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  • Where to build a dining room according to Vastu
  • Lighting of dining room as per Vastu
  • Painting in dining room according to Vastu Shastra
  • Dining Room Size
  • Colours for Vastu Friendly Dining Room
  • Direction to the dining room
  • Plants for the dining room
  • Material of dining table according to Vastu
  • Mirror in the dining room
  • Prayer Places in the Dining Room
  • In what order should members sit at the dining table
  • Wash Basin in dining room as per Vastu
  • Do's and Don'ts in Vastu Shastra for Dining Room
  • Vastu expert's tips for dining room according to Vastu
  • FAQ

In Hindu Dharma, Vastu Shastra is essential because whenever a new person constructs a house or buys a new house, they give importance to Vastu rules. Therefore, while constructing a dining room in your home, Vastu rules must be followed. Whomsoever does not follow Vastu rules they have to face the Vastu Dosha.

Vastu Dosha brings negativity in a person's life that negatively impacts every upcoming event of their life and turns opportunities into obstacles. Vastu dosha negatively impacts the career, health, married life, etc., of the native. That's why it is essential to follow Vastu rules.

In Vastu Shastra, food plays a vital role because it is believed that eating together increases love and unity in the family. Therefore, according to Vastu, dinner or lunch should be done in the dining room at the table by sitting together.


Therefore the family's health, nature, and success are deeply connected with the dining room. Therefore, if followed while designing the dining room, the Vastu principle can give each member strength. In the Vastu, dining table direction and position play an important role because it directly affects the family's health.

Place of the dining room as per Vastu.

According to Vastu, the kitchen should not be in the home's southwest corner. If your kitchen is in the west direction, it increases the financial obstacles in your life that also become the reason for health-related problems. Apart from this, keep the dining table near or attached to the kitchen.

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Light of the dining room as per Vastu shastra.


According to Vastu, the dining room should be well settled and have proper lighting. You should take care of appropriate light while cooking food in the kitchen. You can also use a beautiful pendant focus lamp or chandelier to give a pleasant and comfortable environment to the dining room. Apart from this, you can use simple wooden, leather, or clothed chairs for the dining room.

Painting in the Dining Room as per Vastu Shastra

You can use paintings to make your dining room beautiful. The painting around the dining room should be bright and cheerful. At the same time, images representing violence or bad aspects of life should be avoided in the dining room. Fruits, vegetables, fields, and serene nature scenes are good to put in the dining room. Also, the table should be decorated with fresh flowers and beautiful tablecloths. Care should be taken not to use broken things and torn tablecloths on the table. Also, do not keep too many unwanted items on the table.

Shape and size of the dining room.

According to Vastu shastra, the table's round or irregular shape should not be kept in the dining room. Also, a square or rectangular-shaped dining table is considered auspicious for a dining room to provide stability and a steady positive energy flow.

Orange colour in the dining room as per Vastu.

According to Vastu shastra, the orange colour is considered very auspicious for the dining room because the orange colour gives strength, spirituality, joy, and hope and represents good relations. Therefore, you can include it in the form of wall painting, table runner, or dining seat cover.

Green colour for the dining room.

According to Vastu, green colour symbolizes hope. It provides a therapeutic, peaceful, and uplifting environment. Also, using any shade of green for the dining room is beneficial for the native. Be it bottle green, light green, or sea green; colours should not be used excessively with any colour.

Cream colour for dining as per Vastu.

According to Vastu, the neutral colour symbolizes the family's peace, prosperity, and purity. And any neutral colour can be used in arrangements and can be used with any type of decoration. Also, you can use cream colour with pastel shades of orange, blue, or green.

Light pink colour as per Vastu

According to Vastu shastra, the Light pink colour is considered the symbol of love. It is used in the bedroom, but a spotted wall of this colour looks very attractive in the dining room. This increases love and mutual respect amongst the family members. And at the same, this colour looks very aesthetic in appearance.

The direction of the dining room


According to Vastu shastra, the kitchen should be connected with the dining room in the house's south, west, or east direction because it is considered beneficial. At the same time, the ideal direction for constructing the dining room is the west direction. If the native does not build a dining room in this direction, they face Vastu dosha, which brings different obstacles and hurdles in the native's life.

Plants for the dining room.


Keeping plants in the house brings positive energy; that is why you should keep plants, according to Vastu, in the dining room as well. According to Vastu, fresh flowers or plants must be present in the dining room. You can keep Vastu-compliant flowers on the dining table, as they are known to absorb all the negative energy in the house. You can also use eight stemmed bamboo plants.

Ingredients for the dining room as per Vastu

According to Vastu, the glass table increases the transparency of the discourse. And stone tables depict the elements of the earth, which provide stability. Also, you should choose a wooden table representing detail when choosing a dining table. Also, the metal table does not retain energy, so it should not be used as a dining table.

Mirror in the dining room

According to Vastu, the dining table should be visible in the mirror because the mirror reflecting the dining table can symbolically double your wealth. Also, this energy is called a mirror to aspirin.

Prayer room in the dining room

As per all old traditions, food is considered revered. Therefore, many people pray to god to express gratitude for the wealth, health and nutrition on their plates before starting their food.

Sitting area in the dining room

Regarding sitting at the dining table, as per Vastu, The leading member of the family should sit in the east direction, and the rest of the members should sit in the north, east, or west direction.

Washbasin in the dining room as per Vastu

In most houses, the washbasin is placed near the dining table for convenience. And different designs and decorations are done to make it look beautiful. But as per Vastu, they should be appropriately placed in the dining room.

According to Vastu, planning your dining room is a wise decision. This is a place in the home where every family member eats together. That's why it's become essential to follow Vastu rules for prosperity and health.

Do's and Dont's for the dining room as per Vastu

  • According to Vastu, a wooden table is considered best for dining.
  • As per Vastu, it is advised to put a mirror in the dining room because It signifies the doubling of the food on the table, and thus this increases abundance. It also stimulates energy flow.
  • As per Vastu, shades of black and brown should be avoided in the dining area.
  • As per Vastu, The portraits of forefathers should not be put in the northeast direction of the dining room.
  • You should not keep your shoes in front of the main door because it is the primary way of energy. Enclosed shelves are better for shoes than open shelves.
  • As per Vastu, you should use scented flowers or oils in the dining room. At the same time, avoid keeping dry flowers in the living room.

Expert tips on dining room as per Vastu

  • The dining room should be spacious and have a comfortable sitting arrangement.
  • The main member of the family should eat while having dinner.
  • The best shape for the dining table is square and rectangular . Avoid any other type of shape like oval, round, etc.
  • You should not place the dining table under the beam or pillar.
  • The main door of the house and gate of the dining room must not be facing each other as per Vastu Shastra.
  • The kitchen and dining room should be near and on the same floor
  • All the members of the family should politely talk to each other while eating.
  • One can play soft and soothing music while having dinner.
  • Hang a mirror on the east or north wall of the dining area.

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