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  • Why build a bathroom as per Vastu?
  • Bathroom direction as per Vastu
  • Vastu remedies for toilet in the north-east direction
  • Remedies for bathroom in the south direction
  • Impact of having bathroom in the wrong direction
  • South-west toilet Vastu remedies
  • Vastu remedies for toilet in east direction
  • South-east bathroom Vastu remedies
  • Toilet seat direction as per Vastu
  • Mirror in bathroom as per Vastu
  • Direction for utilities in bathroom
  • Bathtub Vastu
  • Bathroom door Vastu tips
  • Vastu for bathroom window
  • Bathroom colour as per Vastu
  • Attached bathroom Vastu tips
  • Vastu for bathroom drainage
  • Bathroom water tank Vastu
  • Placement of taps as per Vastu
  • Water leakage and Vastu
  • Bathroom lights Vastu
  • Vastu for office bathroom
  • Plants in bathroom
  • Vastu friendly ways to decorate your bathroom
  • Bathroom Vastu dosh remedies

Until a few years back, it was our drawing room, hall, bedroom, etc. that used to absorb our aesthetic attention. But slowly and steadily, bathroom designing and remodelling is becoming a hype worth the attention. The bathroom, hands down, is the second most comforting and private place in the house after the balcony. In fact, some people consider spending a lot of their time in the bathroom, especially if the bathroom is studded with modern facilities. Bathrooms of today also work as a makeup and self-care room for the ones who love to pamper themselves. In a nutshell, we all have a ton of reasons to go to the bathroom every now and then, and hence it becomes an essential part of the home, which needs some Vastu attention.

As per Vastu shastra guidelines, the placement of bathroom and toilets in the house is one of the most important things to consider if seeking a good home Vastu. Despite being a pleasing space, the bathroom can quickly become a source of negative energies if not constructed as per Vastu for bathroom guidelines. Hence, the right toilet direction must be considered when constructing a home. In fact, if you are considering buying a flat or apartment, in that case too, you need to make sure whether the bathroom in the flat is following all the essential Vastu guidelines or not.

As per Vastu experts, a bathroom that is not Vastu-compliant doesn't only invite negative energies but is also responsible for financial losses. Wrong bathroom Vastu affects the health of the people living in the house leading to situations of stress and minor accidents. As space crunch is a big issue in cities, attached bathrooms are a prevalent trend these days. However, an attached bathroom can be one of the main sources of Vastu dosh in the house if proper guidelines are not followed while constructing them. Having said that, in this write-up, we will take you through all the Vastu Shastra tips for the bathroom so that you don't have to worry about any of the problems we have mentioned above.

Why build a bathroom as per Vastu?

The significance of a Vastu-compliant bathroom stems from the belief that such a bathroom shall bring a spell of positive energy to the home. As per Vastu Shastra, every area of the house represents an element. For example, the south-east direction of the house represents the fire or Agni element. Hence, the kitchen must also be constructed in the south-east direction for positive Vastu. Similarly, the north-east direction of the house is favourable for bathroom as it represents the water element.

In addition, abiding by the Vastu plan for bathroom is not only important for the owners but also for the builders as Vastu incompatible houses are harder to sell. In fact, as a customer, if you tend to buy a house that is Vastu incompatible, then, you might have a hard time re-selling it in the future.

Overall, our home is where we find our peace, and hence, it needs to be a spot that reeks-off positive energies only. Whether a believer of Vastu or not, it is a decent thing to do to get a Vastu-compatible house for both spiritual, health, and financial reasons. Having said that, let’s help you get a Vastu-compatible home by starting with learning the best direction for bathroom as per Vastu.

Best bathroom direction as per Vastu

The direction of the bathroom in the flat or home is an important thing to consider when building/buying a house. Here are some Vastu guidelines to keep in mind when inspecting the direction of the bathroom.

  • As per Vastu, the bathroom or toilet must always be constructed in the north or north-west direction of the house.
  • Having a bathroom in the north or north-west direction supports health and wellbeing. These directions also guard the native from any major health ailments.
  • The most inappropriate directions to build a bathroom are the south, south-east and south-west directions, as per Vastu.
  • Constructing the bathroom in these directions is inauspicious as they bring health issues. Building a bathroom in the wrong direction is also detrimental to one's career progress.
  • Ideally, the bathroom floor should always be a foot or two higher than the main floor of the house.

Vastu remedies for toilet in the north-east direction

You were not a believer in Vastu when some broker sold you a house with a Vastu-incompatible bathroom. And now that you see the cons of having a bathroom in the north-east direction, you want to get rid of it. But let’s face it, buying a new house is a one-time thing for most of us. Hence, in case you have the bathroom in the north-east direction, you can only rectify the Vastu flaw by following these remedies.

  • As per Vastu, the north-east direction for the home commands worship and hence a bathroom or toilet must not be built in this direction.
  • Bathroom in the north-east direction of the house brings Vastu dosh. To get rid of it, place a north-east yantra in this direction of the home.
  • Make sure that the toilet door always remains shut.
  • Add more greenery to your home to fight bathroom Vastu defects by keeping indoor plants, such as Money Plant, Spider plant, etc., in the house.
  • Burn Camphor or fragrance candles in the north-east direction of the house to fight north-east direction bathroom Vastu dosh.
  • Another remedy for north facing bathroom Vastu defect is to keep a bowl of sea salt in the bathroom as sea salt absorbs negative energies.
  • Also, ensure that the toilet in the north-east direction is kept clean.
  • A bathroom should never be built under the stairs. Use the space under the stairs only for storing purposes.

Remedies for bathroom in the south direction

As per Vastu experts, using a bathroom built in the south direction of the home is detrimental to one’s status. The Vastu dosh hinders the progress of the native and lessens his name and fame in society. This may have a negative effect on both the personal and professional life of the native. Here are some remedies:

  • To fix the Vastu flaw arising from constructing the bathroom in the south direction, keep white flowers in a metal vase in the north or north-east direction of the home.
  • Changing the position of the bathroom is one of the best remedies for Vastu defects coming from having a bathroom in the south direction of the home.
  • Another remedy is to repaint the bathroom with light shade colours. The light shades of red, orange, pink, and purple must be preferred. Neutral shades are also advised.
  • Keep the toilet door shut and the bathroom clean to lessen the effect of the south direction bathroom Vastu defect.

Impact of having bathroom/toilet in the wrong direction

Direction Impact
East Health problems affecting the digestive system and liver.
West Slow growth in career and non-fulfilment of dreams.
South Loss of reputation and legal issues related to personal life.
North-east A bathroom in the north-east direction brings health problems to the family members
South-east Results in financial problems, delay in marriage and conceiving.
South-west Your relationship and career might suffer due to vastu dosh arising from having a bathroom in the south-west direction.

South-west toilet Vastu remedies

If the toilet happens to be in the south-west direction of the house, follow these remedies to correct the Vastu flaw:

  • Place an exhaust fan in the north-east or north direction of the house/bathroom.
  • A Vastu pyramid must be placed on the outer wall of the house in the south-west direction.
  • The door of the bathroom should be kept closed all the time.
  • The bathroom in the south-west direction must be painted in light hues of yellow or beige colour to rectify the Vastu flaw.
  • Keep sea salt in a bronze bowl in the bathroom and replace it every week to rectify the Vastu dosh arising from having the toilet in the south-west direction.
  • The south-west direction must be stripped off the metal accessories, if any.
  • Place three or nine lead helices on the outer bathroom wall. You can also place three wooden pyramid partitions on the outside of the bathroom door frame.

Vastu remedies for toilet in east direction

Having a bathroom in the east direction of the house is a Vastu flaw. Having a bathroom in this direction of the house not only brings financial troubles but also troubles to the oldest child in the house. To rectify the Vastu defect, redo the roof of the bathroom. The roof of the bathroom in the east direction must be made of bamboo.

Another remedy for the bathroom in the east direction is to repaint the bathroom with light earthy hues of green and brown. Install an exhaust in the bathroom and use it on a regular basis.

South-east bathroom Vastu remedies

The south-east direction in Vastu is the direction of fire, which is not supportive of bathroom construction as water and fire don't go well. South-east is not the best direction for bathroom as per Vastu, and if you have a bathroom in this direction, you must follow these Vastu remedies to rectify it:

  • Place a Vastu pyramid on the south and east side of the walls of the bathroom on the outer side.
  • Another proven remedy for bathroom Vastu dosh is to keep Vastu salt in a copper bowl in the bathroom. The salt, however, must be replaced every week.
  • Follow the light colour palette when painting the bathroom for positive Vastu.

Toilet seat direction as per Vastu

More than the overall bathroom or toilet, it is the direction of the toilet seat that matters the most when it comes to Vastu-compliant bathrooms. Here are Vastu tips for toilet seat that you need to keep in mind:

  • As per Vastu, the toilet seat must be placed in such a way that the one using it faces the north of the south direction.
  • The ideal placement for a commode or toilet seat is in the west, south, or south-west direction.
  • These directions aid the good health of the natives while ensuring prosperity.
  • The bathroom sharing a toilet seat must, compulsory, have a window for both hygiene and Vastu reasons.
  • A window in the toilet assures the flow of positive energy.
  • Although there are so many aesthetically pleasing toilets available in the market, but a white-coloured toilet is what is preferred.
  • The placement of the commode should not be above or under the pooja room, bedroom, or kitchen.

Mirror in bathroom as per Vastu

Mirror mirror on the wall, where shall I fit you all? The mirror happens to be the main utility of the bathroom. In the modern world, they come in all shapes and sizes, and we spend so much of our time gazing at them. Hence, an important utility like a mirror in bathroom must be Vastu-complicated. Here are Vastu tips for mirror placement in the bathroom.

  • The best direction for in bathroom is the northern or eastern wall.
  • The most preferable layout for a mirror as per Vastu is square or rectangular.
  • The mirror in the bathroom should be at least five feet above the floor.
  • Yellow colour lights on the side of the mirror not only enhance its elegance but are Vastu-compatible too.
  • The mirror in the bathroom should be placed in such a way that it doesn’t reflect the toilet seat.

Other utilities in bathroom

It is beneficial to keep the bathroom clean and clutter-free. Yet, we happen to have so many things in the bathroom, right from electronics items such as geysers to makeup products, that make the bathroom messy at times. Hence, all these things need to go in a respective direction.

  • All the electrical appliances such as hair straightener, dryer, geyser, etc. must go in the south-east direction of the bathroom.
  • The exhaust fan, if any, must be in the east or north-east direction of the bathroom. This is an ideal direction for windows too.
  • The ideal place for a washbasin is the east, north, or north-east.
  • If you keep your makeup in the bathroom, opt for a wooden shelf to keep all the accessories.
  • Some people prefer keeping the washing machine in the bathroom. If doing so, the washing machine should be placed in the south-east or north-west direction for good home Vastu.
  • The shower must sit in the east or north-east direction of the bathroom.

Vastu for bathtub in bathroom

A bathtub seems to be a fancy thing to have, and modern couples truly dream of having one for themselves. Bathtubs are a perfect pass time, and using them is a royal and positive experience. To add another spell of positivity to them, here are some Vastu tips for a bathtub you can abide by:

  • Jacuzzi or bathtub comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, as per Vastu, the ideal shape for a bathtub is round or square.
  • The edges of the bathtub must not be sharp. Smooth curves are not just comforting but Vastu friendly too.
  • Bathtub must be placed in the north, east, west, or north-east direction of the bathroom.
  • You must always keep a mat beside the bathtub. Blue or white coloured mats must be preferred.
  • Avoid dark-coloured bathtubs. Some people try to match the ambiance of the jacuzzi with the bathroom texture, and in doing so, end up using a dark-coloured bathtub.
  • If trying to create a spa-like atmosphere by using candles, these should be kept in the north-east direction of the bathtub as per Vastu.
  • Bathtub pillows should go in the south side of the Jacuzzi.

Bathroom door Vastu tips

  • For good bathroom Vastu, the placement of the bathroom door must be in the north or east direction.
  • Always use a wooden door, and not a metal or steel one in the bathroom. The door must be devoid of decor.
  • Don’t hang pictures or any other accessories on the bathroom door. Pictures of flowers or plants are ok to use.
  • Ideally, the bathroom door must be kept shut all the time. By leaving the Vastu door open, you allow negative energies to prelude into your space which are detrimental to your personal relationships.

Vastu for bathroom window

A window in the bathroom is a must for both hygiene and Vastu reasons.

  • Having a window in the bathroom allows ventilation and flow of energies in and out of the bathroom.
  • It is a good sign if sunlight penetrates into the bathroom from the window.
  • As per Vastu, the bathroom windows must be contested in a way that they open towards the east, north, or west in the bathroom.
  • Also, make sure the windows open outwards.

Bathroom colour as per Vastu

Honestly, our bathroom is a multi-coloured space. We have the bathtub donning some colour and the shelf some other. Hence when it comes to choosing a colour for bathroom as per Vastu, we not only need to take care of vastu-friendly colours but also colours that would vibe with the surrounding utilities. Here are some tips you can keep in mind:

  • Vastu for bathroom says that one must opt for light colours in the bathroom. Eg: beige, cream, white, light pink, or brown.
  • Avoid colours like blue, black, red, or any other dark colour.
  • As per experts, dark colour not only spews negativity but also makes the space look smaller than it is.
  • Bathrooms these days are mostly tiled. Vastu experts suggest choosing light-coloured tiles for the bathroom. Don’t go for white as they are harder to maintain.
  • White colour is suitable for bathroom accessories such as bathtub, washbasin, etc.

Attached bathroom Vastu tips

Attached bathrooms are architectural statements. They are comforting and also space-saving and most people consider them these days. But do you know that as per Vastu Shastra, a bathroom and bedroom should never be attached? The truth bomb, however, doesn't stop people from choosing an attached bedroom-bathroom design and builders from constructing them. And while we don’t such designs but surely got some Vastu tips for the attached bathroom.

  • The most suitable direction for an attached bathroom is the north-west direction.
  • A bathroom with an attached bedroom must always have a small window on the east, west, or north walls to cure the Vastu defect.
  • If you have a bedroom attached bathroom, then placing the toilet seat as per Vastu is a must.
  • The toilet seat must not be attached to the wall shared by both bedroom and washroom.
  • The height of the toilet or attached bathroom should always be higher than the base of the house floor.
  • As per Vastu, the bed should not be placed close or against the wall shared by both bathroom and bedroom.
  • In any case, the bathroom must not share the wall with the kitchen or pooja room.
  • Try not to have the children's room close to the bathroom area as it will bring them negative energy.

Vastu for bathroom drainage

There is a specific direction in which the water must flow for the bathroom drainage to be vastu compatible. As per vastu, water outlets and drainage must be in the north, east or north-east direction of the bathroom. The slope of the bathroom should be in the same direction.

Vastu for bathroom water tank

The decent place to install the water tank is the south-west direction of the home. As per Vastu, the south-west corner should be the heaviest of all and a water tank is perfect for the purpose. The tank can be slightly positioned to the south or west of south-west, and even in the west. Doing so will lead to financial well-being. Never keep the water tank in the north-east corner or south-east corner of the bathroom.

Placement of taps as per Vastu

As per the Vastu rules, east, north, or north-east directions are best for installing a tap or storing water in the bathroom as per Vastu. On the other hand, the south-west or south-east directions are not good for installing taps or storing water.

Also, a bucket or any kind of water storage facility must not be kept close to the toilet seat for both hygiene and Vastu reasons.

Water leakage and Vastu

Not just the bathroom, any kind of water leakage anywhere in the house is considered inauspicious, as per Vastu. Hence you must check your shower, taps, or geyser for leakages to avoid the influence of negative energy in your home. Leaking taps are said to bring unnecessary expenses for the family.

Bathroom lights as per Vastu

Lights are a mood setter, especially in a bathroom. There is a whole palette of soothing lighting that you can choose from when it comes to bathroom lighting. Here are some tips for bathroom lighting as per Vastu.

  • Bathroom lights must not be harsh. Calming yellow is the one to look out for.
  • If there are no windows in the bathroom, use bulbs or yellow lighting to create illumination that represents the sun. Having such light boosts health and invites the right energies.
  • In a small bathroom, a central ceiling light should suffice in such a situation.
  • For large bathrooms, you may install lights in all four directions of the bathroom.
  • The most important light in the bathroom to take care of is the one around the mirror. Mirror light should not produce any kind of glare or shadows.
  • Also, another Vastu tip for bathroom is to install a small night light and keep it lit at night.

Bathroom Vastu for office

  • The best location for bathroom in office as per Vastu is the north-west or west direction.
  • Office with a bathroom in the centre of the north-east direction must be avoided, as they hinder progress.
  • Other than that, bathrooms must not be constructed in the north-east or south-west corners of the office building.
  • If the toilet is attached to a cabin, make sure it is not the north-east of that cabin.
  • In the office bathroom, the toilet seat should be on the west or north-west side.
  • The office floor must be washed with salt water to keep negative energy at bay.
  • Also, the toilet must be cleaned regularly as office spaces are prone to high footfall of people who bring their own energies to the space.

Plants in bathroom Vastu

Bathrooms are one of the best places you can greenify. As per astrologers, having greenery in the bathroom negates negative energies. Besides, they also produce a fresh environment for the natives to be in. However, not all plants are bathroom Vastu-friendly.

  • As the bathroom is the space for self-care and relaxation, Money plant is one of the best plants to have in the bathroom as per Vastu.
  • Money plants can withstand the sometimes warm and humid conditions of the bathroom.
  • Other than that, Aloe vera, Snake plant, or Spider plant can also be placed in the bathroom for good bathroom Vastu.
  • All in all, choose plants that can bear high humidity and can tolerate moist air.
  • You must have a window in the bathroom to allow plants to survive better. However, don’t keep the bathroom door open just to make sure that the plants don’t die off.
  • If no sunlight enters your bathroom, then consider rotating plants in and out of the bathroom and exposing them to the sun every once in a while.

Other Vastu friendly ways to decorate your bathroom

  • If you seek, you can hang photos of plants, flowers, etc. in the bathroom for good home Vastu.
  • Opt more for green decor to add a touch of nature to the bathroom.
  • Seashells are another Vastu-friendly decor for the bathroom.
  • Scented candles can also be used in the bathroom, but make sure you don’t use too many of them.
  • Avoid hanging pictures of Gods, elephants, or turtles in the bathroom.
  • Also, do not display photos of waterfalls, rivers, or fish.
  • Do not keep red and orange-colored decorative items in the bathroom.

Bathroom Vastu dosh remedies

When it comes to bathroom Vastu, one can never be 100% sure if his or her bathroom is Vastu-friendly. Yet you can keep trying to have a Vastu-friendly bathroom. Here are some remedies that will help in eradicating bathroom Vastu dosh, if any.

  • Utilities such as taps or showers must be simple in design and texture. Use silver, stainless steel, or ceramic fittings.
  • Having a mirror on the outer side of the bathroom door helps in fighting Vastu flaws. However, such mirrors should not reflect the bed or entrance door.
  • Salt and glass resembles Rahu. Placing them in the bathroom helps in fighting Vastu dosh.
  • As much as possible, use natural scents in the bathroom. It not only fights Vastu dosh but also helps in rejuvenating you. Let the aroma of essential oil or herbs, such as lavender, rose, or sage, add a calming scent to the bathroom.
  • Try to keep the floor of the bathroom dry as much as possible.
  • Things stored in the bathroom impact its energies. Hence, you must regularly go through what you need and what you don’t and always try to keep the bathroom clutter-free.
  • Broken things such as soap dispensers, holders, towel hangers, etc. must be fixed or replaced as soon as possible.
  • If you have the bathing area and the toilet seat in the same bathroom, make sure they are divided using curtains.
  • Do not keep decorative statues or religious idols in the bathroom or on the bathroom door.
  • You can also have a music system installed in the south-east corner of the bathroom for positive bathroom vastu.

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