Nepal Origin 3 Mukhi Rudraksha

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In the horoscope, if Mars is not in a good state or there are obstacles in marriage etc., then you should wear Trimukhi Rudraksha. Three Mukhi Rudraksha removes mangalik dosha, besides Mars is also the causative planet of abortion or feticide. If you are struggling with such problems, then you must wear three faced Rudraksha.Three Mukhi Rudraksh is also most special because it is related to Agni Dev and it is said to be the form of Sakshat Agni Dev. This Rudraksha is worn for purity of mind.The product is 100% natural and thus no harm in the quality as well as shape of the Rudraksha will be seen. Being a natural product, the Rudraksha will provide you a peaceful experience.

Benefits of wearing  3 Mukhi Rudraksha:

a) If you are always ill due to the inauspiciousness of Mars, then you should wear a pendant made of three Mukhi Rudraksh, due to its      effects from smallpox, liver disease, hemorrhoids, blood related problems, cholera, menstrual related diseases then will get liberation from     these.

b) After wearing pendants made of three Mukhi Rudraksh, self-strength increases, negative thoughts do not arise in the mind.

c) Due to the effect of this Rudraksh, you get desired success in the field of education. Competition also gives good success.

d) Due to the nature of fire, after wearing this Rudraksha, the fire god is pleased and you get his blessings, wealth and opulence are attained.

e) Business or job progresses very quickly, money starts coming in, poverty is removed.

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