Kawach Consultation Offer

Consult what kawach will solve your problem

Buy this product and you will be connected with your astrologer to know what kawach is best suited for you.

The Special Purpose Kavach, an amulet, is a protecting shield in the form of a silver pendant. It contains a special power kavach energized in a rarely available auspiciously elected time. It carries the spiritual blessings of the provider of the Special Purpose Kavach and is useful for those who are having serious planetary weaknesses and afflictions in their birth charts. It improves the strength of seriously afflicted and weak functional benefic planets in the natal chart. It provides the wearer better protection to the natal and transit afflictions. The preventive use of this Kavach is very useful. 

This kawach is used to help improve a person’s mental and emotional outlook, physical health, marriage, relationships, career, income, prosperity, spiritual progress — and all areas of life. The mystical pendant is said to be more powerful than wearing four to six gemstones, including the ruby, pearl, red coral, emerald, diamond, and blue or yellow sapphire. It is, however, far more economical than the thousands of dollars required to achieve the same remedial power with gemstones.