Labour Day| International Worker’s Day 2020- Celebration Across the Globe

International Worker's Day

May Day is well known as the International Worker’s Day all around the globe. It falls on the 1st of May every year, in honor of our hardworking laborers. This day is generally a public holiday in most countries. Moreover, The day commemorates workers to know their basic rights. A universally recognized Day for the betterment of the labor force. However, the May Day celebration has gone through a series of transformations over the course of time.

Significance of May Day

International Worker’s Day is celebrated to honor the hard-working laborers. This day laborers get a wage increment and are made aware of the rights that they hold. In fact, in India, this day people started to observe form the year 1923.

In parts of Europe, there’s a nationwide Holiday with respect to the workers of the community. Sweden, Germany, Chile Italy and other countries celebrate Labour Day. Parts of the United States also observe this day with great diversion. Labors Day is celebrated on the first day of the month of May.

History of Labour Day

In 1889 in Chicago, a union of workers held a strike urging for an 8-hour workday. However, the mob faced violence during their protest. Many died in the attack made by policemen and several injured. But it did not undermine the worker’s will for sane work hours. Every year there were labour strikes uprising in many parts of the USA. So finally Labours Day came into existence. However, in India, May Day was first celebrated on 1st May 1923 in Chennai, by the Labour Kisan Party of Hindustan. Red Flag was first used on this day to symbolize the Labour Day.

Celebration Across the World

In Germany, Austria,s and the UK there’s crowning od the May Day Queen. Maypole dancing is a popular tradition on this day, it means giving homage to sacred trees. Lavish feasts are organized followed by other trade fairs. Further, in Sweden people perform the ring dance and merrymaking the entire day. However, in places like Hawai making flower garlands are quite common, they call this as Lei Day.

Moreover, in other countries, like India, the celebration is a little different. Larges parades and demonstrations are held to honor the laborers and daily wage workers. Schools and offices organize programs for the workers. Games and contests are also organized to keep the laborers of the society entertained that day. A sense of equality among the masses is spread through speeches and contests

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