brings wealth and plentitude to the natives.
  • Apart from the water fountain, if you are placing any kind of water body on the balcony (like a baby pond), it shall go in the north-east direction.
  • There are a wide variety of plants available that can be used for terrace decor. As per astrologers, the shrubs and short plants must always go on the east and north side of the balcony.
  • Meanwhile, thick plants with pots involved must be placed in the southern or western direction of the balcony.
  • A Buddha statue in the north-east will attract high energy vibrations for all the natives in the house.
  • When using lighting on the balcony, use soothing lights and ignore harsh lights, as the latter invite inauspiciousness.

Shape of the balcony as per Vastu

Balconies come in all shapes and sizes these days. And as people consider aesthetics over anything else, architects don’t mind trying new shapes and sizes for balconies when constructing flats or apartments. However, not every balcony shape is vastu approved. Here is the ideal shape for balcony as per Vastu.

  • As per Vastu experts, only two shapes - square and rectangle - are Vastu approved. Balcony in any other shape must be avoided.
  • The edges of the balcony should be at ninety degrees and should not be curved.
  • Try as much as possible to keep the balcony devoid of beams.

Best plants for balcony as per Vastu

Plants are a keeper as they make our environment lively. The plant-based decor is the most preferred, especially for balconies and terraces that are exposed to the constant availability of wind and sunlight. In addition, plants cool the environment, adding a spell of positivity to the home. Hence, plants need to find a space in your home for positive Vastu. Yet, not all plants are Vastu friendly. Here are the best plants for balcony as per Vastu.

Plants for balcony Vastu significance
Tulsi Reduces stress
Dracaena Purifiying
Money plant Anti radiator
Aloe Vera Health beneits
Snake plant Mental health booster
Peace lily Promotes restful sleep
Jade plant Brings good luck
Syngonium Act as anti-pollutants
  • As we have mentioned above, small shrubs must be placed in the east and north direction of the balcony.
  • Any kind of tall tree, such as bamboo, should be placed in the south-west direction of the house.
  • The lucky plants for balcony as per Vastu are Tulsi, Dracaena, Money plant, Aloe Vera, Peace Lily, and Jade plant.
  • Plants such as Cactus, Cotton, and Bonsai must be avoided.
  • Also, plants that give out sap (milk-like substance) should be strictly avoided, as per Vastu for plants.
  • Plants that bear flowers must always go in the west, south, or south-west direction of the balcony.
  • When placing the plants on the balcony, make sure they don’t block the sunlight coming into the house through the balcony.
  • When considering plants for the balcony as per Vastu, keep them in pairs of 2, 4, or 6.
  • Make sure you don’t keep dried plants on the balcony. Also, don't let dried leaves accumulate on the balcony and dispose them of as soon as possible.
  • Do not keep broken or chipped plants on the balcony as they attract negativity.
  • If considering a vertical garden, as it is not only in fashion but also keeps the walls of the flat cool, you can have one on the south or west wall of the flat.

Roof of the balcony as per Vastu

Most balconies have a roof to safeguard them from rain and intense sun. As per Vastu shastra, the ideal roof of the balcony is one that abides by these vastu shastra rules:

  • As per Vastu for balcony, the roof over the balcony must always slope towards the north or the east direction of the house.
  • Let go flats or construction of roof in the the south or west directions of the balcony.
  • The height of the roof of the balcony must always be lower than the roof of the main building.
  • Some people consider making themselves a tin roof over the balcony, which must be avoided as per Vastu.
  • A slanting roof brings prosperity and happiness for the members of the house and hence must be considered.
  • Make sure your roof doesn’t become a barrier to natural sunlight.

Right colours for balcony as per Vastu

Colours don’t only add aesthetics to the home but also have an impact on our mind. For example, light colours are preferred as per Vastu as their tone calms people. On the other hand, dark colours signify aggression and hence must be avoided.

Vastu colour for balcony Represents
Light Red Passion, power, emotions, warmth
Light Blue Beauty, contentment, devotion, truth
Light Green Growth, healing, fertility, prosperity
White Purity, openness, innocence, luxury
Light Yellow Optimism, study, intelligence
Light Orange Determination, goals, good health, comfort
Light Brown Stability, satisfaction, comfort
Light Purple Richness, luxury, graciousness, pride
  • As per Vastu, the balcony of the home is a spot to relax, meditate and calm oneself, hence must not be donned with dark colours.
  • Consider using calm and light colours such as white, beige, blue, and lighter tones of pink to up the mood of the balcony.
  • You can also uplift the colours and mood of the balcony by adding soothing lights.
  • The colour of the furniture also matters when practising Vastu for balcony. It is beneficial if the furniture is polished in light colours.
  • The accessories on the balcony are not colour devoid. Things like cushions, table sheets, etc. must be light in colour.
  • If using potted plants, the white coloured or mud pots must be given preference for good home Vastu.

Railing location in balcony as per Vastu

When considering a railing for the balcony, one with a grill that allows free flow of air must be given preference. A well-designed grill is preferred over a brick wall. Using glass in the grill is not only trendy but also recommended by Vastu experts. However, make sure there's enough space for the air to pass through. If the balcony grill is made of metal, ensure that it is well maintained and does not rust.

These were some vastu tips for the balcony that can make your favourite spot vastu friendly. To know more, you can connect with the best Astrotalk astrologers.

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