Mangal Kawach

Protects From Malefic effect of Mangal Grah

When will it be delivered?

Kawach needs a very intensive Puja with Mantra Jaap and Hawan of 4-5 days. Once the product is highly energised, we pack the product and take 5-6 days to deliver it to your address. So, ideally within 9-11 days, your product will be delivered.


In Hindu astrology, Mangal Vedic Mantra Jaap serves numerous benefits to an individual where Mars, a planet alternatively known as Mangal, Kuja and Angaraka, rules over our spiritual and mental energy. When placed in a weak position, it eventually harms an individual's self-confidence, determination, and also their physical well-being. When a proper Mangal Jaap is performed, an individual is relieved from stress, and various factors affecting their well-bieng. The Jaap will be performed with proper Vedic rituals and is very much beneficial for reducing troubles and difficulties, anxiety and severe stress faced by an individual.

Please Note: The current cost listed here is for 50,000 mantra jaap. If you wish to get more powerful kawach and if Panditji has recommended you 75,000 jaap and 2,21,000 jaap, kindly select ADD-ON while filling the product intake form. This is a Non- Refundable/ Replacement Product.