Devi Matangi Kawach

Energized by Ujjwal Shashtri. Free Shipping.

When will it be delivered?

Kawach needs a very intensive Puja with Mantra Jaap and Hawan of 4-5 days. Once the product is highly energised, we pack the product and take 5-6 days to deliver it to your address. So, ideally within 9-11 days, your product will be delivered.

About Kawach

Matangi is a primary form of the all-powerful Goddess known in Hinduism as Devi. She appears most prominently as one of the Dasha Mahavidyas (Ten Wisdom Goddesses) of Tantric Hinduism, but may also be considered a more primal and fearful form of the popular Goddess Saraswati. Whereas Saraswati presides only over Creation, governing traditional knowledge and arts, Matangi also contains elements of Destruction -- by which She severs the attachments that bind humans to the mundane world, paving the way for more unorthodox and revolutionary forms of Creation, knowledge and art. She is called the Outcaste Goddess because She prefers to dwell outside the mainstream, and also because She facilitates the "polluting" process by which Divine Unstruck Sound is manifested on Earth in the form of human speech, literature and music. Meditation upon the esoteric aspects of Matangi provides a bottomless source of meaning, insight, and inspiration.

Please Note: The current cost listed here is for 50,000 mantra jaap. If you wish to get more powerful kawach and if Panditji has recommended you 75,000 jaap and 2,21,000 jaap, kindly select ADD-ON while filling the product intake form. This is a Non- Refundable/ Replacement Product.