Moonstone in Astrology- Benefits and Correct Way of Wearing

Moonstone in Astrology- Benefits and Correct Way of Wearing

Moonstone, traditionally known as Chandrakaantha Mani, is an opalescent stone. Chemically speaking, it is a mineral called feldspar. They can be either of the two types of feldspar – orthoclase or albeit. They can be either sodium aluminum silicate or potassium aluminum silicate. Moonstones are semi-precious stones (Uparatna). They are soft and milky-white stones.

Sri Lanka and Australia are the major producers of the mineral feldspar. Moonstones, in their astrological sense, are from Sri Lanka and India. The best and purest Moonstones are produced by Sri Lanka. These stones are a good example of adularescence, the color play, which gives the apparent effect of glowing from inside out. This inside out glowing is the reason why it has always been attracting humans.

According to Hindu beliefs, it was made from the rays of the moonlight, itself. It reflects the true nature of who wears it. The Ruler of Moonstone is the Moon God and shows his attributes. Like every planet, the Moon also has its malefic characters like fears, restlessness, and irrational thoughts. In order to get the Moon’s benefic characters like calmness and emotional balance, one should wear a Moonstone. It gives the much needed “higher quality” energy to make a fresh start.

Benefits of Moonstone:

  • This stone is called the “Travelers’ Stone”. This is because it is believed to give travelers protection from unknown dangers and prevent any losses. Moonstone also protects the wearer from accidents. It can provide safety to it’s traveling wearers, irrespective of the means. Be it land, sea, or air.
  • Moonstone is also said to bring fortunes to the wearer. The person will reap huge profits, without any significant losses in his career.
  • Moonstone can also be worn by those in the medical industry because it brings out empathy and cares about their patients or clients.
  • Moonstone is also called the stone of lovers. It brings out the innate loving nature, tenderness, and patience.
  • It maintains the spiritual nature through its soothing nature leading to easier meditation.

Medical Benefits:

  • Moonstone can be used by women to regulate their menstrual problems, PMS related issues, and balance the hormones. It has a Yin (feminine) nature. As a result, it can also alleviate labor pain.
  • Just because it has an innate feminine quality doesn’t mean it cannot be used by men. Due to it’s Yin nature, it can reduce unnecessary anger and aggression. Also it will lead them to bring out their emotional side.
  • It is known for it’s healing properties, due to which it is advised to be worn by people with some diseases. Moonstone is the best for treating stomach, liver, and pancreas related ailments. It can improve the hormonal cycle. As it regulates the digestive tract, Moonstone can help indigestion. Other medical benefits include the protection of nose bleeds and aligns the spinal cord.
  • Moonstone can be worn by insomniac persons or anyone with sleep-related problems. Keeping one under their pillow can regulate the sleep cycle of the concerned individual.
  • It increases the psychic abilities, self-expression, and intuition of the wearer. This is by the process of widening the pineal gland and the middle chakras.

Mental Benefits:

  • Moonstone enhances the self-esteem and self-confidence of the wearer. It also improves creativity and intuition. Moonstone like its ruler provides an inward motivation.
  • It reduces the stress of the person who wears it and calms him/her. As a result, it rids the person of the negativity. Because of this, it boosts positive energy. You can experience this by the cool reverberations that you will feel when you place on your eyes.

Correct Way to Wear Moonstone:

You should always get it after the consultation of a professional astrologer. After being administered by an astrologer, you must chant the mantras of the Moon God. It must be embedded in a silver ring.

After getting the ring made, place it in pure and unboiled cow’s milk for about eight hours. Then, you must pray to Chandradeva and seek his blessings. With an Agarbatthi or Oodhuvathi, swirl around it eleven times. Now, it is ready to be worn.

But keep in mind, it should be worn in the pinky finger on Mondays. The Mondays of Shukla Paksha are considered to be the ideal choice. Wear it in between 4 am to 7 am in the morning.

You can feel it’s effects right from the fifth day of beginning to wear it. The effects will last up to two years, after which the stone of the ring must be changed.


The Moonstone is a mild Ratna in Hindu Astrology. It is an ideal stone to worn by anyone. But, it is always advised to get an opinion from an astrologer.

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