Love, Marriage, Kundli- Accurate marriage prediction free

Love, Marriage, Kundli- Accurate marriage prediction free

A popular question asked by the single people is “How many frogs does one have to kiss before finding Mr/Mrs right or is he/she the one?” The dating game can be strenuous, dirty and leave one with a series of heartbreak and let us not forget the possibility of multiple partners with the hope of finding a compatible spouse. What if there was a way of finding a compatible match or if there was a way to skip the dating game and rely on a system that guarantees a long-lasting marriage through Kundli prediction?

The matchmaking tool harnesses the power of celestial bodies to make predictions about different aspects of human lives.  It may be in areas such as health, career, hobbies and many more, in addition, it can also be an important tool for love and marriage predictions.

A person may get Kundli prediction and Love marriage prediction by date of birth because the possibility of love marriage relies on the person’s date of birth, astrological aspects, Sun, moon and etc.

One can consult the best astrologers for marriage prediction, matchmaking predictions, and compatibility assessment. 

Kundli matchmaking- Access compatibility

1. Spirituality

Spirituality and spiritual practices differ from one person to the next, however, in marriage as in daily life, spirituality is important and is a necessary tool to create innate intimacy and profound bond.

When a couple relates on a spiritual level and have their marriage rooted in spirituality, there is room for growth and to discover each other on a deeper personal level.  This cultivates patience and forgiveness which creates an environment that encourages partners to work towards the same marital goals.

As a matter of fact, spirituality increases oneness, love connection, friendship, unconditional love and other important aspects that build a strong marriage. However, Kundli matching in this area requires both partners to be on the same spiritual level.

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2. Mutual Compatibility & dominance

People have their fair parts of difference in the entire area and aspect of life. However, Compatibility, in essence, means the state of living in harmony with mutual respect. Further, this can be evident with the power of individuals to compromise and the ability to enjoy activities and hobbies together. 

Sharing the same core beliefs and having common interests in important areas of life determines the longevity of the marriage. Moreover, without compatibility, couples tend to live separate lives lacking oneness necessary in a marriage.

Match prediction assesses aspects such as mutual attraction in marriage and similar aspects.  

3.  Intimacy

In a marriage, longevity is important as it helps avoid divorces and separation. Intimacy has multi-facet aspects which many people tend to confuse mean the act of sexual intercourse. 

Love, Marriage, Kundli- Accurate marriage prediction free

It describes the level at which the couple connects spiritually and as friends. Moreover, it establishes mutual likeness in the absence of sexual intercourse. It also encourages the couple to find refuge and comfort in each other in good and bad times. 

Intimacy is the act of attaining comfortable silences, mutual understanding for personal spaces, respect for an individual’s area of interest, and emotional availability in a relationship. Here, intimacy relies on the aspect of emotional dependency and emotional support in the entire aspect of the life of a couple.

– Sexual compatibility

Society keeps turning down this fact. However, sexual intercourse is an undeniable part of a relationship. Thus, compatibility plays a major role to keep the partner interested in each other. It assesses the ability of the marriage to be consummated to satisfy both partners; matching libido, desire, and sexual drive.

Mismatched sexual compatibility can lead to counts of infidelity bringing instability to the marriage. The match prediction here deals with intimacy and sexual compatibility. 

5.  Health and wealth

The match prediction assesses the couple’s health and wealth. This evaluates any health issues that may affect the couple in the course of their marriage, pregnancy issues and etc.

Evaluating financial stability reduces financial insecurities. Both good health and wealth have an influence on the stability of marriage as any lack thereof may lead to separation and divorce.

love or arrange marriage prediction by date of birth calculator

Kundli matching in love marriages

Some people may prefer love marriage instead of employing the sole reliance on traditional matchmaking.

Love, Marriage, Kundli- Accurate marriage prediction free

They may wonder if Kundli prediction is necessary if they have already established an intimate relationship whilst dating. Kundli matching is still necessary to predict the quality of marriage life, couple’s ability to have children based on an individual’s horoscope

The life span of both partners, infidelity and other related aspects are also evaluated.  

Kundli matching in arrange marriages

With the autonomy to make choices, some people still rely on culture and custom when it comes to spousal selection. Arranged marriage begins with a consultation of an astrologer for Kundli matching before the actual marriage ceremony.

The marriage arrangement relies on the wisdom of elders possibly family members to match compatible mates. The astrologer provides insight into the longevity of the marriage after both families provide the kundalis/birth charts of both groom and bride.

Kundali Milan in arranged marriage still matches the same aspects as in love marriages. Prediction checks health issues and lifespan of the “betrothed couple”, compatibility and other marriage aspects.

Kundli in arranged marriages helps with predicting the date of the marriage ceremony. Marrying on the wrong date that does not align with astrological predictions can lead to disastrous marriages.

love or arrange marriage prediction


The concept of Marriage and love doesn’t have to be complicated as we make them out to be. There are various tools that can be utilized to make better spousal choices to ensure everlasting happiness.


A “happily ever after”  is a myth. However, what’s possible is taking the hint of major effects in many aspects of life that we could count in the Kundli prediction and matchmaking. In order to make the right pre-marital decision, it is beneficial to consult online astrologers for guidance. 

These were the major details about Love, marriage and Kundli prediction. Also, you may like to read about the Delay in Marriage: Reasons and Remedies.

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