Marriage Line- Know When You Will Get Married

Marriage Line- Know When You Will Get Married

Your palm lines reveal a lot about you. How long will your life be? How will your education be? At what age will you get married and how will your married life be. Today in our article, we will consider your married life itself. By reading this article, you can find out how your married life is or how it will be by looking at your marriage line.

Where is the marriage line in the palm

First, let’s talk about where is this line in the palm? Just as there is a marriage House in the birth chart, the marriage line is also present in the hand. The marriage line in the palm is under the smallest finger, this line is above your heart line and comes from the outer side of Mount Mercury. The length of this line and its shape reveal many secrets of your married life. The palm may have more than one marriage line.

When will you get married

There are some experts in palmistry who can see your palm and predict when you will get married. However, the person himself can also guess at what age they will get married by looking at their Vivah Rekha. By looking at the line, how can you know the age of your marriage, for this, consider the following points?

  • If the marriage line is exactly between the heart line and the junior finger line then it means that the person can get married till the age of 25 years.
  • If this line is close to the heart line then the person is also likely to be married before the age of 25 years.

Who may have a successful Marriage

  • The natives who have this line of hand have a very happy marital life.
  • When the marriage line is not cut off from anywhere, then problems do not come in the marital life and the spouse is going to understand.
  • If this line is dividing into two parts, then the person can be seen in marriage.
  • When small lines are seen around the marriage line, then it means that romance will remain in the married life.
  • If the marriage lines in the hand of the bride and groom are clear and beautiful, then both of them support each other and any kind of marriage is almost impossible to be born among such people.

At the present time, everyone is imprisoned in their homes amid the global epidemic of Corona. In such a situation, the husband-wife relationship must be tested. If you are also married then you can use this time to improve your relationships. For this, you should listen to the words of your spouse and try to understand them like them. The more you understand each other, the less will be the distance between you. You should also avoid giving unnecessary things, this is a very big reason for fighting and fighting.

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