Kaal Sarp Dosha Puja

Online puja with Video and Consultation By the Astrologer


Kal means that death and Sarpa means snake. The person born under Kal Sarpa Yog passes through sufferings and agonies throughout the life. Astrologically, when the planets alternative than the outer planets are beneath the nodal influence of Rahu and Ketu, this conjunction is treated as “Sarpa Dosha” or “Kaal Sarpa Dosha”. In other words Sarpa Dosha is mentioned to be happened once all the planets are hemmed on one facet between Rahu and Ketu.

Puja Place

Nearby Temple as per the Astrologer's Location

Puja Benefits

  • To get rid from misery and annoyance caused by kal sarp dosha in kundli vamtantra recommend to go for the kaal sarp dosha nivaran puja conducted by us to urge immediate relief and feel comfort from disappointment & misfortune.
  • By doing kaal sarp dosha shanti pooja all the above mentioned ill effects are reduced and fruitful results are obtained along with procuring the blessings of ancestors. Childless couples and persons once perform this pooja are benefited to a nice extent.

Impacts Of Kaal Sarp

  •    Problems and breaks in vital and auspicious work.
  •    Low Mental peace
  •    Low self-confidence
  •    Deterioration of health and reduces longevity
  •    Poverty and destruction of wealth.
  •    Destruction of business and loss of job
  •    Anxiety and unnecessary Tensions
  •    Bad Relations with family members and friends
  •    Treachery from friends and colleagues
  •  Very less facilitate from relatives and friend

Our Promise:

  • Vedic professional and experienced priests.
  • All rituals follow Vedic Standards and Procedures.
  • High quality samagri to ensure a pleasant puja experience.
  • Guaranteed Punctuality and Authenticity.
  • Professional Guidance & Support.

Once you book the puja, we need some details from you like your name, Date of Birth etc to get a Shubh muhurat to start the puja. Once that is calculated by the astrologer,  we will inform you and will start the puja by taking sankalp with your name. Once the puja is completed, you will be getting videos of the same. Also, prasad(if included) will be delivered to your address as parcel.

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