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The kitchen is vital for a person in the same way as the house is essential since the kitchen directly affects their health. This is why there are numerous guidelines for kitchens in Vastu Shastra, and when having a kitchen built, the homeowner should abide by all of them to avoid having to deal with issues caused by Vastu flaws. According to Vastu, the colour of the kitchen and the proper Vastu placement aid in the flow of beneficial energy, which results in a person's home having excellent health, prosperity, and happiness.


India is a nation where people from all cultures and ethnicities can be found. But they all share an appreciation for food as a fundamental value. Also, most people today have their kitchens built and painted using Vastu principles. This is also essential from a Vastu perspective since it prevents the development of faults. So tell us what Vastu considers the lucky colour for the kitchen.

Auspicious colour for kitchen according to Vastu

As colour controls a person's energy, colours have specific meaning in a person's life. The colour of the kitchen, including the walls, slabs, cabinets, countertops, and tiles, has a significant influence on the occupants of the home, according to Vastu Shastra. Here, we shall learn which colour the Vastu Shastra considers lucky for the kitchen.

  • Red and Orange colour for kitchen according to Vastu
  • The South East is regarded as the direction of fire in Vastu Shastra. So the kitchen should face in this direction. Red is additionally associated with fire, luck, and joy. For this reason, the kitchen should have certain red hues. However, it must be applied sparingly. While red and orange are frequently connected to food and enjoyment. Orange, on the other hand, is a vivid and abundant colour that is seen to be auspicious. It spreads joy and boosts prosperity within the native's home.

  • Green colour for kitchen according to Vastu
  • You should know that green is a highly lively colour because it is thought to be excellent for the kitchen and brings happiness into a person's life. The kitchen should be painted green in the east, south, or north directions, according to Vastu. Along with this, you can also find several colours of green in your kitchen, such as moss green, pistachio green, or olive green.

  • White colour for kitchen according to Vastu
  • Vastu advises using white in your kitchen because this room of the house is where wholesome food is made for the entire family. Let us inform you that white is regarded as a symbol of cleanliness, tranquillity, and purity.

    According to Vastu, if your kitchen is in the North-West direction, white would be a good colour choice. White shouldn't be used in excess in the kitchen, though. Additionally, you can paint the kitchen by combining white with light blue, yellow, or red.

  • Yellow colour for kitchen according to Vastu
  • According to Vastu, the colour yellow keeps a person's attitude upbeat. In addition, the colour yellow fosters energy and the ideal environment for the family to enjoy the meal. Additionally, yellow works well in the kitchen that faces east.

    Yellow also promotes feelings of security, contentment, warmth, and relaxation. You can choose Canary Yellow, Mustard, and Pale Yellow colours for your kitchen at the same time.

  • Light Brown colour for kitchen according to Vastu
  • Let us point out that one of the most significant aspects of Vastu is the earth, which is represented by the colour brown. The colour light brown keeps connections stable. The inhabitants of the house will eat more if this colour is used in the kitchen. In addition, they find comfort in eating at home.

    Your kitchen should be painted a light brown colour if you want to improve relationships within your family and find success. You should utilise wooden racks, cutting boards, and cabinet finishes in your kitchen because using wood also attracts positive energy into the home. You can also use plants in your kitchen at the same time. This will maintain a cheerful mood in your kitchen.

  • Peach & Pink colour for kitchen according to Vastu
  • The colour pink, according to Vastu Shastra, strengthens the family. Additionally, this colour stands for peace and love. In addition, you can add pink or pastel hues to the peach colour to improve the mood in your kitchen.

  • Metallic colour for kitchen according to Vastu
  • This colour promotes tranquilly and a good vibe in the home when used in the kitchen. Additionally, you should decorate your kitchen with metallic colours like stainless steel, silver tone, and brass.

Do not use these colours according to Vastu in the kitchen

As was made clear to you, every colour has a special meaning in the lives of every individual and has an impact on family members as well. Because the mind and body are balanced by colour. Similar to this, some colours are bad for every person in the family. You should refrain from painting all of the walls in such colours. These particularly include dark and vivid hues. In reality, these colours have the ability to disturb your home's energy field.

On the other hand, a colour imbalance also encourages unfavourable feelings in the home. According to Vastu, the negative energy of the kitchen can be destroyed by the use of the colours black, blue, purple, and dark brown.

Additionally, having a black kitchen wall is thought to be a dismal sign that could result in financial loss. In contrast to dark blue, which is seen as unstable for the kitchen, too much dark brown can make you feel more gloomy.

Kitchen Layout and their Colours according to Vastu


You should make your kitchen in the south-east direction. Also, the gas stove should be kept in the south-east and food should be cooked facing east to bring positive energy in the house. On the other hand, having a kitchen in the north-east direction can cause stress, loss and health problems in the house. You should paint the kitchen with yellow colour to reduce the Vastu defects caused by this.

Additionally, it is not advisable to position the water and fire elements parallel to one another. White should be utilised in conjunction with other Vastu-friendly colours like red, orange, yellow, and green when picking colours for a space. According to Vastu Shastra, the kitchen should be painted white to promote positivity. However, using too much white in the kitchen is not a good idea because it can make the entire house appear dreary.

Vastu's pleasant kitchen colour draws prosperity, good fortune, and excellent health. In the kitchen, you should also utilise natural stones like quartz or granite. But don't use black granite, please. Use green, orange, or yellow instead.

Kitchen platform colour according to Vastu

The colour of the kitchen slab is also influenced by the kitchen's orientation. Consider this instance. Choosing a green or brown slab is a wonderful idea if your kitchen is in the east. On the other hand, utilise yellow-colored slabs in the kitchen that is in the northeast. In the south or south-east kitchen, choose slabs that are brown, maroon, or green, according to Vastu.

For a kitchen that faces west, a grey or yellow slab works well. In addition, you should avoid designing the kitchen to face north. If a kitchen must be erected in this direction, the kitchen slab should be painted green to lessen the negative impacts of Vastu Dosh.

Colour of kitchen Cabinet according to Vastu

Two or three colours might be used to design the kitchen cabinet. The lucky colour for the kitchen cabinet, according to Vastu Shastra, is seen here:

  • Green and brown are considered lucky colours for the kitchen cabinet in the east, according to Vastu Shastra.
  • For cabinets placed in the south and southeast, use red, pink, orange, or brown colours.
  • On the other side, the west-facing kitchen cabinets should be painted white and silver.
  • For the kitchen that faces north, choose blue, green, or brown colours.

Floor colour of Kitchen according to Vastu

Numerous folks create numerous varieties of flooring to enhance the beauty and appeal of their homes. But you should also adhere to Vastu principles when designing your home's floor.

Marble or ceramic tiles are ideal for kitchen tiles, according to Vastu. Additionally, avoid installing black flooring. Vastu states that light brown, cream, or beige flooring should be used since they improve relationship stability and contentment.

Kitchen colour according to Vastu in the year 2022

  • Green is a suitable colour for the kitchen, per Vastu. Describe how green symbolises nature, vitality, and rebirth. It also fosters a tranquil and encouraging environment.
  • A combination of two colours is also employed, in accordance with Vastu. Light pink and green, orange and white, and yellow and brown are all good options. A neutral colour that complements almost all hues is green-grey. On the other hand, a combination of brilliant orange and white can be employed for kitchen decoration in addition to grey, subdued green, and brown.
  • For the floor, wood tones, white, cream, and light grey are ideal. Tiles with patterns in soft browns, blush pinks, and spectrums are currently very popular.
  • The popularity of natural materials for kitchen décor is rising. in particular for countertops. White, beige, green, and marble are fortunate colours for the kitchen, according to Vastu.
  • Let us inform you that backsplashes, kitchen islands, and floor coverings can all benefit from marble and granite designs.

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