Bedroom colours according to Vastu


Bedroom colours according to Vastu

Vastu Shastra is an ancient and sacred Indian science that helps make life stress-free and harmonious. It improves working conditions as well as brings prosperity as well as success to all walks of life.

Vastu works to increase and balance positive energy flow in a particular place. On the other hand, Vastu brings prosperity and harmony by removing the imbalance in the flow of energy in the house or any other place. The work of Vastu Shastra is to bring positive energy and power into the home. So that we can be successful in every sphere of life. Vastu is very important while building a house as it brings peace, happiness, and prosperity.

Not only this, the house's bedroom is considered a significant place, so it should be made and painted according to Vastu. It balances the flow of energy between different elements of nature. Vastu is essential in our lives as it is beneficial in simplifying our lives. It considers the directions and flow of energy, so it is based on reality.

Humans spend about 1/3 of their lives sleeping. Hence, the importance of Vastu for the bedroom cannot be ignored.

Importance of colours for bedroom according to Vastu

A bedroom is that part of the house where you should try to strike the right balance, as it is where you sleep and relax while dreaming. Let us say that the bedroom's colour is essential in a person's life because the colours influence the energy in the bedroom. Therefore, it should be taken care of while choosing the best colours for the bedroom because this colour increases the effect of positive energy in the bedroom, which brings happiness and peace to your life.


Vastu explains that each colour has a different meaning and effect. Along with this, the impact of every colour is seen in life, and it is believed that colours are essential in our life because there are some colours which disturb the mind. If you also want to choose the right colour according to Vastu for your bedroom, then this is for you.


According to Vastu, green is one of the perfect colours for a bedroom, as it is the colour of nature, which is associated with nature.

It is believed that by having green in every room, the person develops, and all the problems related to health are removed. Also, green represents learning and thus is considered to be the best colour for a child's bedroom.

If painting the walls green seems like a monumental task for you, you can bring green vibes and shades of green into your bedroom by placing some green objects like plants.


Pink is an attractive colour symbol of love, which is why it is a perfect colour for the bedroom.

According to Vastu, pink is one of the suitable bedroom colours for couples. It is also suitable for newlywed couples, as pink signifies a bond. There is one more secret to it that it is considered a calming colour that works to help reduce the anxiety of a person.

On the other hand, the first colour that comes to mind is pink when it comes to love and happy memories. Additionally, enticing the mind to see this colour makes the reason happy. If you want, you can spread a pink sheet in the bedroom.


The colour blue is considered to be the colour of beauty, contentment, and devotion, which works to give you a comfortable feeling.

The blue colour is best for bedrooms in the North-East and East directions.

A blue or light blue colour works to establish a peaceful atmosphere. Therefore, this colour is a perfect colour for the bedroom.


The yellow colour works to attract positive energy.

It is also known for its happiness and peace—also, the colour yellow works to reflect sunlight. The colour yellow is a good and ideal choice for bedroom walls. If you choose yellow, you can paint all the walls in your bedroom yellow.

Also, as per Vastu, it is a good idea to include yellow in your bedroom as this colour signifies contentment, intelligence, and cheerfulness.


Purple represents dignity, balance, and compassion, which are good qualities in a person. So if you choose purple for your bedroom, it will help keep your mind calm.

Purple is one of the best colours for a bedroom, as it works to enhance the personality of a person.

According to Vastu, the colours for the bedroom walls should be selected, keeping in mind the person sleeping in that room.


The colour brown is considered to be a symbol of the earth, and it works to represent dependability and protection.

According to Vastu, brown is the perfect colour for your bedroom if you want security and dependability in your life.

If your bedroom is in the Southwest direction, then brown is the best colour because, according to Vastu, the earth rules in this direction.


Red is considered a fiery colour and a symbol of love.

According to Vastu, the colour red should be avoided on all bedroom walls. You can do it with any other colour combination with red.

Also, red is the best colour for couples. This increases the love between the couples.


According to Vastu, the colour orange is one of the best choices for the bedroom as it signifies health and ambition.

This colour is especially ideal for painting the southern wall of the bedroom. This is because orange signifies a sense of high self-esteem, a great deal of health, and a strong foundation in values.

Let us tell you that one should avoid using the colour orange in the bedroom of those who get angrier because it can become a cause of anger for them.


It is also a good option for the bedroom for a married couple, as per Vastu colours for the bedroom, because it works to increase the trust between the two.

Also, if your bedroom is facing northwest, then you can choose grey for your bedroom.


The colour white symbolises happiness and peace.

White is one of the best colours for a bedroom. Also, every person wants that there should be peace in their life so that the person can choose white for their bedroom.

Let us say that it is considered auspicious for a bedroom to face northwest—also, the colour white works to remove negativity from life.

The significance of colours in the Vastu direction

According to Vastu, colours and directions have special significance. Also, the colour selection should be made according to one direction because only after that can any colour work to bring happiness and peace in life.

Direction Colour
North-east corner Light blue colour
East White, light blue
Southeast Orange or rose
North Green or light green
Northwest Light brown, white or cream
West Blue or white
South-west Clay colour or light brown
South Yellow or red
According to Vastu, one should avoid these colours for the bedroom.

Vastu also mentions the colours that you should altogether avoid in your bedroom. According to Vastu, here are some bedroom colours that you should avoid getting done in the bedroom.

  • Black
  • Dark red
  • Dark green
  • Dark purple
Colours to choose for a new couple's bedroom

The new couple starts a new life, so the colour of their bedroom works to positively and negatively impact their lives. According to Vastu, there are specific colours which, if done in the bedroom of a new couple, have a positive effect on their lives.

  • Red
  • Blue
  • Purple
  • Pink
Vastu for the guest bedroom

According to Vastu, the guest bedroom should be in the northeast.

Also, the south or west side of the room is better for arranging the bed.

The best direction to sleep is south, meaning the head should face south.

Make sure there are no beams above the bed. The guest should experience positive sensations and energy while staying in one place.

According to Vastu Shastra, the shelves of the guest room should be placed on the south or west walls.

Also, talk about colours. Vastu recommends light shades of white, blue, and green for guest rooms as they promote calm.

Dark colours should be avoided as they make the room appear smaller and invite negativity.

Vastu recommends the following colours for children's rooms.

Every colour has its importance and meaning. Every colour impacts life, so while choosing the colour for the children's room, special care should be taken of Vastu Shastra. So that all the problems from the child's life are removed, and the child moves forward.

  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Purple
Vastu for Senior Citizens' Bedroom

Soothing colours like yellow, white, green, or blue should be used to decorate the bedroom of senior citizens. According to Vastu, the bedroom of the head of the family should face southwest or south. Senior citizens can also use rooms in the North East, East or North.

Vastu also explains that the direction of the head of the bed should be towards the east or south. In contrast, it is preferable to set up a table and chair in the Northwest corner for reading, writing, drawing, and other activities, whereas medicines should be kept on a shelf in the centre of the room, between the north and north-east. Apart from this, choosing suitable Vastu colours for the bedroom is best.

Bedroom colour tips
  • The only red colour should not be used on all the bedroom walls.
  • Dark colours like black or dark green should be avoided.
  • An orange colour should not be used in an angry person's bedroom.
  • Vastu rules should be kept in mind while choosing the bedroom's colour.
  • The colour white is suitable for a bedroom for peace in life.
  • Brown is a perfect colour for a bedroom facing southwest.
  • Decorate your bedroom with plants for green colour, which works to bring positive energy.

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