Five of Cups


Five of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

Key meanings (Upright): Trauma, loss, sorrow, tragedy, undesired change, emotional immaturity, concentrating on loss, focusing on negative feelings, misery, lost opportunity, regret, despair, rejection, guilt, remorse, regret

Key meanings (Reversed): Starting to move forward, accepting assistance, recovering from trauma, forgiving others, rejoining society, releasing emotions, letting go of remorse or shame, letting go of sorrow, and overcoming hopelessness

Five of Cups tarot card description

The Five of Cups is one of those Tarot cards whose visual instantly conjures up unfavourable feelings. This card represents grief and the difficult obstacles that result from that specific event. A person wearing a black robe is depicted on the card. The individual appears to be in despair as he covers his face. There are five cups on the ground, but only two of them are still upright. Three of the cups have dropped.

However, the person doesn't appear to realise that there are two standing cups since they are too preoccupied with grieving for the lost ones. Between him and a mansion or a castle in the distance, a strong river flows, signifying a flood of feelings. The Five of Cups depicts a man standing above three knocked-over cups, signifying his regrets and shortcomings, while wearing a long black robe.

Two cups behind him stand for possibilities and new prospects, but because he is fixated on his shortcomings, he overlooks the possibilities in front of him. If only he could get his mind off the tipped cups, a footbridge in the distance spans a comprehensive, swiftly moving stream and leads to the safety of the palace.

Five of Cups (Upright)

Reversed Five of Cups tarot card meaning
Five of Cups

The Five of Cups represents dissatisfaction and the emotions that arise when events don't turn out the way you had anticipated. You feel disappointed since a condition hasn't exactly worked out the way you had hoped. This card seems to indicate that you are stuck in the past and feeling sorry for yourself rather than shifting to a more optimistic outlook. You may have lost an opportunity based on the water that has actually leaked from the cups.

It demonstrates that the issue is primarily a psychological one rather than a materialistic or financial one. The Five of Cups interpretation suggests that you could struggle to let go of things in history. The card frequently represents a person utterly unwilling to move on because he is so mired in the past. This implies that he stands a reasonable possibility of losing out on any potential future delights. The Five of Cups Tarot card can represent melancholy, loss, isolation, and sorrow in a broad sense. When this card occurs, it's a sign that your attention is on the bad. This can be the effect of a trauma or unfavourable shift you have gone through.

When this card occurs, it's a sign that your attention is on the bad. This card, also known as the Minor Arcana's "abandonment" card, can either reflect your abandonment of plans or people in your life or the abandonment of someone you hold dear. It may also be a sign of isolation or loneliness. However, this card has a positive message despite all the potential wrong meanings. The person pictured on the card is sobbing over the spilt cups while appearing unaware that two of the cups are still upright. This serves as a reminder that there is always a silver lining, regardless of how negative things might appear to be for a person.

Love and Relationship (Upright)

There may be a time of grieving for you right now, and you may have a lot to be sad about. Perhaps you're going through a separation of some kind, or if not, you and your spouse are having conflict and disputes. To know that not all is gone, nevertheless, is helpful. The 5 of Cups in a tarot love reading denotes emotional loss, but it also suggests that you can be ignoring what can still be saved and what has endured. These frequently contain the spark of hope. The 5 of Cups tarot love meaning indicates that there are as many things to be happy about as there are things to be sad about. If the Five of Cups appears in a love Tarot spread and you are single, it may mean that you are overtaken with sorrow or melancholy over a previous connection that didn't seem to work out.

Due to your disappointment, you can feel as though "The One" slip through your fingers and be blind to other people's intentions. You might also feel overcome by sorrow, sadness, or repentance. Possibly as a result of errors you committed in a previous relationship. The Five of Cups indicates the loss of a loved one because it is also a card of sorrow. It may also signify that you are not mentally fully engaging in your current relationship because you may still hold sentiments for an ex. If so, you must struggle to overcome these emotions if you want your dating life to succeed. The Five of Cups can alternatively stand for desertion or suggest that your relationship is strained because of your fear of abandonment.

Finance (Upright)

A shortage of resources may be indicated by the Five of Cups in a monetary tarot reading. You could be experiencing a significant financial loss. In order to regain your economic stability at this stressful time, you may need to watch your spending to make sure you are not being wasteful. More than ever, it's crucial to keep an optimistic perspective on your circumstances. Fortunately, this card typically indicates that there are still many things you can do to improve the situation, so consider your resources and skill set to see what you can do to make up for the loss.

It is reasonable to anticipate a financial loss in the near future. You might have given a buddy a loan of money that they have yet to repay, or perhaps a venture didn't work out as you had intended. Making sure your remaining funds are in order will help you get through this time the best way possible. Instead of thinking too badly, keep being the kind of person you have always been. It will ultimately pay off.

Career (Upright)

The Five of Cups in a career setting might represent a job loss or the failure of a firm. If you own a business, it could also mean that a partner or employee has left the organisation, that you have closed shop, or that you have given up on a particular business idea. Even if this suggests an undesired, challenging shift in policy, there is still plenty you can learn from, so try not to allow your rage, frustration, or hopelessness to consume you. It might also stand for a career in trauma or group therapy. The Five of Cups in a financial Tarot spread can represent a financial loss; therefore, now is not the time to invest or spend carelessly.

In a career reading, the Five of Cups could portend the loss of a position. You can feel defeated, dissatisfied, and uninspired due to this incident. However, you must remember that when one door closes, another one likely opens in a different part of your life. You won't have the energy to look for a new chance if you spend too much time thinking negatively about the circumstance. Even if being unemployed for a short period is difficult, you must look on the bright side. You have a fantastic chance, which might even be greater than the one you passed.

Health (Upright)

The Five of Cups can represent adverse problems producing mental health problems in a health context. It may stand for sadness or grief that causes anxiety, a tendency to withdraw that causes anxiety attacks in public settings, or panic disorder. Try to venture back into the outside world. Begin with baby steps, like a private coffee date with a close friend, and gradually reorient yourself to the outside world. A trained therapist may be able to help you if you're having trouble. The Five of Cups frequently indicates problems with your mental health regarding your physical well-being.

Distress and anxiety are two possible manifestations of these problems. You might run into more like these if you don't care about yourself. Also, make sure you follow the proper advice possible. Any harmful activity would lead you to a downfall. Moreover, getting this card in the tarot card session indicates that some of your past medical issues might arise again. It may harm you intensely and make you feel lethargic.

Five of Cups (Reversed)

Reversed Five of Cups tarot card meaning
Five of Cups

The Five of Cups in reverse indicates that you have lately had a significant hardship or defeat. You can feel like a "failure" and not want others to know you went in the wrong direction. Or you might be choosing to keep your thoughts to yourself because you're not ready to share them with others. But perhaps this is the right time to start talking. Don't be hesitant to ask for assistance or to communicate with someone you trust because others may not realise how much agony you are now experiencing. You could find that doing so lessens your emotional suffering. Sharing your emotions with others will make you visualise that you can get through this short-term obstacle.

The Five of Cups in this position urges you to make due with less, be more appreciative of what you do have, and reduce your budget. Something cannot be lost if it is truly yours. An unhealthy emotional attachment may be the cause of your loss-related feelings. You can be setting yourself up for disappointment if you make promises that you can't keep. We are obliged to accept our limitations because we overestimate our capabilities. Be thankful that only three of the five cups were lost when the cups dropped. Two remain whole, spotless, and brimming with holy vitality.

Never hold onto a setback. Think about the opportunity. The card may also represent how the unpleasant emotions of the upright card have been extended or stretched out. The Five of Cups reversed, on the other hand, typically denotes that you are prepared to start re-entering society. You are letting go of the past and letting go of your emotional turmoil and unfavourable feelings. With the guidance of this Minor Arcana card in your Tarot reading, you might also be ready to accept assistance from others nearby.

Love and Relationship (Reversed)

The Five of Cups Tarot card in reversed position in a Love Tarot reading can suggest that you have seen beyond your regrets or grief about your previous relationships and are prepared to move on if you are single. You're starting to realise how many romantic opportunities surround you. You're beginning to reintegrate into life and venture outside once more to socialise. You may now let go of the hurt that others have given you. Alternatively, it can mean that you're still clinging to the unfavourable emotions associated with the card's upright position, which is harmful to your future.

If you are having trouble getting rid of these emotions, you might want to consider coaching or therapy. The Five of Cups reversed suggests that if you are in a relationship, you may be prepared to forget the previous transgressions to go on with your partner. It denotes a period of reconciliation and relationship restoration. Alternately, it might mean that you're still clinging to old hurt, preventing the relationship from moving forward. If you're in a relationship, the Five of Cups in reverse means letting go of the past and moving on with your spouse.

Finance (Reversed)

The reversed Five of Cups might represent peace and an end to a recent financial loss or upheaval period. You can discover new routes to financial security by overcoming your losses. You may have used the remaining funds to fund a worthwhile endeavour, such as a venture or a side hustle enhancing your financial security. Be happy with your accomplishments.

The Five of Cups reversed in a financial situation denotes that things should be getting better after a period of financial struggle. It may also allude to issues with or disagreements around an inheritance. Be more appreciative of what you already have. Now is the time to get inspired and accept that you can contribute just as much as anyone else. The secret is to embrace your true passions, learn to take yourself, and think positively.

Career (Reversed)

Recovering is shown by the Five of Cups reversed. This Minor Arcana tarot card indicates that you have all you need to go through these difficult times in your career if you have recently experienced one, such as a redundancy, loss of employment, or business failure. You can now make up part of your losses. Healing is coming, and you may discover that despite the pain you felt, these setbacks helped you land a far more suitable job. Additionally, you may feel less of the tension and agony you've been under due to these issues.

The Five of Cups reversed might signify getting back on your feet after a layoff or other career setback. It can also mean starting over after suffering a setback or having a business partner desert you. You may even discover that you can recover some of your damages or recover the firm or a side of the business and turn it into something even better when this Minor Arcana card appears in a reversed position in your Tarot spread. After losing a job position, a business manager, or a professional endeavour that you put a lot of effort into, you're beginning to get back up and running.

Health (Reversed)

In a health Tarot reading, the Five of Cups reversed suggests that the key to addressing whatever health concerns you are currently facing is to allow yourself to let go of previous pain and connect yourself to constructive healing energy. A little energy healing might help you if you're having trouble letting go of resentment.

The Five of Cups reversed indicates that resolving any health issues you may be experiencing will require letting go of previous sorrow. The healing may be helpful if you're having problems letting go of negativity. Reversed Five of Cups can signify that you are emerging from a time of severe loss or sorrow and are prepared for a new beginning and spiritual journey.

The suffering you've gone through has taught you some crucial karmic lessons, and you're letting it transform you into a kindlier, more spiritual, and more sympathetic person. Alternatively, you can be unwilling to let the past go and wallow in your suffering. This will prevent you from moving forward on your spiritual path and learning your karmic lessons. Ask the cosmos to assist you in your healing as you give the universe your sadness and pain.

Five of Cups: One Card Pull

One card pull is done when you want to have straight to the point and quick answers. It is for the time when you wish to know specific answers in the form of Yes or No. So, if you are going through any tough situation or are stuck in a dilemma getting a one-card pull is always helpful. Post shuffling the card, you can choose one from the deck. Depending on your question, you shall get the answer to the question. The results for one card pull in the Five of Cups tarot card is:

Upright position:The Five of Cups is a resounding "no." This tarot card connotes a profound sense of loss, disappointment, and general unhappiness. The Five of Wands frequently occurs when something hasn't gone as planned and has left you feeling stuck.

Reversed position:Reversed, the Five of Cups represents "yes." Reversing the Five of Cups conveys a message of acceptance and the ability to look on the bright side of things. It shows that you have drawn important lessons from your difficulties and are prepared to go.

Five of Cups Card for Timing

When intuition and emotions are inwardly directed, a significant occurrence is associated with the Five of Cups. Within the next three weeks, a hidden prophecy and an unexpected occurrence might be about to occur. When you reach the cards listed as number 5 in the Tarot, the timing changes. The Five of Cups indicates that anything you want or wonder about will develop gradually if your question concerns the timing of an event. Still, the influx will increase since the Water element denotes a flowing action that is constant but strong.

The 5th, 14th, and 23rd days of a month, or approximately, would be used to count it. Bearing in mind that everything you are asking for is coming, gradually developing over time, and becoming a consistent flow of benefits is how you should understand this.

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