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  • Vastu direction for home entrance
  • House entrance vastu tips
  • Vastu for Puja Room
  • Vastu tips for pooja room
  • Living area and furniture vastu
  • Vastu tips for living room
  • Colours for living room as per vastu
  • Direction for bedroom as per vastu
  • Vastu tips for bedroom
  • Bed size vastu
  • Location of kitchen as per Vastu
  • Vastu for kitchen appliances
  • Vastu for children's room
  • Meditation room tips as per vastu
  • Room size as per vastu
  • Proper ventilation as per vastu
  • Auspicious time to enter the house
  • Vastu tips for positive home

Vastu Shastra has special importance in our home and life. Along with this, there are Vastu rules to keep anything in the right place and direction, by following this you can bring happiness to your life. Along with this, when it comes to constructing a new house, people give importance to Vastu Shastra because a house built according to Vastu works to bring peace with happiness and prosperity in the person's life. But, on the other hand, it is a bit difficult for builders to understand Vastu Shastra. That's why people take the help of Vastu experts to build a house, according to Vastu.

Let us say that it is necessary to have positive energy to make a house a home, and Vastu Shastra helps you bring this energy. So, if you believe in Vastu and are planning to buy a new house, then let's know how a new house should be according to Vastu Shastra so that positivity resides in your home.

Vastu tips for new home

According to Vastu Shastra, to build a house, the rules of Vastu should be followed, which work to remove negativity from the person's life.

Vastu direction for home entrance

The house's main entrance is not only the entry point for the housemates but is also considered an entry point of energies.

To welcome positive energy the house's main door should be in North, North-East, East or West as these directions are considered very auspicious and are considered ideal directions for the main entrance.

On the other hand, one should avoid making the house's main door in the South, South-West, North-West or South-East (East side) directions because these directions.

Also, it is important that the best quality wood is used to construct the entrance door. Also, no decoration related to water should be placed outside the main door. Avoid placing shoe racks or dustbins outside the entrance, and there should not be any idols or pictures of animals near the entrance.

House entrance vastu tips

According to Vastu, keeping these things at the entrance will bring positivity in the house.

  • Garland: To invite positive energy in the house, it is auspicious to make a garland of Peepal, Mango and Ashoka leaves and tie it against the house's main door.
  • Goddess Lakshmi: It is auspicious to place the picture of Goddess Lakshmi and Kuber Ji at the house's entrance because, according to Vastu. Doing so brings wealth.
  • Feet of Lakshmi Ji: Mother Lakshmi's feet should be made with vermilion at the house's main door, which brings wealth and prosperity to the house.
  • Good Luck: To protect the house from negativity and evil eyes, it is considered reasonable to write auspicious signs on both sides of the house.
  • Swastika: Swastika is considered an auspicious sign in Hinduism. All auspicious works are incomplete without making a swastika symbol. Making a swastika mark at the entrance brings good luck and prosperity to the house.

Pooja room vastu

The place of worship is considered to be of particular importance in Vastu Shastra because it is at this place that we manifest our desires in front of God. Having said that, the northeast direction is considered auspicious for the pooja room as per Vastu as this direction works to bring good luck in the lives of all the members living in the house.

Vastu tips for pooja room

  • The temple should not be on the wall adjacent to the toilet as it may contaminate the prayer room.
  • Avoid placing the prayer area under the upper floor toilet.
  • The prayer room and bathroom should not be opposite to each other.
  • Build a temple out of wood or marble, and don't make a temple out of glass or metal.
  • It is auspicious to keep a crystal conch shell in the prayer room.
  • Try to keep the temple as clean as possible.

Vastu direction for living area and furniture

The living room is the place in sight when entering a house. Therefore, this part of the house is used the most. Also, it is usually the spot where we welcome guests and spend time with the whole family. Hence, it must spew positive vibes.


These days, a lot of attention is given to the decoration of the living room. As per Vastu, decorating the living room has a positive effect on our life.

The living room should be clutter-free; according to Vastu, the living room should be in the north, east or north-east direction of the house. The direction of furniture in the living room should be west or south-west. These placements ensure that there is no Vastu defect in the house.

Vastu tips for living room

  • All electronics equipment should be installed in the southeast direction of the living room.
  • If there is a mirror in the living room, it should be placed on the wall in the north direction.
  • The TV should sit in the southeast direction of the living room as per Vastu.

Vastu colours for living room

Your living room tells a lot about your lifestyle. People's first opinion about you is established from your living room. That is why it is essential that whatever decor you are choosing in the living room, just pay a little special attention to its colours. According to Vastu, specific colours are prescribed for each room of the house, which works to bring in positive energy.

According to Vastu, colours work to attract different types of energy. Hence, avoid using dark colours and opt for white, cream or light colours. You can also consider colours like blue, green or warm yellow for the living room.

Direction for bedroom as per vastu

The bedroom should be in the southwest direction to maintain good health and relations. It is believed that the North-East direction causes health problems, while the South-East exposure can cause quarrels between married couples. Also, the bed should be placed in the room's southwest corner, with the head facing west.


Vastu tips for bedroom

  • There should be no mirror or television in front of the bed. The reason is that the reflection should not be seen while sitting on the bed, as it causes domestic quarrels.
  • The bedroom walls should be painted earthy, as they radiate positive energy.
  • Avoid paintings that depict water in the bedroom.
  • Apart from this, use a room freshener to create a good mood so that your mind remains calm.

Bed size vastu

According to Vastu, the shape of the bed should be rectangular or square and round or oval beds should be avoided. Also, instead of two single mattresses on your double bed, there should be one single (double size) mattress, which is considered good for the life of the couple.

Also, make sure that the bed is made of wood as the steel bed attracts negative energy.

Vastu for kitchen

The rules of Vastu Shastra foretells how to build a kitchen in the house so that it blocks the negative energies and works to attract positivity, health and prosperity.

Also, a Vastu compatible kitchen works to establish a perfect balance between the five elements of earth, water, fire and air.

According to Vastu, it is best to make the kitchen in the south-east direction, while the north, north-east or south-west should be avoided. Also, the appliances in the kitchen should be kept in southeast order.

In the kitchen, North or North-East direction is prescribed for the wash basin, water pipe and kitchen drain as there are water and anti-fire elements, so separate platforms should be used to keep the washbasin and cooking range in the kitchen. Also, it helps in avoiding accidents.

Vastu for kitchen appliances

  • It is well known that the appliances we use in the kitchen represent the fire element – gas stoves, microwave ovens, toasters and food processors. Hence the southeast corner is the ideal place to keep these things.
  • The fridge must sit in the southwest direction.
  • Keeping kitchen stock in the southwest direction is considered auspicious.

Vastu for children's room

According to Vastu, the children's room should be in the southwest direction of the new house. Children should sleep with their heads in the south or east direction, ensuring good luck and peace of mind.

Vastu for meditation room

According to Vastu, the new house should have a meditation hall, where one can introspect and connect with a higher power for spiritual growth.

Meditation room tips as per vastu

  • The East or North-East direction is best for yoga, meditation and other spiritual activities.
  • While meditating, you should keep your face towards the east, as it increases positivity.
  • The room should be painted light colours like white/green/pale yellow.
Rooms Suitable colour according to vastu Inappropriate colours according to vastu
Main entrance Blue Shades of dark red colours
Guest room White Shades of dark red colours
Living room White or other light colours Dark colours
Dining room Green, yellow and blue Grey or grey colour
Ceiling White or cream Black and grey
Kids room white Dark blue and dark red
Kitchen Orange Dark grey, blue, brown and black
Toilet white A dark shade of any colour.
Hall Yellow or white A dark shade of any colour.
Pooja room Yellow Red
The outer wall of the house Yellow-white, cream Black
Main entrance White, silver or wooden colour Red and dark yellow
Study Light green, blue, white Brown and grey colours
Balcony Light blue, cream, light pink and light green Grey and black

Room size according to vastu

The rooms in the house should be in a straight line. The shape of the rooms should be square or rectangular. Also, avoid using circular furniture or rooms, as it is not suitable according to Vastu.

Proper ventilation as per vastu

Proper ventilation and adequate daylight are essential components. Also, according to Vastu, all house rooms should have regular sunlight and appropriate ventilation. This helps in containing the flow of positive energy in the house.

Auspicious time to enter the house, according to Vastu

Once the house is entirely ready, it is necessary to determine the auspicious day and date to reside in it. Also, before living in the house, for the sake of Vastu Shanti, Shanti Havan should be done. Doing so is considered auspicious for home and family.

Days such as Vasant Panchami, Akshaya Tritiya, Gudi Padwa and Dussehra are considered auspicious for Griha Pravesh. You can consult an astrologer about Griha Pravesh muhurats.

Vastu tips for positive home

  • Clean air and sunlight bring positive energy into the house. So, the house's windows should be kept open for some time in the morning.
  • According to Vastu principles, there should not be any part in the house where there is no light.
  • If there is not enough natural sunlight in a place, then lit-up the space with artificial light.
  • Trees and poles should be avoided in front of the main gate.
  • Do not plant dry trees near the house.
  • Put such pictures in the house, which work to bring positive energy. Pictures showing war, loneliness and poverty should be avoided.
  • To bring positive energy, put pictures related to nature in the house.
  • Lighting a lamp or camphor is auspicious to bring peace to the house.
  • Burning some bay leaves in a pot removes negative and evil eyes from the house.
  • Do not keep dustbins at the entrance of the house.
  • Do not use broken utensils as it is inauspicious.
  • Hang bells or wind chimes near the main entrance. According to Vastu Shastra, the sound of music emanating from it brings splendour and prosperity to your home.
  • The main door of the house should not be black. Instead, paint the main door brown.
  • All electric appliances in the living room should be placed in the southeast direction.
  • Peacock feather removes all negative energy, removes Vastu defects and brings positivity to your home.
  • If you want wealth, then put an idol of Ganesh Ji and peacock feathers at the house's main entrance..

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