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Sun Transit 2023 Dates, Time, Predictions & Remedies

In Vedic astrology, the Sun is described as the soul of man. Its rays affect everything. The Sun revolves around the entire zodiac in a year. It enters every zodiac sign once every month. In whichever zodiac sign the Sun transits, its effect on all other zodiac signs is felt similarly. It is believed that the Sun transit 2023 will illuminate everything on the natives variably.

The Sun is a fire element, a Kshatriya character. It is considered a symbol of red color and it is the lord of the East direction. The Sun is favorable for the Moon, Mars, and Jupiter, while opposes Venus, Saturn, and Rahu-Ketu. But the Sun stays in an ordinary house with Mercury. Sun has great importance in Hinduism as it is considered the father of the world. There is immense power in the Sun God and according to astrology, it helps in giving success and bestowing high positions and prestige in various places. When the Sun God changes from one zodiac to another, it affects all the zodiac signs.

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Meaning of Sun transit in astrology

The period when the Sun moves from one sign to another is called the transit of the Sun. In astrological significance, Surya means 'Self'. The astrological color of the Sun is orange. Sun spends about 30 days in one zodiac and takes 1 year to complete all 12 signs. Hence, the transit of the Sun in houses is an important factor in predicting favorable results. In this article, we will learn about the effect of Sun transit in different zodiac signs.

Sun transit 2023 date and time

Date & Day Transiting From Transiting To Timing
14 January 2023, Saturday Sagittarius Capricorn 08:58 PM
13 February 2023, Monday Capricorn Aquarius 09:57 AM
15 March 2023, Wednesday Aquarius Pisces 06:47 AM
14 April 2023, Friday Pisces Aries 03:12 PM
15 May 2023, Monday Aries Taurus 11:58 AM
15 June 2023, Thursday Taurus Gemini 06:29 PM
17 July 2023, Monday Gemini Cancer 05:19 AM
17 August 2023, Thursday Cancer Leo 01:44 PM
17 September 2023, Sunday Leo Virgo 01:43 PM
18 October 2023, Wednesday Virgo Libra 01:42 AM
17 November 2023, Friday Libra Scorpio 01:31 AM
16 December 2023, Saturday Scorpio Sagittarius 04:10 PM

Let us now read in detail the effects of Sun transit in 2023 in all the houses.

Sun transit 2023 in Aries

Sun transit will affect Aries in many ways in the New Year 2023. The natives of this zodiac will feel energetic during this time. He will feel child-like energy in himself. These are good signs though and during the Sun transit 2023, if the native wants, they can use his energy in a good way. But as we all know, children are very playful. When they are energetic and enthusiastic, during the transit period, they might not understand how to use their energy. Therefore, during the 2023 Sun transit, Aries people are advised to use their energy in the right direction and not misuse it.

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During the transit period, if you misuse it, it will only harm you. Certainly, that would not be correct. The ego may increase too and it will harm you in many ways. Your relationship with your acquaintances may deteriorate causing a bad effect on your work life. However, some good results can also be seen in this period, as at this time the people of this zodiac can invest their energy in some new work. They will be expected to be successful. The harder you work, the more you will get results.


  • Chant the Ram Raksha Stotra in the morning daily.

Sun Transit 2023 in Taurus

2023 Surya Gochar will expose your stubborn nature. In some ways, it can prove to be good for you, while in some ways it can be bad for you. Your stubborn nature will motivate you to work harder towards your goal. In this way, you will move towards your goal. But with all this, your inclination will increase more towards luxury things. As a result, you will unknowingly end up spending more. The extra cost is not in anyone's favor. Therefore you are suggested to spend only as much as is necessary.

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During this period, Taurus men and women shall enjoy the benefits of yoga being formed and you will go to good restaurants and have dinner or lunch there. But again our astrologers at Astrotalk would advise you to avoid spending extra. It is also not wise to show off in front of others. Instead of spending extravagantly, go for a walk around. Take a walk in the shade of nature. By doing this you will not only feel good but you will also feel mentally relaxed. During this period, you must connect with nature in some form or the other. will be beneficial for you.


  • Offer water to the Sun in a copper vessel every morning.

Sun transit 2023 in Gemini

The transit of the Sun will bring many changes in your life. You will be more social during this period. For Gemini men and women will have to sit with as many people as possible. You will even get a chance to go out somewhere with your friends. Adventure trip sum is being formed. Apart from this, the yoga of going to many more places is also being made. You can go to a tourist area with your friends. Also, you can enjoy the beauty there. During the planetary transit 2023, natives will be very refreshing for you.

Make a plan to hang out with your close ones, especially with friends. As far as the negative impact that Sun transit in 2023 will have on you is that if you do not change your routine, you may get bored with your work. This boringness will prevent you from doing better, which is not only good for work but also for your personal life.


  • Meditate in front of the Surya Yantra regularly.

Sun Transit 2023 in Cancer

The transit period in 2023 will be very good for family reconciliation and affect your feelings. Cancer signs people usually hide their feelings. However, the transit of the Sun will expose your hidden feelings to others. This situation can affect you in both ways. If the feelings are positive, it will be good for the love, relationship, and family relations of Cancer men and women.

If this does not happen, your negative emotions are exposed, and the situation can be reversed. In the future, you have to be prepared for its consequences. But Sun transit has brought good news for you that during this period you will spend a good time with your friends and family. There is a possibility of partying or going for a walk together. If you are married and have children, then you must take extra care of your children during this period.


  • Respect the father or fatherly figure people, especially during the transit period.

Sun Transit 2023 in Leo

The maximum effect of the Sun's transit will be on your nature. You will not realize it though. You will be seen giving orders to others. You would not do this intentionally. But this will happen automatically. Not only this, these days you will enjoy gossiping about others. You will gossip a lot with people unnecessarily. If you are surprised by your behavior, don't fret. After some time, it will also fix itself.

These conditions will remain till the Sun transit in 2023 will be there for Leo men and women. There is good news for you too. These days your fashion sense will change a lot. You will easily be attracted to glamor. Others will also be greatly influenced by your dressing sense. For this time it is being suggested to you not to be rude to others and as much as possible, use good words while interacting with people.


  • Perform Surya Namaskar daily in the morning.

Sun Transit 2023 in Virgo

Virgo men and women usually live their life very carefully and cautiously. It is believed for these people that these people are quite stable. Always like to stay grounded. That's why these people take every decision in their life very carefully. But due to the Sun transit 2023, these people will be seen to be very careless. Since these people keep their life very balanced already, they will not suffer any tangible loss from it.

On the contrary, you will feel more balanced than before. During the Surya Gochar in 2023, your attention will also be on those small things, which you have never paid attention to before. You will be more social than before and will do good work related to philanthropy. Moreover, Virgo natives will also do something for the betterment of the people. Despite all this, you are advised to avoid overthinking things and not criticize others at all as both these things can hurt your personality.


  • Donate jaggery and wheat to the poor and needy on Sunday.

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Sun Transit 2023 in Libra

Sun transit 2023 in Libra sign shall mark the beginning of Autumn Equinox. With this transit will happen, you will feel very traditional and cultural. All this will be good for you. Some people shall make efforts to bond in a new relationship. But, if you are already in a relationship, your love for them will deepen. You will feel more responsible towards them. Very small, but important things will be involved in your nature. For example, if you go out with your partner or future partner, then you will give more importance to the restaurant, the place of their choice. Similarly, opening the car door for them, pulling the chair for the partner while sitting on the chair, etc. will be seen doing the work of Libra people.

All these things will make them feel good from the inside. Your partner will also like your behavior. As already mentioned, you will feel more traditional, this will also affect your dress. You will carry a traditional dress-up. It will have a good effect on your personality. During the planetary transit 2023, you can visit museums or historical artifacts for refreshments. Also, have an intellectual discussion and enjoy the day. Your romance will be at its peak these days. Your friends will also be very happy with you. This will also affect your other relationships.


  • Avoid incorporating extra salt in your food.

Sun Transit 2023 in Scorpio

You need to be very careful during the transit of the Sun in 2023. Do not trust your close ones too much during this period. Moreover, in many such cases, incidents will come to the fore, of which you were not even aware. Some of these cases may be good, some may be bad. How beneficial or harmful this will be for you, will be known only after the matter comes to light. In such a situation, you need to be vigilant both personally and professionally.

The real face of many of your supporters will come to the fore. Because of them, you may have to face many problems. Moreover, for Scorpio natives, the planetary transit 2023 foretells that success or your good nature will become a matter of envy for people. So only your acquaintances will think of harming you. If you want to avoid them, take precautions beforehand. Many of your acquaintances may also think of taking revenge on you. But don't get distracted by these and keep your temper under control.


Sun Transit 2023 in Sagittarius

This year, Sun transit in Sagittarius sign will make you feel optimistic and very practical. Both of these things are positive for you. But be careful before making any kind of decision. Know its pros and cons thoroughly before making a decision. Don't overlook its long-term consequences either. Moreover, as per the planetary transit 2023 predictions, Sagittarius men and women shall possess great energy to multitask. It's a good thing. Because of this, you will be able to do many things at the same time.

Ahead, Surya Gochar 2023 predicts that natives will feel more enthusiastic doing each task. This is because the energy received due to the transit of the Sun will give you more benefits. Despite this, your mind will remain unstable. You will get restless over small things. If you do not control this nature of yours, damage can happen. Overall, the point is to say that even if the time is good for you, only the decisions taken by you will give you the right results.


  • Offer water to the planet Sun in the morning regularly.

Sun Transit 2023 in Capricorn

Capricorn natives are very dependable. Hence, during the Surya Gochar 2023, you will keep your things more organized than before. It will not happen only in your work life, but you will behave the same way in your personal life as well. With this, you will remove the non-essential things from around you. These things are highlighting your positive side. Getting rid of old and useless things takes you forward. It is also pointing toward better results.

This transit period in 2023 will be good for clearing up your many pending tasks. However, sometimes you will feel too burdened. Because of this, you will feel that what you are doing is not right or the result will not be right. Our astrologers at Astrotalk suggest you get out of such thinking. See the positive side of everything. Anyway, when everything is going well, then negative things should not be given a place in the mind.


  • Post wearing footwear, wash your hands properly.

Sun Transit 2023 in Aquarius

Sun transit 2023 will have a mixed effect on the people of Aquarius. During this period, your mood will often be hot, that is, you will be angry. You will be unnecessarily angry at others and you can even insult them during the conversation. Not only this, if you are given any work in the office, you will complete it with prejudice. Because of this, you will not give your hundred percent to your work nor will you make any kind of compromise with others. this is not right. Your rude behavior towards people will not be right.

You should not only treat your co-workers well but also treat your loved ones well. By not doing so, you will end up hurting everyone around you. They will turn away from you unwillingly. Even if the situation or your nature is not in your control, you are still advised to use restrained language. Control your words while conversing with someone. During this period, you will be of great help to others, especially those who are poor and needy. It's a good thing. Along with this, if you are involved in creative work, then it will also be good; Because at this time, your creativity will be at its peak. That is, whatever work you do related to this field will be beneficial for you.


  • Maintain respectful relationships with fatherly figure people in your family.

Sun Transit 2023 in Pisces

As per the Sun transit 2023 predictions, the period will be very good for the native of this sign. During this time their curiosity will increase. Especially for a magical world that no one knows about. Their inquisitive nature will lead them towards betterment. This will give them a lot of knowledge. Along with this, their many other types of skills will also increase. If the people of this zodiac are not able to decide about their career, then they can opt for a field like art, politics, literature, music, poetry, and writing. You will do well in these areas. Anyway, you will automatically be attracted to these areas during this period. But you are especially advised not to think excessively about anything. Your very emotional nature can affect your ability to think and understand. this is not right. This will make you feel emotionally weak. As a result, you will feel that time is joking with you. However, it is not like that. Keep your thinking under control. Work well and hard. The results will be good.


  • Avoid being in trouble with government officials.

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How long does the Sun stay in one zodiac sign?

There is no exact answer to how long the Sun will be in the zodiac. Sometimes the Sun crosses a zodiac sign in just one 29 days. Whereas sometimes it takes 32 days. 

To whom is the Sun related?

Sun represents life, energy, positivity, clarity, and confidence. It has a profound effect on all the zodiac signs. It affects the life of every human being. The importance of the sun has been accepted for centuries. It is one of the most revered symbols.

What happens when the Sun transits to the fifth house?

When Sun transits in the fifth house, its effect leads to mental confusion. It affects all the members of the family. Also, the children in the house may have to face health-related problems. Apart from this, there may be a dispute with higher officials or government officials at the workplace.

What happens when the Sun enters Gemini?

Sun transit in Gemini improves their communication skills. The people of this zodiac are very liberal and take care of the interests of others. This is the reason why people often blindly trust the decisions taken by them. The good thing about them is that people of this zodiac do not break the trust of others. Try your best to live up to the expectations of others. These people are humble, and honest by nature.

What happens when the Sun enters Libra?

As is known to all, Libra signifies balance. Peace and harmony are maintained with the Sun in Libra. All this plays an important role in connecting with others, providing beauty, and calming the soul.

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