Sun numbers in numerology


Sun numbers in numerology

Sun numbers in numerology basically deal with the characteristics and personality of the natives. The power series of numbers begins from number 1 and ends up at number 9, employing the way they behave or depict their mannerism. Numerologist Hans Decoz established the concept of Sun numbers in numerology to represent the self and character of the person.

Sun numbers in numerology act as a leader in the life cycle of the person. Moreover, it reveals how the personal changes that come from time to time may impact the life of an individual. It also acts as a guiding star between the chaos and the cosmos. Sun number in numerology furthermore channelizes all the emotions a person possesses. With it, it also tells about the constant changes one shall see in their daily life and adapt them accordingly.

Calculation of Sun number in numerology

Calculating the Sun number is quite simple. People only have to take their birth date and month and add them to a singular number.

For example:

Date of birth: 16-04-1997

Sun number: 16+04= 20; further to 2+0=2

So, the Sun number of this date of birth would be Number 2.

Read in detail about the Sun numbers in numerology

Sun number 1

According to numerology, people with Sun number 1 are generally ambitious, headstrong, determined, and enthusiastic in nature. They shall always remain strong-willed and possess the aspiration to do something big in life. These people have a very zesty nature, which sometimes makes them go through challenges and other ups and downs. But, they never let these challenges come in their way. Therefore, they stay positive in the worst of the situations and issues.

Moreover, folks who have Sun number 1 as their numerology number are perfectionists. These people stay committed to their work and never ignore even the finest details. These people look zealous. But, sometimes, they panic about the situations and lose their wilfulness to face challenges. They are great at handling tough situations. However, when they reach their limits, these people can barely cope with others and deal with circumstances.

Furthermore, as per numerology, Sun number 1 people usually don’t feel nurtured properly. In needful times, these people could become a hard liability to deal with. Moreover, their willpower decreases, which also impacts their inner strength.

Sun number 2

Natives who have Sun number 2 stay logical and realistic by nature. These people are pragmatic and rational in life. They possess practical thinking and make important decisions after thinking through everything. These people would think about all the pros and cons of that particular matter and later take steps that are necessary. However, people take them lightly and don’t listen to their words as much as they would. Moreover, these people are future-oriented and look for better things in life.

People with Sun number 2 make resolutions for good, but sometimes fail to follow them in routine. They would always be right about life, but because people don’t listen to them quite often, they lack productivity in doing so. Also, they are masters of their conscious state and take things slow, standing out of the crowd to attain the best results possible. These people believe in quality work and always have backup plans for everything.

Natives who possess Sun number 2 as their number don’t interact much with people, but they are good at judging others for every small and big detail. With it, they hold immense love and unity. Therefore, they connect well with others and stay prepared to face any repercussions of hurdles and troubles in life.

Sun number 3

People who have Sun number 3 as their numerology number are very creative and imaginative. These people are highly inventive and love enjoying the essence of life. They love to approach things where they feel a strong indulgence. Moreover, these people love to solve issues and matters which need out-of-the-box thinking. They are highly optimistic people and possess a charismatic aura to appeal to others. They love to take care of people with utmost focus and devotion.

Folks with Sun number 3 have charged aura, which helps them in hard situations. Moreover, these people tend to focus on unstable times and change them for their betterment. Often people with Sun number get distracted in the middle of their tasks, which is why they face situations that no one can think of.

Moreover, folks with Sun number 3 love to explore things around them. They love to make their life interesting and love to stick to the things that involve emotions and empathy. They like social service and help natives in needful times. They handle relationships too carefully, which makes them nurturer beings in the numerology chart.

Sun number 4

People with Sun number 4 are very hardworking natives. They like to devote their time to useful things that make them hardworking and committed beings with determination and devotion. These people don’t fear changes. Therefore, they are adaptable and happy with changes. Once they make their mind up for something, they don’t lose any ends. Sometimes they act steady, but sometimes they make hasty decisions, which make them go through some ups and downs in life.

People who are with Sun number 4 give their best in everything as they are great with problem management. Plus, they remain cool-headed when dealing with problems and act calm, despite the negativities in life. They are very mature in their actions, so never miss out on a thing when things go beyond their planning.

These people who are with Sun number 4 love stability, which makes them love balance in their life works. Mostly, they remain least bothered by others’ opinions. But, when someone knocks them professionally, these people leave no stone unturned to prove to them they are the best.

Sun number 5

People with Sun number 5 are generally romantic and intimate beings. They love to make others feel special and important. Therefore, they act as free souls with nurturing hearts and minds. They explore the world and feel special when they get to experience the wild side of the world. These people love to discover things that are engaging and inspiring and feel intimate with people who love to show creativity and interest.

They are imaginative people. However, they worry about points that don’t even exist. They build new things in their head and worry about the future more than anything. Despite the fact that they are adaptable to changes, these natives take time to understand the transformations and alterations. These evolve faster and have a lively nature. Usually, they have a positive attitude towards life, which helps them dwell well.

Balance matters to them a lot. However, they have an overthinking nature, which makes them feel lonely in no time. They are full of charisma, and usually, people around them love their persona and gratitude, and empathetic nature.

Sun number 6

Those who have Sun number 6 as their numerology number are generally selfless people. They are highly giving and apprehensive in their attitude. They make sure that nothing bothers the people who mean to them. Plus, they care for and nurture others in the best way possible. They have a giving nature, which makes them a person with good nature. They stay away from bad affairs and act generous and kind to everybody around.

Their willingness makes them perfect people for professional stuff. And they are never giving up attitude acts as good motivation for others. However, on the other hand, people with Sun number 6 are highly outspoken, which makes them blabbermouth and carefree nature person. As much as they love to take care of people around, they feel under confident when something important is to be done.

People with Sun number 6 stay away from things around them and love their privacy more than anything. They like to be calculative and are utterly goal-oriented people who stay concerned about their future and plans. They barely like people to know about them. Thus, they are very private about their life, having fewer people in their lives.

Sun number 7

Natives with Sun number 7 are full of spirituality. They are full of regard and understand the real meaning of life. These people are usually introverted and love seldom talk. Along with it, they love to share their views with other people and love people who match their intellectual level. They take no time to connect with people who they resonate with and love to share their views with everybody who understands them.

Generally, people with Sun number 7 are full of nurturing nature. But, on the other hand, they act anxious and eager about things that make them worried. Plus, they are emotional and sensitive in nature. Also, these people are full of intuition. Therefore, they focus on people’s vibes and energies. With it, they also believe in mystical things and take them as the natural gift of the Universe.

When people with Sun number 7 don’t feel a connection with nature, they find it hard to be in a good mood. Also, they usually welcome stressful times in no time. When responsibilities approach them, they feel a load on themselves, which makes their life challenging and a little hard.

Sun number 8

Individuals who have Sun number 8 are risk-takers. These people love to make appearances in the life of the people. Moreover, they love to dwell at the moment. However, on the other hand, they act impulsively in situations that look hard to them. These people are bold and courageous. Usually, people like to hide behind their back in needful times. Generally, natives with Sun number 8 love to make their own rules and prefer to stay in the protocol.

Moreover, those who have Sun number 8 don’t think of the past and believe to live life their way. They think through everything before they make a final decision. These people are also great at bending rules and usually focus on their professional life more than anything else. People with this Sun number in numerology are usually not good at expressing themselves. Therefore, they never miss a chance with their loved ones, how special they are to them.

Folks with Sun number 8 in numerology are also great leaders. They love to be a part of a company that pays more focus on creating and exploring new ways to achieve heights and pays attention to solutions more than problems.

Sun number 9

Sun number 9 in numerology is considered one of the most powerful numbers in numerology. These people are highly philosophical and spiritual in their behavior. Moreover, they possess immense empathy towards people who are mean to them. They like to connect with people who are full of inspiration. However, they connect well with natives who understand empathy and mannerism. These people don’t let anybody rule them. Therefore, it won’t be wrong to say that they possess a practical approach to life.

People with Sun number 9 are productive beings and usually take the initiative in things that look challenging to others. These people work on their self-made ideologies. Hence, they love to follow the path they set for themselves without the involvement of others. The same sometimes gives them a superiority complex and makes them egoistic beings with a know-it-all attitude.

Furthermore, people with this Sun number in numerology are extremely dedicated to their work. They fear facing nothing and remain sorted in their lives and planning ahead. They follow a rhythm of great communication. Therefore, most people with Sun number 9 become easy to deal with in professional work especially.

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