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Vastu yantra prohibits negativity from entering the home. It spreads a protective shield surrounding the living space and thus brings positivity into it. It fights against the negative forces of the environment and helps maintain harmony among family members. Vastu yantra is a harmless tool with no harmful effects and can be kept in homes, offices, factories, or any other place of your choice.

Vastu Yantras is a Hindu discipline with three symmetrical levels of energy. It also directs the creation of the universe by creating a series of parameters for performing rituals. Yantras were introduced to the art of work based on historical Indian Vedic geometric patterns and vibrations. In addition, it protects the individual from harmful adverse energies.

Vastu Yantras for buildings and flats should follow an auspicious scientific arrangement. For example, Vastu Yantra should be done before building a house by performing Griha Pravesh pooja. This improves the energy of the apartment and eliminates all unpleasant sensations. Nowadays, everybody knows that buying a house is much more difficult for some people and a house is a thing that completes an individual's lifetime success.

Vastu dosh nivaran yantra

Vastu dosh nivaran yantra is a good tool for all those families who have built their homes in disputed lands and are trying to find balance in their lives. Vastu dosh is a major problem. And, if not solved in house planning, it can knock you down the ladder of life. But everyone can't build their home according to all Vastu principles. Especially for people living in flats and apartments, it is impossible to build a house, according to Vastu. You have to rely on Vastu remedies to correct the Vastu dosh already created during the construction of the house.

At first, it was difficult to understand the effects of Vastu dosh. But as the days pass, it begins to cast its shadow on the prisoners' lifestyle. Leading a peaceful life is completely disturbed when you live in a house with Vastu dosh. Vastu has the power to make and break one's home. However, after knowing about Vastu dosh, you obviously cannot deconstruct your home again.

In these cases, Vastu dosh nivaran yantra comes to the rescue. It creates a perfect balance between the three-dimensional geometric energy field and removes all negative aspects from the home. It promises to bring wealth, peace, happiness, and harmony to the house, keeping the inmates in good health. Having this yantra at home brings many life changes.

Vastu yantra has a square-shaped appearance and is formed by ashtadhatu. Ashtadhatu has great importance in Hindu astrology and is a compilation of all five natural metals, i.e., gold, silver, copper, brass, and iron. The presence of all these metals in the Vastu yantra helps it neutralise all the power. Hence, peace prevails inside the home.

Benefit of Vastu dosh nivaran yatra

Vastu yantra is a sacred entity that removes the deficiencies and adverse effects of Vastu dosha in a particular place. They are usually made of some royal treasure or metal like gold, silver, or copper, which helps to remove the harmful effects caused by the wrong placement of the house or any of the Vastu doshas.

Many houses have different Vastu dosh, which is incurable and not easily corrected, and in such cases, Vastu Yantra is the only measure to balance the steam. Vastu Yantra is placed underground during housekeeping or installed in some holy place like a pooja house.

  • Vastu yantra helps the overall vibration of the house and negates all the negative energies from the home.
  • Vastu Yantras have more meanings than just beautiful decorative objects. When sufficiently charged and mounted, they are said to have magical powers that can affect the surrounding environment.
  • They create a strong energy field that helps counteract the effects of Vastu dosha.
  • These three-dimensional geometric Vastu Shastra Yantra are practical tools for removing negative energy from a place and its surroundings.
  • Vastu dosh Yantra helps in balancing all five elements– earth, water, air, fire, and space.
  • Vastu yantras help you avoid accidents or disasters and help you succeed in life.

Other benefits of Vastu yantra are described below:

  • Corrects and removes all Vastu Doshas.
  • It promotes positivity.
  • Residents maintain peace and harmony among themselves, which is beneficial to the individual or family.
  • It contributes to a safe and long life.

The appearance of this yantra

Vastu yantra consists of ashtadhatu and appears to be square in shape. Ashtadhatu has considerable importance in Hindu astrology. It is a combination of all five naturally occurring metals namely gold, silver, copper, brass, and iron. Because of these metals, there is peace inside the house and the same balances all the powerful forces.

Where should one place nivaran yantra?

The proper place to keep a Vastu yantra as a home is to keep it underground. Yes, before building a house, you should dig up the soil of your home and put it inside. In case you live in an apartment or flat, here are the proper guidelines to maintain a Vastu dosh nivaran yantra:

Generally, the Northeast direction is the best place to keep Vastu dosh nivaran yantra. The northeast corner is the direction for worship. After sunrise, the sun will shade its first ray of light in the northeast direction. It is said that when the morning sunlight falls on the Vastu yantra through a window, the yantra works more effectively.

You should place the yantra on the southeast wall of your home. Add a wall lamp next to or above the yantra to keep it lit all day and night. The southeast direction is considered a female safety location. Having a yantra in this part of your home will keep the women in your house comfortable and safe.

You can have it anywhere, but never in front of a mirror or glass. As for the reasons, we assume you already know that mirrors in astrology have both positive and negative consequences. If you keep the yantra in front of the mirror, the mirror will reflect all the energy that is trying to flourish in the house.

It will do no good if the energy returns to where it came from. Even after investing in a Vastu rectification tool, you will not get any visible results. There are many Vastu yantra images available on the internet where it is shown that yantras can be kept in front of a mirror. Don't be swayed by them because it's all just decoration and not real.

You can also place a Vastu yantra can on the door. Just like putting up a swastika or om on a door, adding a Vastu dosh nivaran yantra will also be effective. It can serve as a decorative element and, at the same time, helps to limit negative energies from entering the periphery of your home. The ashtadhatu present in it will prevent the evil eye from overshadowing the malefic influence on your family.

The main place to keep the Vastu yantra is underground, but people tend to think that the best place to keep it would be a pot and bury it in a flower pot. But this is not the right place at all. There is a difference between burying a tool underground and inside a pot. Instead, you can place it on a table in the corner of the living room. Check out the living room colour suggestions.

Types of Vastu dosh Nivaran yantras

Durga Bisa Yantra

It is a powerful and effective tool to overcome your enemies and eliminate difficulties. The main purpose of this yantra is to protect people from risks and bring prosperity. Mainly, businessmen consider using it to welcome success and profits and remove obstacles in their way.

Lakshmi Narayan Yantra

Placing this yantra in your workplace or home is expected to attract the blessings of Lord Vishnu and his consort, Goddess Lakshmi. This yantra brings prosperity, joy, good health, wealth, and peace and protects you from bad energy and negativity.

Vishnu Yantra

After talking about two yantras, this third yantra will bless one with a blissful and successful professional and personal life. Lord Vishnu is said to remove all obstacles from the path and fill one's spirit with confidence. This yantra is best for attracting immense positive energy to your place, which paves the way for prosperity and success in various areas of life.

Vyapar Vridhi Yantra

The wearer of this Vyapar Vridhi Yantra is blessed with success, wealth, security, and growth in business and career. The operator of this yantra will achieve success in all spheres of life by quickly achieving all his goals and results. Just by doing this one can achieve many things he wants.

Tips for Vastu Yantra

Different people have different opinions about the proper place to keep a yantra. But we would suggest you consult an astrologer and seek his advice regarding the same.

  • Although yantra has only positive effects and no side effects, for subconscious satisfaction consulting an astrologer will be a perfect decision.
  • While a Vastu yantra can generally be kept anywhere, it should not be near a mirror or glass.
  • Mirrors can have both positive and negative consequences. If you place the yantra in front of a mirror, it will reflect back the energy that the yantra is trying to spread throughout the house. If the energy does not return to where it came from, it will be useless.
  • As the Vastu yantra is primarily kept underground, people often believe that the best way to keep it is to bury it in a container.
  • However, this is not the correct placement. There is a difference between burying a tool in the ground and burying it in a pot. As burying it in the ground may not always be possible, it can also be placed on a table in the corner of your living room.

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