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People these days plan big and look for investments and fast-paced growth rather than sit idle and relax. Be it small-town cities or big metro ones, folks plan for commercialising themselves via commercial buildings. Hotels, complexes, shops, factories, etc., are what people prefer to incorporate their money into. As much as the proper construction of these places is vital, Vastu Shastra in the same is of immense importance too. Even if it is about constructing a small space, people make sure that the space is accurate according to Vastu in astrology.

Vastu Shastra for commercial complexes and buildings help in the growth, development, and abundance of the place, its owner, along with people working there. Not only does it help to wear off negative energies, but also adds positivity to the life of the individual. Right from picking on the right place for construction to the accurate layout of the place along with the decorative items for the space, Vastu Shastra helps the natives design a prospering construction for the native.

Principle for commercial Vastu

There are some specific directions people must remember as per Vastu to allow their commercial property to provide great sources of income and success rate of their choice. So, if you are incorporating shelves in your commercial space, get them constructed on the Southwest side of the property. However, if you already have shelves on the Northern or Eastern side of the property, remember to keep light things there. Moreover, if your building is shutter based— a shop or factory, make sure that the shutter opens in the Northeast direction.

So, if you adopt all these Vastu principles, you shall see your place flourishing with greatness and success. There would be growth in your endeavors. Moreover, a sense of mental responsibility would be there too. Natives who face economic issues shall be out of the same with the help of incorporating Vastu Shastra tips for commercial purposes.

On the other hand, if you already have such a building in your knowledge, modifying the place using the Vast tips would be aiding in getting rid of the Vastu Dosh.

Why is Vastu for commercial buildings important?

Commercial land is to earn prosperous life and abundance from construction. Therefore, people go for commercial Vastu. Business people, especially, make sure that their endeavours are not stable but provide them with an appreciable return of income. This is where Vastu in astrology comes into action. From location to small little things, people don’t miss Vastu Shastra. In return, they get success and prosperity in their work, which grows over the years.

Not just this, involving Vastu tips in your workplace also protects your wealth and keeps you away from hurdles, evil eyes, negative energies, losses, and much more. Back in history, people used to consider Vastu as the backbone of construction, which not only gave them a proper layout of their place but also a Vastu Dosh-free space to live in.

General guidelines for commercial buildings as per Vastu Shastra

Vastu for commercial buildings is usually hard to incorporate. However, because a gigantic population visits these places regularly, it becomes a vital activity to avoid negativity and evil energies. People wish to make maximum use of these places to earn abundant profits and gains. However, there are certain measures people must mark before they approach constructing their commercial buildings or complexes.

As per Vastu Shastra, the place for construction must be rectangular in shape with side ratios of 1:1 to 1:2. Furthermore, there must be space left around the constructed building. Especially there must be left out space on the Northern and Eastern sides of the property. For a commercial place, people must avoid making the main gate in the Southwest zone. However, constructing the parking area on the Eastern side of the building would be highly auspicious.

Ahead, as per commercial Vastu, you must have the water storage area either on the Northeast or Northern side of the property. Trees used for decoration must be dense and tall. However, they must not be too near the commercial property. Also, their shadow must not fall on the building till 4 PM. The most important Vastu point such buildings must incorporate is that there must be fresh air in all the rooms of the place. Also, light must enter the property properly.

Just like these, there are many such Vastu tips for commercial places which you must know and incorporate into your living space to attract good times and desired energies and results optimistically:

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