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Theta Healing

Do you ever feel that your mind is muddled with so much at a point in time that it begins to feel physically heavy? Well, it is the result of stress and fatigue that we subject ourselves to on a regular basis. However, despite knowing it, instead of trying to ward off this stress, we often choose to overlook the same and end up displacing the chakras in the body and so our peace of mind and health eventually. The loss of health, thus, makes us unproductive, and the result is that we fail to enjoy life. Horrific, right? 

Nevertheless, luckily there are many ways to summon the lost balance and peace of mind back into our lives. And what are those ways, you might ask? Well, if it were 200 AD, we would have recommended that you head towards the mystic jungles of India to witness peace and tranquillity (which you can even today), but accessing that your work schedule, family and other such commitments would stop you from doing so, we bring you the luxury of ThetaHealing. 

Theta Healing, for the unaware, is a form of energy healing technique that produces spiritual, psychological and physical healing. When you become a part of the ThetaHealing session aka are in the theta state of mind, you are able to connect with the creator of things and are in his protection that eventually enlightens us, relaxes us, and also allows us new perspectives to look at. ThetaHealing is especially recommended for teens, women and all those who like to explore what their emotional state is capable of. 

The meditative technique that Theta is involves a client and a practitioner where both are in a Theta brainwave state, meaning, are in an altered consciousness where brainwaves are slowed to a relaxed mode. Theta Healing is a fusion of science and spirit where the practitioner tries to alter or control energy, atoms and physical particles in order to allow the body the conditions it needs to heal, grow and breathe better.

As the session progresses, you express yourself better in front of the practitioner. You share with them your worries, your fears, the happiness you seek and much more. And as you do so, you feel revealed, light and full of energy. The practitioner, meanwhile, using their skills, tries to understand you. The Theta Healing technique works on the belief that a person's conscious and unconscious mind directly impacts their emotional well-being, which may impact their physical health. And health, being the most precious asset, must be taken care of. Thus, ThetaHealing is all about helping you mould into your best shape.  

ThetaHealing can also be conducted over a phone or video call and allows the same benefits as a physical session would. The capability of the theta practitioner to conduct the healing session over a phone is a luxury for individuals who, firstly are introvert, and secondly struggle at travelling long distance due to reasons they would know better. 

Benefits of Theta Healing 

Talking about the benefits of Theta Healing, here are some of the most renowned benefits of Theta that we know of:

  • If you are an introvert who finds it tough to open up about their feelings but wish to, then ThetaHealing can do the job for you. From the worst to the happiest, during the ThetaHealing session, you are inspired to share whatever makes you lighter and helps you relax.
  • ThetaHealing is proven to put an end to your phobia and fears as once you share them with the practitioner, they allow you to see them as a challenge that could make you stronger. 
  • ThetaHealing is also known to aid physical illness. Most of the illnesses are cured due to metabolism, and Theta improves the metabolism and allows you to feel better. 
  • ThetaHealing also assists you in becoming more confident as you are able to share your fears, which is the bravest thing that not each one of us can do. 
  • ThetaHealing sessions are recommended for someone who has an addiction and finds it difficult to cope up with it. 
  • ThetaHealing can also help you excel in your career and life goals as it reveals to you your creative potential. This healing is best recommended for teenagers who are confused about their life goals. 

What happens during a ThetaHealing session? 

A ThetaHealing session usually lasts for half an hour to an hour and a half. In a physical state, the practitioner would use a tool named digging to begin the session. This tool allows the practitioner to transverse (virtually) into the numerous layers that you are made of. The motive is to reach the last layer and shift it as when the bottom layer is shifted, the one's above it will consequently change and the individual will be free of limits and will not have to pass through early traumas. An online Theta session is trying to virtually expose that last layer, which allows you an abundance of prosperity and rescues you from your fears. 

So if you are lured enough to try the virtues of ThetaHealing for yourself, then all you need to do is book the ThetaHealing session with the top Theta professionals we have on board. To do the same, you can either search theta healing practitioner near me or theta healing india to find us in Google or book the Theta session from AstroMall or simply call us on +91 960 604 7081.

Theta Healing - FAQs

In Theta Healing, we talk about the creator, who is the creator? 

The Creator in ThetaHealing is the spirit that binds all things in existence. In the protection of the Creator during the Theta session, you feel enlightened.

How to select a Theta Healing practitioner?

When selecting a Theta Healing practitioner near me in India , make sure you find one with whom you are most comfortable as you would eventually tell them about your fears, happy moments and much more. 

What should I do before a theta healing session?

Drink plenty of water before the Theta session. It is important to be fully hydrated, this will allow your muscle testing to be clear and strong.

How long does the theta healing session last?

A ThetaHealing session lasts for somewhere around one to one and a half hours. 

Can theta healing be done over the phone?

ThetaHealing sessions can be in person or over the phone/video. Distance is not a factor. It depends on what you prefer.

What do I have to pay for theta healing session? 

Each practitioner sets their own price when it comes to Theta. The number of hours also influences the price at times.

How do I register for the seminar?  

To register for a ThetaSession, you can either book the session from AstroMall or simply call us on +91 960 604 7081.

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