Six of Swords


Six of Swords Tarot Card Meaning

Key meanings (Upright): Overcoming adversity, relief, stability, escape, fleeing, trips, travelling, and international travel are all associated with calmer waters, healing, progress, moving on, and moving forward

Key meanings (Reversed): Causing difficulty, upsetting the boat, modifying or abandoning plans, standing your ground, failing to make any progress, being imprisoned or delayed, stuck, or overwhelmed

Six of Swords tarot card description

The Six of Swords tarot card depicts a woman and a little kid being rowed across a body of water to land on the other side. The fact that the mother and the child are facing away from us suggests that they are leaving something behind, based on the photographs. The woman is wearing a cloak over her head, so possibly she is running away from something and needs to escape without anyone knowing who she really is. We can infer that she is grieving a huge loss or is really sad as a result. The Six of Swords has a number of symbolic meanings, including loss or transition as well as heading into a future that appears more promising than the one we left behind.

Compared to intuition and the heart, the six swords by the boat represent the strength of the rational mind. A mother and a young child are being rowed across a body of water in The Six of Swords in the direction of some neighbouring land. She is moving away from something in her past, and the covering on her head suggests sadness or loss. As they travel together, her infant clings to her body, seeking protection and warmth. Six swords are seen in the boat, indicating that the mother and child are still bringing baggage or memories from the past with them into the present. The sea ahead is calm, but the ocean to the boat's right is choppy. This visual symbolises that they are leaving a chaotic setting behind and moving toward a serene, encouraging environment.

Six of Swords (Upright)

Upright Six of Swords tarot card meaning
Six of Swords

Upright the Six of Swords indicates that you are going through a shift of some sort, but it is unsatisfactory and regretful. Most likely, the choices you made in the past have led to this shift, which requires you to let go of something in order to go forward. You must keep in mind that, despite your sadness, moving forward is the best course for your future. There will always be times in life when you must let go of items to which you have grown connected. It will be difficult. The Six of Swords also represents whatever sadness you may be experiencing, but you must keep in mind that the suffering will pass.

There will be moments in life when the only solution to a situation is to abandon it and start over. Even though it may seem like a cowardly course of action, when all other options have been exhausted, escape is the only option left. Plotting your new direction that will lead to happiness is the crucial step. In this situation, the Six of Swords suggests making plans based on your reason, clarity, and objectivity regarding where you are right now, where you've been, and where you want to go. Although intuition might be useful, logical thought is still necessary to assure success.

Love and Relationships (Upright)

If you are in a relationship, the Six of Swords in a love Tarot spread suggests that things are getting easier after a rough patch. Now is a good time for the relationship to advance because healing, stability, and open communication are all emerging. This Minor Arcana card also represents a time of healing if you are single. You've recovered from the heartbreak of past relationships and are prepared to move on. You might be feeling a little deflated if you worked really hard to make your last relationship work but it didn't, but resist the need to cling to that negativity.

Now that you have overcome the difficult times, you may make room in your life for a wholesome relationship. The card may represent a time of healing when you find the courage to leave an abusive relationship if that is the case. In a love tarot reading, the upright Six of Swords indicates a battle is about to come to an end. This can occasionally manifest as breaking up with someone or, alternately, as moving through a difficult period in your relationship and getting back together. In any event, it implies a desire to move on from the past and toward an uncertain but promising future.

Finances (Upright)

In a finance reading, the Six of Swords illustrates a departure from financial difficulties as you leave your past behind. Your financial situation may improve and you may no longer feel under a lot of pressure. Let prior events serve as a reminder to you to monitor your bank accounts as you achieve material stability. We frequently find ourselves unable to escape our financial problems, thus it is preferable to maintain responsibility in order to prevent problems from recurring. Also, it might represent overcoming hardship and release from financial issues if you have been experiencing financial difficulties.

You cannot escape from money problems; rather, if you desire long-lasting peace of mind, you must address your financial problems. Ahead, this Minor Arcana card foretells that your finances should advance nicely if things have been going well. Be careful not to become overconfident and to start wasting money. To determine if the financial storm is ahead of you or behind you, look at the placement and the supporting cards. The "Upright Six of Swords" indicates financial challenges you must have skipped. You can see a change in your financial situation when you feel less stressed.

Career (Upright)

It's possible that you're putting a challenging work phase behind you. You may feel peaceful and relieved as you move into a phase of work that is more laid-back. Your projects ought to be progressing steadily. These times can be a welcome improvement over the old ones. This card may occasionally also represent a recent transition into a job or role for which you are better suited. Ahead, it denotes that things at work are beginning to ease down. You might be transitioning into a more straightforward period of your professional life where everything is under control, you are achieving your objectives, and you are easily completing chores, or you might have changed to a job that is significantly better for you.

Furthermore, the Six of Swords (reversed) also represents relocating or travelling abroad for work. In terms of your career, you might be delaying a challenging work period. You may get a sense of relief and serenity as you start working in a more comfortable manner. Your projects ought to be progressing steadily. These times can be a pleasant change from earlier experiences. The recent change in your jobs or positions to something more suitable for you may also be indicated by this card.

Health (Upright)

The Six of Swords is regarded as a good card when it comes to your health since it suggests taking charge of your health and putting health issues behind you. You will be able to address any symptoms you may be having and get relief. Even if you might not feel inspired right away, keep your spirits up—you'll get there! Try your best to unwind and reduce your stress. The Six of Swords is typically a beneficial card when it appears since it might signify the control of acute sickness or the alleviation of symptoms.

Even though it seems as though recent events have taken their toll on you, you can still feel tired or lethargic. However, things should be improving, so keep a cheerful outlook. You would benefit much from taking a trip or getting away for the weekend. The Six of Swords is a lovely card to receive in a health tarot card reading session since it can represent the control of an acute illness or the alleviation of symptoms. Remember that things should be improving so don't lose hope.

Six of Swords (Reversed)

Reversed Six of Swords tarot card meaning
Six of Swords

In a general sense, the Six of Swords reversed denotes entering dangerous seas, making no progress, and throwing caution to the wind. This tarot card in a reading session represents feeling stuck, overwhelmed, constrained, and without anywhere to run, or it represents deciding to stand your ground. If this card shows up in your Tarot spread, you can anticipate some turbulence in your life since it represents instability, rocking the boat, difficulties, and tumultuous relationships. It also represents a slow healing process. The Six of Swords reversed can also indicate a return from vacation or travel that was interrupted or cancelled, a change or abandonment of plans, or eloping with another person. It may represent flooding or mishaps because of water.

Reversed, the Six of Swords depicts your efforts to advance and make the necessary transitions. You might, however, be having trouble making these a reality. You can find yourself going back to the past repeatedly if there are unresolved difficulties or if you are having second thoughts about your choices. You have been rejecting the transitions that life has for you, according to another interpretation of this card. You might feel compelled to move before you wanted to or you might not want to move at all. Instead of focusing on the negative aspects of the moves in this situation, consider their advantages.

When you get the Six of Swords reversed in a reading, it exhorts you to face your problems head-on and find creative ways to solve them. Any progress you might be making is always hampered by unresolved problems from the past. You will just be unable to move forward until you stop dwelling on the past. The Six of Swords reversed interpretation reveals that you are having trouble getting past disputes and stress. Anyway, it is also an indication to stay positive, and grow stronger, mentally.

Love and Relationships (Reversed)

If you get a reversed card in love reading and you are in a relationship, this means that things are stormy right now and you are going through a difficult time. It's possible that you feel overburdened, confined, or stuck, or that the relationship isn't developing as quickly as you would like. It can also be a sign that a third party is interfering with your relationship. This Minor Arcana card reversed may suggest that you will elope if you are getting married. If you are single, the Six of Swords reversed can portend a period of turmoil in your love life or just a period of inactivity or stagnation.

Currently, the scars from your past relationship are taking a long time to heal, and you can feel overburdened. This Minor Arcana card warns you to give yourself time to recover, even if it takes longer than you would want when it comes in reverse in your Tarot deck. You might find that you would have entered a new relationship before you have dealt with the lingering effects of the previous one. Examine your ties and decide what aspects of a good future you are ready to give up in order to maintain them.

Finances (Reversed)

Getting the Six of Swords (reversed) in a tarot card reading indicates that you might attempt to flee from financial difficulties. This is not the time to hide your head in the sand and run. You might feel as though you have no idea how to handle the situation, but with a little work and the help of a professional, you could be able to get your finances under control. Also, getting this card reversed in a tarot card session furthermore foretells that you are unsure of how to handle your money condition and are feeling overwhelmed.

To get your finances into balance now is an excellent moment to seek professional advice. In most cases, it is impossible to avoid financial problems. The only thing you can do is deal with them honestly and coolly when you confront them directly. Once you've done the work of genuinely accepting your situation, what first seems insurmountable may look a lot easier to tackle. Also, a minor suggestion that comes with the Six of Swords (reversed) card is that you must find a specialist who can assist you with your issue if you need assistance.

Career (Reversed)

Getting a Six of Swords in a tarot card reading session denotes turbulence in the workplace. You might be the target of a sabotage attempt at work, or you might feel stuck in a position you detest. Plans may be amended or canceled, projects may be delayed, or activities may take longer to complete. This card may also suggest that any business-related international travel may be delayed or canceled. You appear to be unable to escape your work problems no matter what you try. Your mental health may suffer as a result of the stress, arguments, and disputes that may occur at work. Even if you might want to quit, it feels as though you are stuck in this position for the time being and are unable to locate a better one.

This card can also occasionally imply that you might be the one stirring up conflict; perhaps you keep bringing up the same problems over and over again while harbouring resentments in spite of the other party's determination to go on. You may want to examine your own defensiveness and attitude to determine whether it is raising your stress levels. Be cautious that the same issues resurface if you do manage to leave this work. We can flee from a situation or a person, but not both.

Health (Reversed)

The Six of Swords reversed in a health tarot card reading suggests that healing from a disease or accident will take longer than you wish or anticipate. You can experience setbacks or delays in the healing process, making you feel as though your health is in limbo right now. You just need to find some balance and wait for the healing to happen as it needs to. Try not to let the instability you feel overwhelm you. Furthermore, it portends overcoming an ailment. It's time to start feeling more like yourself again.

You've fought for long enough. It's normal to feel exhausted because you might only be beginning to recuperate. With time, your strength will return because things are unquestionably going well for you. A sickness or injury seems to be taking longer than usual to recover when the Six of Swords appears reversed in a health reading for you. Your health might not be at its peak right now. However, this stage will quickly pass, so do not panic.

Six of Swords: One Card Pull

When you need concise, to-the-point solutions, only one card is pulled. It is used for situations where you need definite, Yes-or-No replies. Therefore, getting a one-card pull is usually beneficial if you are going through a difficult scenario or are trapped in a bind. After the card has been shuffled, you can pick one from the deck. You will receive the appropriate response to your query. The outcomes of one Six of Swords card pull are as follows:

Upright Position: Typically, the Six of Swords tarot card indicates a negative response to your query. This is due to the possibility that you feel stuck and unable to advance. You can think that you are powerless to escape your current predicament. It's time to ask for assistance from others to gain a different viewpoint.

Reversed Position: The Six of Swords typically indicates a "yes" to your inquiry when drawn in the reverse position. The flipped position suggests that you feel more in control of a circumstance and that you have hope for the future. The moment has come to start looking for solutions to your problems.

Six of Swords Card for Timing

The Six of Swords represents a significant notion that is first turned inward before being turned outward to address a challenge. This incident could happen in the coming hours or days. If you draw the Six of Swords in response to a query regarding the timing of an event, it means that everything you want or wonder about will come true, but it will take time because an Air element denotes movement and a quick one.

It would be difficult to say how soon that is because it may be wintertime or the seasons of the signs of Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius. It would also be counted in months, or around the 6th, 15th, or 24th of a month. The best approach to take this is to keep in mind that whatever it is you're inquiring about will eventually happen, even if it happens quickly or doesn't last for very long.

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