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The discipline of Vaastu is the construction of a harmonic energy field within a structure. It is an art of placement that helps to keep a structure's positive and negative energies in balance. Along with erecting structures, there are many other things to consider, such as surveying the soil, paving the roads, orienting the plots, and more. There are numerous references to Vastu throughout the classics. We identified expressions like "the city created beneath the water in Dwarka in the name of Surbistpuri '' and "the construction of Indrasan of Vishwakarma '' in the Rig-Veda, for example.

The Sanskrit phrase for "the science of architecture" is Vastu shastra. It integrates numerous architectural design concepts, including dimensions, layout, arrangement, and space. Vastu Shastra is referred to as the "yoga of design," and its principles are drawn from the "Vastu Vidya," an ancient body of knowledge from India. Vastu Shastra-compliant structures are considered to offer a healthier living environment and good energy stability, making them perfect for performing yoga.

Vastu Shastra is founded on the concept of combining spiritual ideas and natural elements with workable building solutions. This idea has been utilised in Indian construction from the dawn of time and is still present in contemporary design. For us to connect with our spiritual selves and experience deep, meaningful meditation, it is essential to practise yoga in a harmonious and spiritual setting. In this regard, applying Vastu Shastra principles to a space's architecture and design can be quite advantageous when yoga is practised there. It can aid in creating a more lovely and harmonious home or workplace, and it might even be used to inspire the design of a yoga room or studio to promote more spiritual practice.

Importance of Vastu products for home

Vastu is primarily concerned with the study of design and uses traditional methods and strategies to bring positive energy into your home. For several years, Vaastu Shastra objects for the home have been thought to have favourable results, leading to tranquillity and prosperity in many homes. Vastu Shastra will provide you with information on design concepts, layout, dimensions, ground excavation, space organisation and design, and spatial geometry.


The Vaastu Shastra is an old science or manual that indicates where to place certain objects or idols. From the front door to the interior spaces like the living room, bedroom, and kitchen, as well as the exterior spaces like the balcony and courtyard, one should be built. It was created by Indian sages hundreds of years ago and has been successfully applied in the construction of buildings and temples.

Vaastu Shastra has its origins in Indian religion, mathematics, and philosophy. Roads, buildings surrounding a home, the geography of the region in which your home is built, the earth's energy sector, forces of nature, the effect of the sun's rays, and influences emanating from the geomagnetic field and energy field are among the major areas that it investigates. Vaastu Shastra specifies the rules for building by its natural environment.

It also lists Vastu-compliant home furnishings that can be placed in various rooms to promote a tranquil, prosperous, and wealthy lifestyle. Given how hurried and hectic life can be, having these things in your house will have a positive impact on your outlook on life and open the door to a better, healthier, and more tranquil household.

Vastu products for good health

Health is the global issue with the most debate. Due to the continuing pandemic, everyone is searching for new ways to stay safe and healthy. You and your dear ones may find Vastu to be a useful tool.

The following products will bring good and long health:

Get plants at home


Nothing works more beneficial than having plants in your house to improve mental health and air quality; they also serve to breathe new life into the space. A few examples of kinds that have undergone Vastu verification include Aloe Vera, Ficus, Pothos or Money Plant, Areca Palm, and Basil or Tulsi.

Use rock salt to clean your house


Pink rock salt can be used to effectively improve the indoor atmosphere. These crystals eradicate bad energy thanks to the potent wind element they contain. Place a rock salt container in each of the four corners of your space. Additionally, the salt can be used to scrub the floors once a week, removing any bacteria and viruses that may be in the air. You can place the dish close to a sick person to generate good energy. Salt crystals should be periodically changed.

Various changes in the house as per Vastu

  • Water is a significant source of well-being and prosperity, according to Vastu, and its waste can lead to serious health problems. Keeping a dish full of water for animals and birds is a terrific Vastu treatment, and will pleasantly improve your well-being.
  • Since this direction provides prosperity and riches and, as a result, supports the kind of good nutrition that is sorely required today, the pantry should be filled with cereals and other products that face the southwest.
  • It can be beneficial to burn camphor at a minimum of once a week to get rid of bad energy. Neem or lemongrass mixed can effectively filter the air.
  • A tidy entranceway helps to create a positive atmosphere inside the home. Every day, wipe the entrance with water that has been infused with rock salt to keep it from turning into a neglected area that draws bad energy.
  • A fruit basket can make you feel better. A combination of vivid fruits in a gorgeous bowl put at the centre table might inspire a healthy lifestyle. A painting of the same might be mounted in a visible area of your home to encourage positive energy.
  • Whether naturally occurring or purposefully created, a well-lit entrance guarantees a positive atmosphere within the home. A window close to the entrance can be added structurally, or a candle or diya can be placed outside the door to provide adequate lighting.
  • Remove any artwork featuring agony, anguish, or sorrow to block the negative energy flow in the living room. Additionally, to avoid the development of toxicity in the home, any broken items like mirrors or picture frames, as well as any electronics that no longer function, should be removed right away.
  • Bathroom ventilation is a crucial component. Always point the bathroom window and exhaust fan in the direction of the northeast. This promotes a clean and hygienic environment by helping to eradicate any microorganisms.

Vastu products for wealth and abundance

Among the most important aspects of our existence is money. The five elements of fire, water, earth, air, and space are a mixture of cosmic energies, according to Vastu Shastra. If one of these components is out of harmony, it can bring a lot of negativity into the house. By adhering to a few basic Vastu Shastra principles, homeowners can effectively raise their level of living, financial security, peace, and prosperity at home.

Kuber Yantra

According to Indian mythology, Lord Kuber, which stands for splendour and gold, is the god of wealth and prosperity. All blockages and locations that gather negative energy, such as toilets, shoe racks, and any large furniture pieces, must be removed right away because the northeast direction is ruled by Lord Kuber. Keep your home's northeast corner clutter-free so that positive energy can shine through. The north wall of the north area of the complete home, fixed with a mirror or a Kuber Yantra, can begin to activate new money chances.

Lockers and primary safes


Growing your fortune in the soil corner of the home — the southwest — is one of the finest methods to maintain financial stability, according to Vastu Shastra. All of your jewellery, money, and essential financial documents should be stored in the southwest (in a closet or safe), facing north or northeast. Whatever is retained in this direction tends to multiply. It should be noted that if the apertures or safes/vaults face south or west, it would result in significant costs. Financial troubles and large expenses can be avoided by positioning the primary safe/lockers so that the door opens to the north or northeast. To encourage more financial success, place a red cloth inside of the safe along with a Citrine stone.

Clutter-free house & removing extra items

Keep your residence clean, neat, and clear of clutter and needless household items and décor, according to Vastu. Maintain it simply and easily. The energy that flows through your home is accountable for how you manage your relationships, health, and finances, so keep the primary space in your living room clear of clutter. Maintain clean windows and doors, as well as neatly organised storage spaces in each room.

Door and locks


According to Vastu Shastra, one of the most important things you may improve is the entryway to your home. Because this is the area that attracts and invites a healing vibe, wealth, and prosperity, your entryway should be elegantly constructed. Check that the main door has no fractures or flaws and that the locks work smoothly. Plants, wind chimes, and a legible placard (nameplate) should also be placed at the entryway to your home.

Water fountains and tiny aquariums


Placing tiny water objects in the northeast area of the house might bring in favourable momentums like wealth and positive vibes flow. An aquarium or a little water reservoir (with water flowing through it) is seen to be particularly auspicious. Water must not get stagnant or dirty; it must be cleaned regularly, as stagnant waterways in the house might stymie financial progress. A huge NO is having an above-water tank in the northeast and southeast corners. Placement of a large water feature, such as a water tank or stage, in the northeast or southeast corner of the home, can result in a variety of stresses in life and negative health effects, including heart and stomach problems, severe headaches, chest discomfort, and worsening mental health.

Water leaks fixation

Water leaks in the kitchen, bathroom, or even the outdoor garden area are metaphorical of wealth leaking and signify financial loss, according to Vastu Shastra. Take caution with this, especially during the rains. Any water leaks from the ceilings or broken pipelines inside the house need to be fixed right away since they can cause significant financial loss.

Restroom space and installation

If restrooms and bathrooms are not designed and located according to Vastu Shastra guidelines, it can result in not only economic consequences and economic instability but also health problems and disrupted sleep patterns.

To the greatest extent practicable, toilets and bathrooms should be built separately and positioned on the Northwest or Northeast side of the home (avoid corners). The second alternative is to install a toilet in the southwest or southeast corner of the home, but not in the southwest or southeast corners of the residence.

Other Vastu products for health and wealth

Laughing Buddha


The laughing Buddha is a remarkable Vastu product for your home because it draws attention to itself and puts onlookers at rest with its presence. It ought to be kept beside the entrance. According to Vastu, it is a crucial component of a house since it can bring prosperity, and calm, and prevent bad energy from entering the interior space. To relieve tension, you can have a laughing Buddha in your bedroom or prayer space. A laughing Buddha carrying Wo Lu will bring you health and fortune and should be put in the east section of your living room or bedroom. If you keep a laughing Buddha on your office desk, you will notice a significant improvement in your job and income since it represents power, strength, and calm.

Lord Kuber

By placing his figurine on the desk at work, which stands for money, prosperity, and luxury, one can experience tremendous income increases. It is the keeper of all of the world's wealth and distributes it to those who adore it. His shrine must be positioned in the home's northeastern or northernmost area.



Due to their profoundly beneficial effects on the home, the lovely turtle statues are an important Vastu product for your residence. This animal represents long life, a big family, better health, and harmony. Its hard shell is its most distinguishing characteristic, yet this shell's inner significance is that it serves as a barrier that protects us from natural disasters. As this will bring happiness and success into your life, turtles should be put in the north and centre of the house as well as on the north side of the office. Mud or other similar natural material produced tortoises must be placed in the South West, Center, or North-East area of the house.

Peacock Feathers

Peacock feathers are the most vibrant and eye-catching Vastu product for your home. To give a home a classic, earthy aspect and to bring out the Vastu energy, which provides tranquil and pleasant energy into the interior living space, place them in tidy areas around the property. Therefore, having peacock feathers in your locker will increase your fortune and stabilise your life.

Shree Yantra

Shree means "wealth," as well as the Shree Yantra gives its believers the ability to accomplish all of their desires and make money for the rest of their lives. It is a priceless and highly-coveted Vastu object that Royals have utilised to be great, strong, and splendid, and it possesses properties of recognition, good luck, good income, and health. It should face the Western side of the house from the East location. It may also be placed to the north or north-northeast of the house.

Wind chimes


They are made to improve the appearance of your furnishings, and as Vaastu items for your home, they infuse your space with optimism, happiness, and tranquillity. Wooden wind chimes must be stored in the East, South, and Southeast of the house, while metal ones must be placed in the West, North, or Northwest.

Arowana Fish

This Arowana fish is regarded as the king of the fish realm and a sign of prosperity, power, and benevolence in society. It is also known as the golden dragon and will offer its possessor happiness, power, tranquillity, and prosperity.

Horse Shoe

A Vaastu product for you, the shoe aids in pacifying Lord Shani. It removes negative prophecies and the evil spirit and provides money, fortune, and good fortune. It must be placed in an upward, rather than a downward, posture and above any wooden doors, windows, or walls.

Water Fountain

The fountain's water ought to be flowing continuously. An interior fountain, which should be placed in the East, North, and North-East areas of the home, can bring an abundance of good energy, money, and peace into your life.

Benefits of Vastu products for health and wealth

Comfort: Vastu Shastra is used by people to boost their self-esteem. Vastu may undoubtedly give people the comfort and mental support they require to go through difficult or stressful times.

Strength: One of the key advantages of Vastu Shastra is that it reorganises buildings to ensure that they can give us all we require for a successful and happy existence. Vastu is unquestionably all about the power of both the physical and mental worlds.

Ease of using them: The buildings we construct with the aid of Vastu Shastra are nearly ideal, allowing for the greatest possible flow of good karma and spirits inside the building.

Using the space in a better way: The Vastu Shastra is an architectural concept, thus it may assist individuals in utilising space to its full potential. The placement of the rooms will be ideal, enabling you to make the most of the surrounding environment and the elements.

Better structuring: A great quiet house is designed specifically for the person who will live in it. It is also a house with good ventilation; it provides a lot of air, natural light, and so on.

Enhancing personality: A great Vastu Shastra can assist a person in utilising their real self and enhancing their personality. It can help people in improving their personalities.

Building better relationships: You can also use Vastu to improve your relationships with others around you. Vastu promotes interior serenity and calm, as well as constructive relationships among those who live within the structure.

Having spiritual knowledge: Vastu Shastra may significantly increase people's interest and knowledge in spirituality. It can assist individuals to recognise their desire for something bigger within themselves, such as life, death, and so on.

Having mental stability and better thinking: A clutter-free and bright home are indicative of a wise mind. It will improve happiness and mental health.


Knowing Vastu's suggestions to bring health and wealth is beneficial, according to Indian architecture. Vastu's technological know-how adds value to one's life while also bringing tranquillity and wealth. Every Vastu recommendation may have a deep scientific basis behind it, making it more realistic to follow. A home is more than just a place to live; it also serves as an extension of our minds and a symbol of who we are. The layout, decoration, and upkeep of our homes significantly influence all aspects of our lives. Vastu is the word for "dwelling," which refers to the home of both god and mankind.

Vastu shastra focuses on several energies that come from the ecosystem, such as the sun's power, cosmic and lunar energies, as well as thermal, magnetic, mild, and wind energy. These energies promote greater success, prosperity, and peace. If a dwelling is constructed by those ideas, the residents experience all possible happiness. Hence, Vastu in our homes can give us a lot of advantages than we can ever imagine.

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