Nepal Origin 8 Mukhi Ruduraksha

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The wearer gets relief from ill effects of Rahu. The person does not get affected by the bad times which are given by Rahu. The wearer gets freedom from untimely death and fears of various kinds. It is believed that the wearer becomes a “gan” or the “friends” of Lord Shiva after death. It is helpful in getting knowledge, prestige, authority. The wearer gets the boon of bathing in the Ganges. It signifies the eighth “siddhis” of the Hindus and Lord Bhairav also becomes happy on the wearer of this Rudraksha. It is considered to be a part of Bhairava himself by some people.The product is 100% natural and thus no harm in the quality as well as shape of the Rudraksha will be seen. Being a natural product, the Rudraksha will provide you a peaceful experience.

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