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  • Staircase direction for house as per Vastu
  • Vastu for staircase inside the house
  • Vastu for staircase outside the house
  • Should you build a staircase in the centre of the house?
  • Ideal number of steps in staircase as per Vastu
  • Shape for staircase as per Vastu
  • Best colours for staircase as per vastu
  • What to keep under the stairs as per Vastu?
  • Vastu tips for stairs decoration
  • Handrail rules for stairs as per Vastu
  • Staircase vastu dosh
  • Staircase Vastu: Key things to remember
  • Bad staircase design as per Vastu
  • Impact of Vastu defects in staircase

As a Vastu believer, there shall be a penchant in you to build every little area of the house as per the Vastu plan, with the staircase being no exception. When considering building yourself a Vastu-compliant home, Vastu for staircase plays an integral role in it as it is the staircase that usually connects one section of the building with the other. Hence, considering the best direction for staircase as per Vastu becomes crucial.

Secondly, as per Vastu astrologers, there is a certain way or shape that the staircase must occupy to be Vastu-compliant. However, with home decor being a trend these days, people often give aesthetics more importance than the Vastu. And the trend is considerable. Yet, the Vastu experts tell us that one can have both - the aesthetics and Vastu - when making the staircase, so why not?. In fact, one must strictly consider staircase Vastu tips if running up and down the stairs is going to be a regular thing in the home.


In this write-up, we are going to learn about the Vastu principles involved in building a Vastu-compliant staircase. The guidelines for staircase Vastu that have been mentioned here are sourced from the ancient Hindu architectural doctrine that clearly mentions the rules one must consider during the construction of a staircase. Applying staircase Vastu when constructing a home leads to easy movement in general and an easy flow of positivity in the house in particular. It also decreases any chances of major or minor mishaps while assuring lifelong success and prosperity to the people at home.

The blog also seeks to take care of the aesthetic architectural carvings of people and builders who wish every inch of their house to look beautiful, including the stairs. Here is everything one needs to know about staircase Vastu as per astrology.

Staircase direction in house as per Vastu

What is the direction of the staircase in the house as per Vastu? According to Vastu, the south-west direction of the house is the best direction for staircase, followed by the west direction. However, as much as possible, try to build the staircase in the south-west direction of the house.

House Facing Direction Ideal staircase direction
East-facing South west
North-facing South west
West-facing South west
South-facing South/South-east

An additional thing to remember here is that the orientation of the stairs in the house must always be in the clockwise direction. Meaning, as you walk or climb the stairs, you must find yourself moving in a clockwise direction and not anti-clockwise. If the staircase is built in the anticlockwise direction, it leads to the hurdles in career and growth of the native. All in all, a native must strictly avoid constructing a staircase in the north-east direction of the house.

Vastu for staircase inside the house

When it comes to constructing a staircase inside the house, here are some Vastu tips for staircase that you must consider:

  • Internal staircase must be constructed in the south-west direction of the house. When building an internal staircase, it must start from the north direction and go towards the south. Alternatively, it can start from the east and go towards the west.
  • For positive staircase Vastu, never construct the staircase in the centre of the house. Doing so brings uncalled-for worries in the life of the native. The centre of the house is a decent spot to have a living room, as per Vastu.
  • Another important Vastu tip for staircase to remember is to not build a kitchen, store room, or pooja room at the start or end of the stairs.
  • Also, try to ensure that the staircase in the house doesn’t fall directly into the sight of a visitor. For example, if a guest is sitting in the hall or drawing room, he must not be able to see the staircase.
  • As per staircase Vastu, it is good to have the stairs placed along the sides of the house as they add to the positive energies of the house.

Vastu for staircase outside the house

Independent houses do have a staircase on the outskirts at times. Here are some Vastu tips for stairs outside the house if considering building one:

  • If the house stands on a base, in that case, a staircase outside the home should not be positioned right before the entrance of the house. Allowing some space between the entrance and the stairs is suggested as per Vastu experts.
  • If the house faces the west or south direction, then the staircase must be constructed in the south-west direction.
  • It is ideal to have stairs in the south east for east-facing houses and north-west for north-facing houses.

Should you build a staircase in the centre of the house?

  • The centre or Brahmasthan is the holiest part of the house, and the staircase must never be built around the Brahmasthan area.
  • The Brahmasthan reeks off limitless energy and exists in the centre of a home.
  • As per the Vastu expert, this portion of the house must be kept empty and free of any structure because it is the root of energy that is dispersed through the home.
  • If you construct the staircase in the Brahmasthan or the centre of the home, you would be blocking the positive energy that makes a home warm and cheerful.

Ideal number of steps in staircase as per Vastu

It is not just the direction of the staircase that influences its Vastu but also the number of steps. The odd and even numbers have different influences on the life of the native. In fact, all numbers have their own influence on your life as numerologists will tell you.

  • As per the ideal staircase Vastu, the number of stairs in the staircase must always be odd, for example - 7, 9, 11, 13, 15, 17, etc.
  • The number of stairs in the staircase must never be even. This is because a person usually puts his right foot first while taking the stairs and thus must end with him putting his right foot down. This is only possible if the staircase has an odd number of steps.

Ideal shape for staircase as per Vastu expert

When it comes to the shape of the staircase, you will find 100s of ideas to work on in the architecture magazines. And though all of them look promising and beautiful, not all of them are right for your home Vastu. Here are the most ideal shapes for stairs as per staircase Vastu.

  • As per home Vastu tips, square and rectangle-shaped stairs with bends at right angles, are the best shapes for stairs for both internal and external staircases.
  • Staircases that are too steep or too high should be avoided as they result in the user feeling drained out.
  • Also, it is becoming a fashion among people to have spiral stairs as they are tempting in design. However, their relevance in Vastu is negative. As per Vastu, spiral stairs are considered to be imbalanced and irregular.

Best colours for staircase as per vastu

Some people have cemented staircases in their houses which are deprived of colours. But, flats and apartments in modern times go for tiled stairs. Vastu for home experts suggests these tips when it comes to choosing the colour of the stairs as per Vastu.

  • Talking about stair colour as per Vastu, astrologers suggest people to avoid dark shades. Dark shades are said to bring negative energy and thus must be avoided.
  • Colours such as red and black must strictly be avoided when it comes to painting or tiling your stairs.
  • If you can, try to make sure the stairs are well lit. Modern houses can make use of LED lighting to brighten the stairs.
  • The walls adjoining the stairs must be painted in light colours. One can even consider hanging paintings or wallpapers on the wall.
  • Don’t use paintings that spoke the negative emotions of the native or a visitor.

What to keep under the stairs as per Vastu?

With living space already shrinking, it is always a good idea to make the best use of space under the stairs. In fact, it is a common thing that most people do, especially in small homes. However, not everything you keep under the stairs is Vastu friendly, says the astrologer. Hence, one should look for Vastu tips when it comes to choosing what to keep under the staircase.

  • As per Vastu experts, the space under the staircase must only be used as a storage facility and nothing more than that.
  • Strictly avoid building a kitchen or bathroom under the stairs as it brings bad luck to the native.
  • In fact, some people also keep discarded items such as worn or torn-out shoes under the stairs. However, Vastu is against it too.
  • One of the best things to keep under the stairs as per Vastu are ceramic pots and plants. Avoid thorny plants.
  • Also, never keep a water fountain or aquarium under the stairs.

Vastu tips for stairs decoration

Stairs decoration involves both stairs and the wall adjoining it. Many people consider making the best use of the wall adjoining the stairs by hanging pictures or decor accessories against it. Although it is good practice and makes the home look lively, but here are some Vastu tips to remember when doing so:

  • As per Vastu experts, the wall adjoining the stairs must never be decorated with family photos. Doing so causes differences among the family members and would also be detrimental to their health.
  • Instead, consider decorating the staircase walls with sceneries of blooming flowers, lush green paintings, and pictures of mountains that are considered good for staircase Vastu.
  • You can also consider placing potted plants on the side of the stairs. Make sure you don’t use thorny plants for this purpose.
  • Also, do not place a mirror in front of the stairs or against the adjoining wall as it is considered inauspicious, as per Vastu.
  • You can consider lighting up the stairs too.
  • Photo frames carrying pictures of deities must not be hung on the wall alongside the stairs.

Handrail rules for stairs as per Vastu

Handrail come in all shapes and sizes these days. In fact, people have an option to get handrails built out of all kinds of materials such as steel, iron, wood, etc. Here are some Vastu tips to consider when choosing a handrail for a staircase.

  • The most Vastu-compatible handrail for stairs as per Vastu is one made of stone and marble for the staircase in the south-west direction of the home.
  • If the stairs are in the west direction of the home, opt for a metal handrail for good staircase Vastu.
  • If stairs are affixed in the south and east directions of the flat or apartments, use a wooden handrail for good home Vastu.
  • Even though somehow pleasing to the eye (and frightening at the same time) a staircase without a handrail could be highly risky.

Staircase vastu dosh

  • The most common reason that can lead to staircase Vastu dosh is having a staircase in the north-east direction of the home.
  • A staircase in the north-east or the ishan kona leads to serious ailments related to the brain, kidney, and heart for the native.
  • The spiral staircase, although looks appealing, leads to Vastu dosh.
  • It is not ideal to have the staircase encircling the building.
  • Circular or round steps or even broken steps can lead to Vastu dosh.
  • As mentioned above, the colour scheme of the staircase decides its Vastu too. Dark coloured staircase hence must not be entertained.

Staircase Vastu: Key things to remember

  • The rise of a stair should be between 4 inches and 7.75 inches, while the length of the tread should be between 10 and 11.25 inches.
  • Within the house, you could build a staircase without the railing, as long as the width of the stairs is on the highest side.
  • It is mandatory to have railings on stairs built outside the house, in case they consist of more than five steps.
  • While some would completely disagree, it may not be a good idea to go for a makeshift staircase. Those could prove to be distracting and extremely risky.

Bad staircase design as per Vastu

Is there something like a bad staircase design? Surely there is. In fact, a bad staircase design can lead to Vastu dosh as much as the wrong direction for stairs could. As staircases are supposed to be a style statement these days, architects do a lot of experiments with them. And though all the creativity is greatly appreciated, but at times, not Vastu compatible. Hence, before implementing the staircase design on the property, it is always a good idea to get the design checked by an astrologer. The tip is especially necessary for builders as people are not very curious about buying flats with the wrong Vastu.

For example, in the image of the staircase shown below, the first part of the stair ends directly in front of a wall, which is not good as per Vastu for staircase.


Impact of Vastu defects in staircase

The impact of the wrong staircase Vastu depends on exactly what is wrong with the staircase.

  • Defects in staircase Vastu can lead to pregnancy issues as per astrologers, especially if the staircase sits in the middle of the home.
  • Anything that is involved with the movement of the person in the house can severely impact his health and wellbeing. Hence Vastu defect must not be ignored.
  • In practical life, defects in stairs can lead to both major or minor accidents.
  • The flow of positive energy in your home depends on the relationship between various portions and parts of the house, and a stairs play an important role in connecting them. Hence, staircase Vastu becomes crucial.

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