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  • General plot for children room as per Vastu
  • Vastu tips for furniture in kids room
  • Placement of electronic items as per Vastu
  • Other accessories for children room as per Vastu
  • Vastu colors for children room
  • Other Vastu tips for children room
  • Importance of Vastu directions in child’s success

Architecture is a curious science that works through the flow of positive energy in a given space. Today people take the help of Vastu Shastra for the construction and color of their houses. Because using Vastu tips helps them remove negative forces from life and increase positive energy. Moreover, it aids in eliminating the Vastu dosha. The same factor runs all through the planning of the children’s room. When parents plan their kids' rooms, they make sure that not a single thing in that particular space affects the mindset of their kids negatively.

Right from the position of the beds to table chairs, etc., everything they want is perfect! Which is important too. According to Vastu Shastra, all this intensely impacts the mindset of the children. Wrong placement or accessories may lack to multiple issues with the kids like improper concentration, stubbornness, lack of activeness, etc. So what basic principles do you need to follow when planning your kids' room, according to Vastu Shastra? Well, there are many, and all those we have mentioned here for you at Astrotalk, helping you get a space for your child, which would assist him to grow, develop and achieve great success in life.

General plot for children room as per Vastu

According to Vastu Shastra, a kid's room must not be boring. If we talk about a general layout of the kids' room, it must be fun, recreational, but still disciplined. Full of liveliness and optimistic thoughts and quotes, parents must keep in mind that they don’t overload the place with too many things. We know parents are choosy when it comes to their children, which is why Vastu tips for children's room here will be the guide you need to make the room of your child Vastu-specific and happening!

If we speak of the general plot of the room, there must be a study table, chair, almirah for clothes, bed, doors, and windows in an appropriate direction, vibrant but not too loud colors, bright lights, and fun games (avoiding too many gadgets). Moreover, when you construct the children room, one of the most important points to remember is to pick the right direction, according to Vastu.


As per Vastu for the children's room, you must have the space in the West direction of the house. If not West, you can get your child’s room in the Southwest direction. It would make your child progressive and help him become obedient and punctual in life.

Doing so would help your kid attract a positive mindset. In fact, in Vastu Shastra, it is believed that the clockwise motion of the kids' room makes them wise, witty, and bright in their lives.

Other than that, the room's entry must be in the East or Northeast direction, with the door motion being clockwise in nature. Furthermore, you must also address the fact that boards should not hung on the door of the children's room as per Vastu, as it draws negative energy and makes the kids egoistic.

Vastu tips for furniture in kids room

Every place is set for some or other thing. According to Vastu Shastra, possessing too much furniture in the children's room might make the room clustered and the mind of your child a little blocked. Therefore, one of the most vital points to remember while planning your kid's room, according to Vastu, is not to overdo the place. Also, while placing the furniture in the room, you should not forget to install it a few inches away from the walls of the space.

Other than that are multiple other points you must keep in mind while placing furniture in the room of children:

Position of bed as per Vastu


Kids don’t just sleep in bed. They play, work, rest, and sometimes even eat here. Therefore, the position of the bed is one of the most important furniture items that need a proper location, according to Vastu. At the end of the day, the bed is everything people need to have a resting and blissful night. Just imagine if it is in the wrong direction or the child sleeps in the wrong way, won’t it impact his peaceful sleep? Will he be able to wake up fresh the next morning and perform his tasks? Well, certainly not. Therefore, to have the right motivation and time away from bad dreams, bed Vastu is quite important for the children room in the house.

  • The most appropriate direction for placement of the bed, according to Vastu for the children's room is the Southwest direction.
  • They must sleep with their head in the South or East direction. It would help them have a peaceful sleep. Moreover, it will help them get rid of non-scary dreams.
  • Moreover, as parents, you should get them a wooden bed instead of a metal one as it is believed that metal beds attract negativity and an unhealthy growth environment.
  • Another point to remember while planning Vastu for the children room is to avoid having a bathroom exactly in front of the child’s bed.
  • Along with it, there must not be any mirror in front of the bed.

Position of study table and chair as per Vastu


The study area is another vital part of the children's room in Vastu. As more than any place, they spend their growing hours here— completing homework, preparing for academic tests, learning, memorizing, etc. Thus, parents must not choose to place their ultra-important study table and chair randomly, right? If you pick on the wrong one or place it anywhere in the room without keeping the Vastu in mind, you may directly harm the academics of your kid. However, with some simple Vastu tips, you can skip all this and help your kid excel in his life—professionally and academically.

Note: It is recommended that the kids must not study where they sleep. However, if you have space issues, you may get a study table and chair for your kid.

  • The study table must face the North, East, or Northeast direction.
  • Moreover, you must clean the study area regularly and not make it too cluttered. It may form a creativity block in the mind of the young folks.
  • Things on the study table should stay organized, as it helps in boosting concentration and keeps them alert and wise.
  • The table must not have too many things. However, it would be great if you keep a globe, relevant books and only necessary stationary on the study table.
  • You may have a board over the top of the table, but it should not be too big to block the wall in the front.
  • Remember to pick a study table and chair wooden in nature.
  • Moreover, keep in mind, that you pick the correct shape of the table— either square or rectangle.
  • As for the colors, light or neutral shades are best recommended. Hence, choose cream, blue, white, etc. shades and refrain from buying a dark-colored study table. It generates negative energies.
  • In case you have one, drape it with a light cloth to eliminate any Vastu Dosh in your children's room.

Position of closets and almirah as per Vastu


Closets or almirah play a significant role in the flow of energies, according to Vastu. From placing small little things to hanging the wearables, it straightaway affects the vibrations of the person. Amongst the biggest furniture pieces, it definitely takes a lot of space and influences the decor quite intensely. And you never would want to mess with your kids' personalities. Right? Therefore, the right direction of the almirah is as important as any other piece of furniture in your kids' room.

  • As per Vastu, the best direction for the almirah in the children's room is the Southwest direction.
  • Even the cabinets for toys, books, etc., must be in the Southwest direction only.
  • Remember not to install an almirah of marble or stone nature. You must always have a wooden or iron-made closet.
  • As much as the materials matter, colors matter too. It straightaway affects the health of the kids. Thus, remember to use light shades for your closet like pastels, cream, white, etc.

Position of bookshelf as per Vastu


As we mentioned before, the study area is one of the most important places children spend their time. So, if the children's room in your house is big enough, you may install a bookshelf as well. Having a bookcase develops creative and curiosity-full abilities in a child. As per Vastu, this medium to large-sized furniture helps immensely generate positive energy that would help children build their future. Thus, having a bookcase in the kids' room, according to Vastu Shastra, is definitely aiding and developing a number of abilities that would help him become successful in life. Vastu for bookshelf is important for the same cause. To attract all the healthy well-being for your kid— academically and personally, and to build up his knowledge, the right direction, material, and color of the bookshelf are needful.

  • The best direction for the bookshelf is the North direction. However, you can also install it in the East or Northeast direction.
  • No bookcase must be there in the center of the children room, as it is inauspicious and attracts negative vibes.
  • You must also remember to avoid having a bookshelf right above the study table. It may give your child a hard time maintaining concentration.
  • According to Vastu for the children's room, you should keep in mind to install a wooden shelf and never a marble or stone one.
  • Moreover, avoid cluttering the bookcase with unnecessary accessories. Also, keep it clean and tidy as it helps in creating a hurdle-free road for the kids in the future.

Vastu tips for doors and windows in the children room


Passage of air, energy, and light! That is what doors and windows in your house are for. Isn’t it? It becomes paramount to have them in the right direction, according to Vastu, as they become the foremost entry to a serene environment and energies in the house. Kids these days so need that. Positive vibes with a mix of freshness are what we want the kids to live in. So, before designing the room for your child, you must keep some points in mind as it would provide him with a happy surrounding wrapped with a positive flow of energy.

  • The door of the children room must never face the bed. According to Vastu for doors and windows, it attracts the evil eye and negative energies to the place. Direct contact between the door and the bed might also impact the sleep performance of your child.
  • The best direction for doors in the room in the room is the East and North direction. You can install them in the Northeast direction too.
  • Also, there should be a single shutter on the door.
  • The same goes for the windows. You must have them in the East or North direction. It would welcome positivity and eliminate all fears and foes from your child’s life.
  • Windows or the doors must not be too big. An optimal size lets the kids have well-being in their academic life.
  • Remember, no window must be metal in nature. Get the ones with glass or mirror nature.
  • Always place windows in your kids' room or the house in even digits, avoiding 10.
  • Avoid blocking the window with anything. Let the room fill with fresh air and keep those open at least once a day, especially in the morning, to make a passage for positive energies and circulation of freshness.

Placement of electronic items as per Vastu


Keeping kids' hands off gadgets these days is a sturdy task. As parents, you understand why they must be away. However, your kids don’t. And, Vastu is on your side in this. Children's minds are fresh, and they must stay away from automated devices as much as possible. The fewer gadgets in the kid's room, the better they perform well in their lives. You must pay attention to the fact that they get involved in outside and field games instead of electronic items. But, they all have to be technology-dependent in some or the other way. So, we have some Vastu tips you can follow to keep the electronic gadgets in your kids room with maintaining the flow of positivity and contentment.

  • Keep the laptop or digital games in the North direction of the room. It shall keep your kid from getting too much into the digitally-inclined world.
  • If you install a television in their room, remember it is in the Southeast direction. However, our Vastu experts at Astrotalk would recommend you refrain from keeping it in the kid's room.
  • Never keep the laptop/computer on the study stable when not used. Cluttering it with gadgets can make your child dependent in life.
  • The gadgets in use must be clean daily. It would keep the pessimistic energies away.
  • Any kind of audio system must not be there, in the children's room, as per Vastu.
  • Avoid placing any of your gadgets on an irregular, round, or sharp-edged table.
  • Apart from all these points, you must remember not to let them use electronic devices for too long as it may weaken their intellect.

Other accessories for children room as per Vastu


Accessories, specifically lights, in the kid's place, according to Vastu Shastra, hold immense importance. Not only does it brighten the room but also the mood and vibe to perform tasks. The same goes for the accessories in the room. There could be several things you would want in your kids' room, but are all those correct as per Vastu? Well, the tips below will help you know so.

Lights in children room as per Vastu

  • The first and foremost thing is a proper inflow of the natural light in the room— sunlight. Therefore, remember that keep the windows open to let the fresh air and sunlight circulate in your kids' room. It helps in attaining calmness and relieves the stress they may have.
  • If there is no possibility to have natural light in the room, you may install artificial lights.
  • Remember, the lights must not be sharp as they might make your kid cranky and irritated.
  • Avoid using dull lights. Not only it will affect their eyesight, but also make them distracted and low on energy.
  • Having lights in the Southeast direction of the room is highly auspicious. Thus, you must install some there. You can also keep a lamp if, in no mood for ceiling lights.

Mirrors in children room as per Vastu

  • We need mirrors to get ready, but installing them in the kid's room is highly inauspicious.
  • Avoid keeping or installing a mirror in the children's room as it may lead to big problems in their upbringing.
  • Never have a mirror right in front of the bed. It may attract evil eyes and lead to distraction in life.

Goodluck charms in the children room as per Vastu

  • There are several other accessories you can use to decorate the room of children. It would enhance their knowledge, help them grow, and provide them with luck and auspices.
  • Placing a Goddess Saraswati statue in the children is highly recommended. Place it on the study table. It would enhance your kids concentration and make them intellectually strong.
  • Keeping Ganesha's idol/picture is also auspicious, as per Vastu. He provides knowledge and wisdom. Therefore, placing him in the study area would give your children fame and virtue.
  • Keeping a “wall of fame” in the kid's room is also considered great. The North wall of their room must have some (not too many) achievements. It acts as a source of inspiration and motivates the kids to perform well in the future.

Clocks in children room as per Vastu

  • Hang a pendulum clock in your child’s room. It improves his concentration and makes him focus well on his studies.
  • Wall clocks of other sorts could also be installed. They help enhance the kids’ decision-making skills and provide a better way to understand the value of different things in life.
  • Clocks must be installed on the North or East wall of the children room. It acts lucky for the kid and helps in his mindfulness.
  • If we speak of the colors, you must hang a metallic, grayish, or wooden-rusty shaded clock in your kid's room, according to Vastu.

Dream catcher children room as per Vastu

  • You shall see them in different shapes, colors, and sizes. Moreover, they come in multiple patterns and art.
  • Putting on a dream catcher in the children’s room helps eliminate their fears.
  • As per Vastu, it is believed that they also help in getting rid of nightmares and aid in peaceful sleeping.
  • Installing a dream catcher on the window will help protect your kid from the evil eye too.
  • A bright-shaded dream catcher would also help in the elimination of negative thoughts and pessimistic approaches in life and welcome positivity with mindfulness.

Vastu colors for children room


Colors hold immense significance in changing the mood and productivity of a person. Colors recommended by Vastu Shastra for the children room must be mind soothing and peaceful. You should pick them in a way that helps your kids focus better and aid in their progress. So, some colors, according to Vastu, create an energy flow that cleans or energizes the aura of the place. Moreover, they help significantly in improving the vibes in the room. Therefore, painting the walls and ceiling is as important as placing the furniture in the room or incorporating any Vastu product.

Let us see what colors our Vastu experts at Astrotalk suggest for children room:

  • Green- According to Vastu for the kids' room, the green shade is the most ideal one. It denotes success, and for children's room or their study room, painting the walls green enhances positivity and brings along their bright future and progressive way ahead.
  • Blue- Kids being enthusiastic is great. But what if they stay over-energized? Well, in that case, you must have their room painted blue. The blue shade in Vastu represents peace and calmness. Walls or ceilings colored blue soothes the environment in the room. But, remember not to paint your windows in that shade (if in the North direction).
  • Yellow- If you have a moody child, a kid that always stays irritated or gets overjoyed with even the little things happening around, then yellow is your shade. As per Vastu, coloring the room yellow improves the behavior and gets the mood in line. If your child stays cornered, it will make him a little conversational. If irritated, your kid will learn to behave better.
  • Purple- Next color suggestion for the children room is purple color. Painting walls in this color helps relieve the stress. Also, if your child struggles in sleeping or confronts other sleeping issues, getting the walls purple will help improve the sleeping pattern. According to Vastu, purple color is known for relaxation and calmness. Hence, a peaceful vibe flows through the room when you paint your children's room with a purple shade.

Vastu colors for doors, windows, almirah and study area

Yellow is the significator of knowledge. Therefore, for your kid's concentration, it would be great to paint the study area yellow in color. In fact, if you want, you can pick the study table yellow in shade.

For doors and windows, you must avoid using bright colors if they open in the South or West direction. It can create a negative influence on the kids.

For cabinets, you can always pick on pastel shades. If you want, putting on some nice, mild-shaded wallpaper on the cabinets, almirah, and other racks can be helpful, according to Vastu.

Colors to avoid in children room as per Vastu

As much as painting the home with vibrant colors is good for kids, it might create problems. Thus, using bold or loud shades like red, orange, mango yellow, etc., could create disturbances in your children’s minds. Not only do such shades influence concentration, but also impact the sleep cycle and activity of children.

  • Red- Red is one of the loudest shades in the color pallet. And, for kids, it acts as a temper enhancer. If you will paint the children room in your house a red shade, be prepared to see them into temper problems. However, you can opt for mild colors of red like pink.
  • Orange- Painting the walls and ceiling orange can create distractions. The color’s frequency is loud enough to cause disturbances when your kid is doing something. As per Vastu Shastra, it is best to have sunlight entering the room instead of painting the room orange or a sunny color.
  • Black and dark blue- Yes, we did mention painting the room blue, but choosing a darker shade of the same. Well, it is something you should definitely avoid. Dark blue can directly hit your kid’s health. There are high possibilities that he/she might stay ill or feel cornered a lot. As for the black color, it is a direct indicator of negativity or negative emotions. Thus, having anything black shaded— curtains, bedsheets, cupboard, study table, etc. in the room could be harmful to your children’s personal developement.
Colors Best for
Green Room color, ceiling, background for cabinet or almirah area
Yellow Room color, ceiling, Study table, study area in the room
Blue Room color, ceiling, background shade for sleeping area, cabinets, almirah, racks
White Doors, windows, cabinets, racks, wallpaper art in the room
Purple Room color, ceiling, background shade for sleeping area, gadgets place (if any)
Peach Room color, ceiling, doors, cabinets, almirah, study table, wallpaper art in the room

Other Vastu tips for children room

Other than the above-mentioned Vastu Shastra tips for children’s room, we have some more for you that will help you have your child’s room away from all issues and problems:

  • If you wish to have some photo frames, including family photos, or their own pictures, hang or place them in the West direction. It helps in keeping the child cheerful and happy.
  • Never have the bathroom right in front of the children’s bed. Also, remember that its door must not open in front of the bed.
  • Whenever installing lights, be sure that they are not too many, too bright, or too dull to handle. It generally acts as a barrier to their thinking abilities.
  • The furniture in the room must not touch the walls. There should be gaps between the different furniture too. As per Vastu Shastra, it stops the positive energy from moving around in the room.
  • Try to keep something of turmeric or sunflower yellow in the room (especially on their study table). It promotes the progress and academic growth of the kids.
  • No overhead storage should be there over the study table. According to our Vastu experts, it acts as a block in children’s thinking abilities.
  • Other furniture like sofa, bean bags, couch, etc. should be placed in the Southwest direction of the room.
  • No sharp-edged items or furniture should be there in the room. It obstructs the creation of a positive aura in the space.
  • Constant removal of empty packets, old books, not-in-use pens, and pencil shavings must be done, else, you may welcome negative energies in the room.
  • Moreover, broken or unused toys must be taken away as they can create an issue with concentration. With it, make sure you don’t pile them up anywhere in the house and discard them as soon as possible.

Importance of Vastu directions in child’s success

Kids is considered the future of the world. And, certainly, we expect a lot from them in terms of excellence and growth. As much as their personal efforts and regular hard work are vital, the Vastu directions in the success of your kid are important, too. Therefore, placing everything in the right direction and with the most appropriate intention will only help your kid to succeed in life and benefit from it in the best way possible.

Furthermore, we see that Vastu not only helps in aura and energy fixation, but it also helps in influencing the concentration and other abilities of the kids. Affecting their mood, over-energized behavior, low energy problems, health, and so much more, you shall see even a minor change in the Vastu of things in their room can make a big deal.

Vastu directions in the kids' room also impact their sleeping issues. You wouldn’t want your child to struggle while sleeping or face a lack of attention and behave all distracted. Right? So, the correct implementation of Vastu in the kid's room will only help in getting rid of all these troubles and promote better growth and development of the children.

Direction Best for
North Study table, doors and windows, digital games, bookshelf, clocks, achievements/awards, computer
East Kids head while sleeping, study table, bookshelf, doors and windows, clocks
West Children room in the house, family frames,
South Kids head while sleeping
Northeast Study table, bookshelf, doors, and windows
Northwest Keep it free and lightweight
Southeast Television, lamps, decorative lights
Southwest Bed, almirah, cabinets, couch, sofa (other furniture)

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