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Vastu Shastra is an ancient science that promotes wealth and happiness in one's life. It also boosts cognitive capacity, productivity, and working style. Furthermore, Vastu influences all aspects of our lives and promotes prosperity. Vastu also balances and controls positive energy flow in a specific location. Vastu Shastra creates a vibration in the home that benefits the occupants' lives.

Vastu Shastra balances the movement and direction of energy and is based on facts rather than myths. As a result, Vastu Shastra is now highly valued in all settings, including the home and workplace, because it promotes prosperity and success. It accomplishes this by balancing the positive vibes.

Let us inform you that, just as it is preferable to build a home according to Vastu Shastra, a house built according to Vastu also benefits the family members by bringing happiness and prosperity to the living room. According to Vastu, each colour has a different meaning and can have a positive or negative impact on one's life. This includes the living room's colours. So let's look at Vastu to see the best colour for the living room.

Significance and direction of colours according to Vastu

According to Vastu, colours, like directions, have their own significance and meaning in our lives. Moreover, it is well known that each colour has distinct properties. Therefore, colours have a wide range of effects on a home and how people live. Furthermore, the house should be painted using Vastu principles to promote happiness and peace of mind.

Auspicious colour based on direction according to Vastu

Direction Suitable colour
North East Light Blue
East White
South East Orange, Pink
North Green
North West White, Brown, Beig
West Blue, White
South West Brown or light brown
South Red, Yellow

Choose the colour of the living room according to Vastu

The living room is thought to be the centre of all home energies. This is the area of the house where the entire family usually congregates to spend time together. According to Vastu, the living room should be painted light blue, light brown, light yellow, white, or pink because these colours attract positive energy. Furthermore, traditional shades of green, blue, red, orange, and purple are thought to be appropriate for a living room. Actually, these colours represent serenity and well-being.

White colour for living room according to vastu

  • White is a symbol of serenity and purity, and it promotes calm in the home.
  • According to Vastu Shastra, there are a number of other profound connotations associated with white. Given that this colour is associated with purity, knowledge, and freshness.
  • According to experts, white should be used sparingly.
  • When used in excess, white is considered unlucky.
  • Vastu recommends using white in conjunction with any other colour in the living room.

Blue colour for living room according to vastu

Blue represents happiness and tranquillity. As a result, using this colour in the living room is advantageous. Using this colour also increases wealth in the home. Blue or light blue is the best colour according to Vastu.

Any of these colours can be used. This generates beneficial vibrations in the home, which is essential for maintaining a positive atmosphere. Furthermore, the colour blue represents inspiration, contentment, and beauty. If you've converted your living room into a workspace, this colour will help your imagination soar, which will be beneficial to you.

Brown colour for living room according to vastu

Brown is one of the most popular colours. This colour is thought to be extremely beneficial to one's health. As a result, Vastu experts refer to it as a colour that provides sustaining energy. This colour is generally associated with positive things such as soil, chocolate, and coffee. Brown, according to Vastu, creates a sense of well-being while also bringing stability and happiness.

Green colour for living room according to vastu

Green is thought to be the colour of nature. This colour induces a state of relaxation in the mind while also calming the eyes. It is also well-known for its ability to heal and grow. This colour can be used in the living room if someone in the house has poor health or a disordered mind. In your living room, pair green curtains with green plants for a more impressive look. Furthermore, the colour green is beneficial in reducing aggression and elevating mood.

Pink colour for living room according to vastu

  • The colour pink will give your living room a romantic feel.
  • This colour is thought to be ideal for newlyweds.
  • With the help of this colour, you can get closer to the minds of your loved ones. It may be advantageous in this case to paint the walls of the living room pink.
  • Those whose homes receive the most visitors will benefit the most from this colour.
  • Interacting with visitors in the pink living room is always beneficial.
  • Furthermore, this colour is thought to represent good health.
  • If you spend a lot of time in your living room, Vastu recommends painting it pink.
  • This will help you in reducing the arguments with your close ones.

Yellow colour for living room according to vastu

When there isn't enough sunlight in a living space, yellow is a great colour to use. According to Vastu, mixing yellow with any other colour in the living room can infuse it with new vitality and enthusiasm. Furthermore, this colour represents good fortune. Making decisions while seated in this colour's shape in your living space will always result in positive results.

Orange colour for living room according to vastu

In Vastu, the colour orange is said to attract optimism. In this situation, this colour improves interpersonal relationships. According to Vastu, the colours orange and orange promote effective communication between two people.

This is why this colour is popular in the living room. According to experts, this colour generates energy to support romantic relationships. Additionally, those who are extremely angry should use this colour in their living room. As a result, a person's rage is diminished.

Violet colour for living room according to vastu

The colour violet is said to be particularly effective at attracting good fortune. This is the colour associated with realism and money. Let us inform you that this colour encourages creativity while also having a positive influence and maintaining energy equilibrium. If you work in a creative industry such as music, writing, or singing, use this colour in your living room. Purple is also known to promote sensitivity, compassion, and a calming environment.

Vastu based colour combinations for living room

Using more than one colour in your living space can now give it a lovely and alluring appearance. Vastu can also help with this. With the right colour combinations, you can use multiple colours in your living space. However, you should be aware that the colour you pair with whatever other colour will make your property stand out.

What colour combination will make you happy? What colour scheme will bring joy and success into the home? How will the development process unfold? The living room can be divided into distinct areas by using two or three different colours if desired. All you have to remember is that these colours complement one another in Vastu, creating a sense of connectedness.

Each colour is thought to have a unique meaning. Colour combinations based on Vastu bring happiness into our lives and keep evil energies away from our homes.

Combination of White and Blue

According to Vastu, the colour scheme of white and blue in a living room reflects tranquilly. Additionally, the North-East or North-West are the best directions for the living room, and white and blue are ideal colours for these directions. On the one hand, white represents a location's metal element and promotes calm and clarity. The combination of these two colours is ideal for a living room because blue represents calmness and relaxation.

Combination of Beige and Brown

Brown and beige work well together to evoke feelings of security. Beige is associated with natural colours and is thought to be a symbol of power and stability. Light grey and beige go well together to create a warm atmosphere. Brown, according to Vastu, promotes prosperity, stability, and positivity.

Combination of Red, White and Purple

  • Red, white, and purple are thought to be great living room colours.
  • This combination is seen as a representation of passion, in addition to fostering enthusiasm in the home.
  • White is the colour of absolute purity.
  • Violet is associated with opulence, wealth, self-respect, and gallantry.
  • Red is considered a warm colour when compared to white and light purple. It is effective for people who have inferiority complexes. It also represents strong emotions, energy, and desire. It also represents strength and life.
  • When seen in this light, the combination of these three colours will improve the native people's quality of life.

Combination of Orange, White and Brown

Orange, brown, and white are considered beautiful colour combinations in the living room. On the one hand, the colour brown encourages stability and comfort, making one feel good. The white colour of the second eye helps to maintain harmony at the same time. In contrast, the colour orange promotes friendship and a positive attitude. As a result, this colour scheme is thought to work well in the living room. Using this combination, you can keep both peace and good relations.

Curtain colours for living room according to vastu

  • Curtains of the appropriate colour should be chosen for the living room.
  • The colour of the drapes in the living room is very important in Vastu.
  • With the right curtain colour, the living room can feel cosy. Positive energy may also enter the environment.
  • For the windows and doors, please use dark curtains in the south-west and light curtains in the north-east.
  • According to Vastu, the best curtain colours for the living room are yellow, green, blue, and beige.
  • Blue represents new beginnings, while green represents hope. Both of these colours evoke a peaceful, pleasant sense of nature and the way of life of the locals.
  • Yellow is associated with pleasure and beige should be chosen for comfort and an idyllic life.

Is a Dark or Light colour Right for the Living Room?

According to Vastu, the living room should be painted white, yellow, green, or blue. A beige-colored living room can promote feelings of serenity and relaxation, and it is also thought to be healthy. Use light colours instead of dark ones in your living room. Light colours are used because they help to infuse a pleasant energy into the home.

Colours of Vastu based painting and artwork in the living room

  • The living room has been painted and decorated with various paintings. According to Vastu Shastra, certain artworks are ideal for the living room.
  • Incorporate beautiful nature paintings into your home decor. This type of painting generates positive energy, which also helps to relax the mind.
  • Never hang a painting of faded flowers or a setting sun in your living room. These images reflect one's conclusion. Such a thing could devastate the aboriginal way of life. His financial situation may also be precarious, which could have a negative impact on his health.
  • Describe how the colours in photographs might affect a person's ability to live.
  • A Buddha painting can be displayed in the living room. It will bring you inner peace.
  • Vastu recommends that the Radha-Krishna painting be kept in the living room.
  • The peacock symbolises wisdom, power, and wealth. A painting of a peacock with blue and green feathers should also be displayed in the living room to bring luck. It is useful for attracting wealth and expanding knowledge.
  • Hang a painting of seven horses on the east wall of the living room to bring prosperity. According to Vastu, painting horses in a white-blue colour scheme is beneficial.
  • Green plants in the living room, according to Vastu, are very auspicious for attracting good energy.
  • Plants like lucky bamboo and money plants should be kept in the living room as they work to attract good luck.

Importance of colours according to vastu

Colours What represents
Red enthusiasm, vigour, emotions, warmth
Blue beauty, contentment, devotion, truth
Green growth, healing, fertility, prosperity
White purity, clarity, calmness
Yellow Optimism, Simplicity, Clarity Study, Wisdom
Orange Determination, Goals, Good Health, Rest
Brown stability, satisfaction, comfort
Violet opulence, pride, luxury

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