Emerald Gemstone- Benefits and Correct Way of Wearing

Emerald Gemstone- Benefit and Correct Way of Wearing

Emerald, since ancient times, is a potent gemstone with high astrological values. It is a considerably reflective stone. It is also known as Panna Rashi Ratan in the Hindi language. In Vedic Astrology, Emerald signifies Buddha or Mercury, the planet of intelligence. It imparts the positive energy of Mercury in your life. Primarily, a person with weak Mercury in their Horoscope may wear this gemstone. It influences Mercury’s effect on the life of the wearer.

With tremendous importance in Astrology, Mercury is the planet that represents all the sharp wit, humor, skills, grasping ability, speech, ability to present, confidence, and knowledge. Along with this, Mercury governs life aspects like intelligence, success in exams, good voice, education, skills, learning, and financial profit. It is an extremely auspicious planet for famous authors, news editors, media men, chartered accountants, artists, and lawyers. A strong Mercury in the Horoscope blesses you with success and joy. However, a weak Mercury makes you irrational, dull, and anxiety.

Emerald belongs to the precious Beryle Mineral family. It has significant importance both in Vedic and Western Astrology. Especially, for people born in May Emerald is extremely opulent. It is their Birthstone. With a mesmerizing vibrant appearance, it has an aura parallel to no gem. In addition to its enchanting beauty, it has mighty benefits to impart favorable effects of Mercury.

You may thus take the distinctive advantages of Mercury with the shimmering Emerald gemstone or Panna. It has a striking appeal amalgamated with great healing properties. Therefore, it has great value.

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Benefits of Wearing Emerald

  • Panna influences intellectual progress in your life. Along with your natural wisdom, it enhances the grasping capacity. It generates a better understanding, desire to learn, and harmony.
  • Mercury governs the area of creativity and art in your life. Wearing Emerald stone pour artistic ability, innovative ideas, and thoughtfulness.
  • For artists like a musician, fashion designer, painter, writer Panna can be immensely effective to boost creativity.
  • Panna boosts communication skills. It remarkably attracts a better, sheer manner of speech. Also, it generates confidence.
  • Emerald is considered extremely auspicious for businessmen. It brings profit in business.
  • If your child has a trouble in learning and is weak in studies, Emerald can draw a magical effect on them. For children with a lack of concentration, lack of desire for learning Panna can be very helpful.
  • Emerald is significantly fortunate for success in exams. It directly affects the grasping ability and helps you perform well in exams.
  • As Mercury generation competition ability, Emerald helps you win competitions.
  • You may also recognize Emerald as the stone of Communication. It helps you think better. It generates good command of speech. For political leaders, speakers, managers, Panna can be of great help.

Health Benefits

Medical Astrology also mentions several benefits of wearing Panna. Emerald stone has efficient healing properties-

  • A weak Mercury gives several health issues. For instance, allergies, laziness, emphysema, chronic bronchitis, etc. Wearing Emerald frees you from allergies, respiratory issues, skin problems, and neurological disorders. Also, it helps you attain a clear speech.
  • In addition to this, Panna boosts your stamina and offers you physical strength.
  • According to Vedic astrology, Emerald stone protects you from threats and negative people. It makes sure your opponents don’t hurt you.
  • Emeralds are a perfect healing gem for people who experience difficulty focusing or thinking. Natural Emerald can free you from low entropy, restlessness.

Correct Way of Wearing Emerald

Emerald is an extremely opulent gemstone. However, it gives benefits when you wear it correctly.

The ideal weight of Emerald is 3,6 or 7 Ratti. You must wear it on the little or circular finger of the working hand. Besides, you can wear it in a gold or silver ring. Wednesday is the perfect occasion to wear Panna. As it is the day of planet Mercury, Emerald gives auspicious results. Before wearing the stone, you must soak it in Ganga Jal for 10 mins. After wearing the stone, consistently clean it with warm water and a smooth brush.

Mantra for Panna

Aum Bum Budhaye Namah Aum

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