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' Vastu Shastra ' helps us to streamline our lives and get rid of some negative forces. ' Vastu Shastra ' is an ancient art or as people call it an ancient knowledge which works to keep our environment away from our negative energy. The way special care of vastu is taken while building a house, in the same way every room of the house should be made according to vastu. Along with this, there is an important place in our house, which is a place of worship (pooja room). Therefore, it is very important to make the pooja room in the house according to the law of vastu.

According to the Indian Sanskriti (culture), a house without a pooja room is considered incomplete. The pooja room is considered to be sacred and important in the house, as it carries positive energy. The place of worship makes home as positive as possible. If a pooja room is made in the house according to ' Vastu Shastra ', then it also brings prosperity along with happiness and peace to the house and family. So let's know how the pooja room should be according to vastu.

Place for prayer

The place of Prayer in ' Vastu Shastra ' is considered to be of special importance because it is at this place that we express our wishes in front of the Lord. At the same time, the north east direction is considered good for worship because this 'disha' (direction) acts as a blessing in the life of all the members of the household.

  • Here are a few things to keep in mind when constructing a pooja room:
  • The pooja room should not be at the bottom of the stairs.
  • Entrance of the house should not be in the direction of the pooja room.
  • Pooja room should not be next to the washroom.
  • Pooja rooms should not align with the walls of the washroom or bathroom.

Design for pooja room

If you live in a flat or apartment, keep in mind that the roof of the pooja room should have a pyramid-like structure, so that it is designed to attract positive energy along with being a symbol for goodness. You should also make sure that the doors and windows of the pooja room open to the north or west. With this, if we talk about deepak and incense then its south east 'disha' (direction). Tambe ka pot (copper pot) during worship is considered very good.

Establishment of god in pooja room ( statues and photos of god )

Just as the pooja room should be as per vastu, in the same way the 'murtis' (god's statue) should also be according to vastu. You should keep the murtis in such a way that they Face towards the north or east. Keep a little gap in between the walls and murtis. The area should be kept clean and tidy, so that a positive atmosphere is maintained. Apart from this, while planning the temple at home, arrangements should be made to drive out the smoke that comes from incense sticks.

  • Make sure murtis are not in front of another.
  • Keep murtis high
  • Keep the door at least an inch away.
  • The diya and incense should be placed right i.e. towards east south.
  • Never keep a damaged murti.

Storage recommendations for pooja room

Both uncleanliness and dust promote negativity in the house and obstruct the flow of energy into your pooja room. So it is necessary to maintain cleanliness in this area of your house. Take care of these things in your household.

The storage cabinets should be placed in the west or south side of the room to ensure that natural light can fully serve the room.

  • The sacred books should be kept safe.
  • Take care that Agarbi is not here and there.
  • The diya should be kept in the proper place.

Colour of pooja room according to vastu

According to vastu vigyan (vastu knowledge), the colour of the pooja room is considered to be associated with positive energy. Along with this, the colours also carry some meaning and also represent the element of the work. When these colours are made according to the vastu in the house, then this house acts as a sign of sanctity.

According to vastu, white, light yellow and blue are considered to be the best colours for a pooja room. These colours have their own significance, white is a symbol of purity, so there the blue colour works to bring calm. Purple and dark colours should be avoided.

At the same time, the colour of the pooja room proves beneficial for the floor, so you can choose white marble or marble tiles for this space.

Lighting arrangements for pooja room according to vastu

As you all know that temple is a place for home, which should be well illuminated according to ' Vastu Shastra '. According to the Hindu tradition, the bottom heart is used to illuminate the house and remove oppression. Their light is a source of positive energy and it is very important to be the animal's source of natural light.

Let me tell you that the side should always be illuminated and raised so you can also use warm lights, which can be used to light after sunset.

Pooja room's door according to vastu

The temple of the house spreads the holy energy to the house through the door of the paw. The door of the side should be made in the direction of vastu so that you get good luck in your life.

The side should have only one door and a temple without the door is considered as the other room of the house. Simultaneously, while selecting the door, wood should be considered as the primary material and ensure that the side has only one door. Yes, keep insects (mainly spiders) away from the temple.

Pooja room accessories according to vastu

There is such a place of worship where God resides, so it should be avoided to keep dustbins at this place. Also, according to vastu, it shows adverse conditions like death of animals, war etc. Wall picture should not be kept at this place. If you want to keep water here, then use a copper vessel it is considered to be good.

Why is it wrong to make temples in the south-west?

It is believed that on making a temple on the south-west side of the house, many ill-effects are usually seen. The south-west corner of the house is completely opposite from the north-west corner, so the area here is not considered good for worshipping goddesses.

It is believed that the south-west corner is designated for pitra (paternal) and god 'Vishwakarma' worship according to vastu. So it helps your ability to increase and improve meditation, but should not establish any other deity at this place because in ' Vastu Shastra ' it is believed that if the temple of other deities is built in this condition, then people will get financial harm and they might have to face it.

As well as those who have business they can experience big losses or can also cause some kind of loss. Therefore, one should establish pitra or god Vishkarma in the south-west corner of the house and the worship related to him can be shown in this situation, but it is not considered appropriate to build a temple in this situation.

If you take care of these special things while making a temple in your home, then it is sure that there will be prosperity and positive energy in your house as well as the people of the house will also be happy.

Vastu tips for pooja room

The pooja room's wall should not be connected with the wall toilet as it can contaminate the pooja room.

  • The bottom of the toilet should not align with the pooja room and should be avoided.
  • Do not place the toilet and pooja room facing each other.
  • Build a temple made of wood or marble and avoid making a temple of glass or metal.
  • Keeping the 'shankh' in the pooja room is considered good.
  • The family should check this place on a daily basis, so that the temple remains clean.
  • According to the vastu rules, we should keep the temple.
  • Take special care in cleanliness which spreads positive energy flows.
  • The ancestor image or statue should be kept away from the temple.

What to do and don'ts in pooja room according to vastu

  • It is believed that copper utensils should be kept in the north east direction. Water should be clean and changed regularly to keep it fresh.
  • At the end of the day, a lamp should be lit in the south east direction. By doing this the darkness in the life of the person is removed.
  • Restrain yourself from keeping ancestors' pictures or statues in the pooja room.
  • Keep this area clean and orderly.
  • Dark colours should not be painted, as it is not good for this place.
  • Lit match stick remains should not be kept, as it leads to the circulation of negative energy.
  • According to the vastu rules, the pooja room should be in the north or east direction.
  • In the pooja room Lord Ganesha should be kept, it brings prosperity to the house.
  • In the temple you should never keep a broken murti.
  • The colour of the pooja room should be white or any light colour.
  • Do not keep a pooja room where you sleep.
  • Do not keep big murtis in your home.

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