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  • General Vastu products for different places in the house
  • Vastu items for home entry
  • Vastu products for living room
  • Vastu products for dining room
  • Vastu items for the bedroom
  • Vastu-specific objects to use in the temple

Vastu Shastra mainly deals with the science of architecture and includes ancient methods and techniques to bring positive energy into your home. It also gives you the details on principles of design, layout, measurement, ground preparation, space arrangement and planning, and spatial geometry. Moreover, it is believed that the Vastu Shastra items for home show positive results and work to bring peace and prosperity in our daily lives. Many such products are considered auspicious, according to Vastu Shastra.

From ancient times, people have been very specific about where or in which direction to install some objects or idols. Getting inspired from ancient times, today, individuals consider Vastu Shastra a vital point while constructing their homes or even for the smallest details in their living space. To attract positivity and peace, from the entrance to the rooms, such as the kitchen, living room, and bedroom, and the external areas, like balconies and courtyards, people prefer their space noting Vastu Shastra. Not just this, people even look for the right place to place specific products— be it a chair, table, or anything, as per Vastu in astrology.

The roots of Vastu Shastra have been in Indian religion, mathematics, and philosophy. Therefore, it is good to notice the roads, structures around the house, and whether the area where your space resides is Vastu-friendly or not. Following Vastu Shastra brings good times in the home and success in the life of the person. Along with this, Vastu Shastra prescribes the rules of construction, that it follows its natural environment. Similarly, there are many such things or items that you may install in rooms and other places in the house to welcome well-being and prosperity in their own manner.

General Vastu products for different places in the house

Many people use Vastu products as a remedy to get rid of the troubles in their lives. That is why people not only use such products in their homes and offices, which enhance the beauty of that place but also remove the Vastu Dosh from their life. For this, they do not need to spend much. However, they must follow the required Vastu guidelines to bring happiness and good luck in their work area and in life.


So if you have found any Vastu problem in your house, then you do not need to get your place rebuilt. Instead, you can place some Vastu-specific items, which will help you get rid of the negativity and problems and attract opportunities. It is believed that according to Vastu, there are specific Vastu items for luck, happiness & peace, health and wealth, etc. It depends from person to person and situation to situation which object he requires to get rid of his Vastu Dosha.

You can easily keep these products in any room of the house. They can also be kept in the workplace. This way, you may eliminate the negative impacts at a low cost. For example, regardless of tireless hard work you fail to earn enough money, you can use Vastu products for good luck. These products help you shine your luck and help to eliminate bad phases of life.

Laughing Budhha

You must have heard about Laughing Buddha. According to Vastu for home, placing a Laughing Buddha in your living place attracts attention with its presence and comforts the beholder. Moreover, Laughing Buddha is known to attract wealth.

  • According to Vastu, you must keep the idol of Laughing Buddha at the main entrance. It is an important item, according to Vastu Shastra, and is known for its ability to bring prosperity and peace to the house and remove negativity from entering the inner space.
  • To relieve stress, you can place a Laughing Buddha idol in a meditation posture in the Pooja Ghar or bedroom.
  • Ahead, most people believe this idol is also wonderful for natives who confront too many health issues. So, to attract healthy well-being and abundance, place it in the East direction of the living room or bedroom.
  • You can also install a Laughing Buddha on your office desk to seek positive changes in your career and income, as it symbolises strength and peace.

An idol of Lord Kuber

Lord Kuber's idol is usually seen with Goddess Lakshmi and works to allocate wealth. Therefore, worshipping them and keeping their idol or picture in the house is considered auspicious.

  • It represents wealth and prosperity, and by placing his statue on the work desk, you can experience huge income. It is the protector of all the wealth in the world, and the person provides it to worship.
  • According to the Vastu Shastra, you can place Lord Kuber’s idol in the North or North-East direction of the house as Lord Kubera rules over this direction.


Items like tortoises made of crystal or wood are a great way to add positivity to your space. It is because its shell is hard and protective and symbolises protection from adversity and misfortune for you and your family. It indicates positivity and resilience, which, in all, is a sign of auspiciousness. With this, post installing a crystal or wood statue, pray it attracts money and abundance in your house.

  • If you wish to keep a crystal turtle, place it in the Southwest or Northwest directions for the best results.
  • If you have a wooden one, East and Southeast directions are the best for it as it eliminates negativity from your living space.
  • Depending on the direction in which these Vastu products are placed, they bring luck, fame, and recognition to the natives.
  • Tortoises symbolises longevity, a large family, good health, and peace. Its hard shell illustrates a protection wall from natural calamities.
  • Placing them in the North and centre of the house and North direction of the office shall bring happiness and success in your life.
  • Mud or other such natural material tortoises should be located in the Southwest, centre, or Northeast part of the house for best results.

Peacock feather

Putting peacock feathers in the house is considered very auspicious, as per Vastu Shastra. You can use them to protect your homes from negativities and bring positivity to mind. Known for luck and harmony, a peacock feather also welcomes well-being, celebration, and vividness in the life of the natives. Moreover, this Vastu item attracts good luck and prosperity.

  • Peacock feathers make the home look lively.
  • Place them in clean places around the house to give it a traditional, earthy look and attract positive Vastu energy into the interior living space.
  • Apart from this, keeping peacock feathers safe increases wealth and makes life stable.
  • This Vastu product for home also welcomes peace in families that experience tensions.

Shree Yantra

Shree means wealth, and Shree Yantra enables its worshipers to fulfil all their wishes and get income throughout their life. It has the qualities of fame, good fortune, good wealth, and health, and a valuable and multi-valued Vastu product used by royalty to be strong, powerful, and glorious.

  • If you wish to install a Shree Yantra, make sure you place it in the East and West direction of the house or a particular room of the house.
  • Placing it in the North or Northeast direction will be a great idea too, as it welcomes auspicious and favourable times in the lives of the natives.
  • In all, a Shree Yantra in the house brings wealth and abundance.

Wind chimes

Wind chimes are designed to enhance your interiors and bring positivity, happiness, and peace to your home, as per home Vastu. Not only do they make the place beautiful, but also hold many positive points about how they change your mood and make this better with their sound.

  • If you want to install a metal wind chime, you must hang it in the West, North, or Northwest direction.
  • A wind chime of wood must be hung in the East, South, or Southeast direction of the home. Placing them in these directions attracts fame and financial stability in the life of the native.
  • While installing wind chimes, you should never hang them on the door.
  • Avoid hanging metal wind chimes on trees. However, installing them at the entrance will keep the positive energy in the house and prevent it from leaving it.

Arowana fish

This Arowana fish is considered the emperor of the fish kingdom and represents wealth, power, and goodwill when installed in the house. Known as the Golden Dragon, this Vastu product for home brings happiness, strength, peace, and prosperity to its owner. Not only it attracts money but also acts as one of the most attractive decorative items you can buy for your home.

  • Placing the Arowana fish in the house welcomes immense wealth and abundance to the person. You can use this product to attract a better lifestyle if you live in a rented apartment.
  • Apart from this, it is the best remedy for Vastu Dosh. It is said that this Vastu item helps reduce stress, blood pressure, and anxiety.


If you wish to please Lord Shani or save yourself from “Shani ki Drishti,” a horseshoe is the best Vastu product for your house. People who install it tend to attract good luck, fortune, and wealth.

  • Placing a horseshoe in your house helps you to get rid of evil eyes and bad times. It should be on the top and side of a wooden door, window, or wall.
  • Remember not to hang it downfaced. However, it would be best if you hang the horseshoe amulet at the entrance or arrange to place it somewhere around the entrance.
  • It is good to keep it above your door to get rid of Vastu problems and attract good luck.

Water fountain

Water fountains in the house soothe your mind. Isn’t it? Well, what you don’t know about them is that a flowing water fountain attracts abundance and wealth in the family. Moreover, it welcomes positive energy and helps the natives live with immense tranquillity.

  • If you have an indoor fountain, placing it in the East, North, or Northeast direction is the best.
  • To attract well-being and wealth, incorporate flowers in the water too.
  • If you are unable to purchase a water fountain, you can use a bowl made of crystal and put water with some rose petals in it. This beautiful combination invites positivity and wealth into the house.

Lord Buddha

Nothing is as humble an abode as the beautiful look of Lord Buddha’s statue. Welcome guests to your humble home with a classic Buddha statue at the entrance and attract a serene environment at the same time.

  • This piece of art is the best, as per Vastu Shastra, if you confront aggressiveness and fights in the house.
  • Buddha statues are commonly used at the entrance of your place to wish the area prosperity and good luck.
  • Buddha statues help ward off negative energy and pessimism from the house and welcome calmness and a sound mind.
  • Make sure you place the Budhha statue in the East direction for the best results and auspiciousness.

A trinket of Frog, Elephant, and Tortoise

A combination of the three is highly auspicious for the home, according to Vastu Shastra. The tortoise attracts positive energy, the frog symbolises wealth, and the elephant symbolises power. According to Vastu Shastra and Fen Shui, together they indicate success and are a wonderful option for a home to attract positivity and optimism in your living space.

  • Their combined energy makes things better for the natives and other people living in that particular space.
  • Moreover, combining an elephant with a frog also enhances knowledge, and the power is immense.
  • Installing an idol of an elephant-frog makes the native victorious and strong in life.
  • A turtle on the back of an elephant has its importance. If you place such an idol on your house’s entry, it welcomes pride and victory in the life of the natives in that space.

Gomti Chakra Tree

What better way to enhance the prosperity of your home than by inviting Goddess Lakshmi to it? According to mythology, this ornamental tree gets placed where the goddess resides. Thus, by using Gomti Chakra as a Vastu item for home, you can welcome abundance in no time. It is so because people believe that it is a favourite piece of Goddess Lakshmi as it resembles the Sudarshan Chakra (the weapon of Lord Vishnu).

  • Placing Gomti Chakra in your house as a bonsai tree welcomes luck and favourable times for the residing people.
  • With prosperity, the Gomti Chakra also welcomes a sense of using money rightfully.
  • To eliminate Vastu Dosh, you must plant this tree in the Southeast direction of your home or office. You can keep it in your shop, office, and other commercial spaces along with your house.

Vastu items for home entry

When it comes to Vastu, the main entrance is an important place, as it is the entry point to the rest of your house. How you decorate this space can determine the energy that enters your home. Consider adding Vastu items to home entrances that can enhance the positive impact of the space.

  • Place a simple Buddha statue in the East direction of your entrance to bring positivity.
  • On the main door, you can use religious designs such as Rangoli, Ganesh door handles, and Om.
  • Other positive energy Vastu items to consider for the entrance of the house are fountains, decorative water bowls with flowers, and torans for the home.

Vastu products for living room

Paintings are a spacious-tailored addition to your living room. Some common Vastu items for the living rooms include paintings and houseplants. These Vastu items are relatively easy to add to your space and blend naturally with the rest of your interiors.

  • When choosing paintings, pick architectural objects, serene landscapes, or scenes in soft colours.
  • Moreover, you can choose artworks depicting sunrise, waterfall, birds, or flowers to boost positive energy in your living room.
  • Avoid images that depict war, devastation, sadness, or poverty.
  • Abstract paintings are also not like, according to Vastu.
  • Similarly, avoid thorny plants like cacti, as they can bring negativity.

Vastu products for dining room

For dining spaces, things should please your mind. It influences your appetite. Such interiors also create positivity in the mind. Moreover, it improves your mind towards optimism.

  • In the dining room, mirrors are multifunctional as they also help create the illusion of space in Vastu-compliant homes.
  • Mirrors play a vital role in positive energy Vastu items for home interiors. You can place them on the East or North-facing walls for best results.
  • Similarly, keep these Vastu items for home interiors at least four to five feet above the ground to attract positive vibes.
  • However, if you are considering mirrors for the bedroom, note that it is inauspicious to place them directly in front of the bed.

Vastu items for the bedroom

Creating a Vastu-friendly environment for the bedroom is as important as any other place in the house. Not only do you rest there, but you also do different kinds of stuff and activities. For such reasons, people are picky when choosing Vastu items for bedrooms.

  • Elephant statues and prints are good examples of positive energy Vastu items for the bedroom. Use elephant-themed motifs or accessories in the bedroom, as these are very auspicious for couples. If your bedroom is in the North-West direction, consider using metal wall decorations to enhance the space.
  • Elephant statues and the right colours can help, so it is better to avoid placing devices that can disturb your sleep, such as television sets. Instead, focus on getting the right furniture and Vastu products for home interiors to improve the overall functionality of the room.

Vastu-specific objects to use in the temple

Spiritual Vastu products, including Divya Mantra Trishakti Yantra, Trishul, Om, and Swastika protect you and your house from evil influences and spread divine energy. Possessing such things in your temple room or area brings goodwill and favourable times. Moreover, these Vastu items act as a lucky charm and protect the family members from evil spirits.

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