Rakshabandhan Special: What type of sister you have?

Rakshabandhan Special What type of sister you have

Rakshabandhan is around the corner and people have started cherishing the brother-sister bond. It is one of the most beautiful relations in the world.  The sister wishes all the luck to her brother while the brother promises to protect her. However, stars also determine the traits of a sister. So, without further delay read and find what kind of sister you have or what kind of sister are you?

Aries Sister

Aries The boss!! This is the thing that everyone thinks and knows about Aries the fiery Ram. As a sister, an Aries can be quite bossy no matter if they are the elder or the younger one. They are the one in charge and the one who has always been the first for everything. However, they are incredibly selfless as well and care a lot about their siblings. And, their family is everything for them and therefore they always think about their siblings when they are away from them.

Taurus Sister

Taurus zodiac is a very practical sister. These are the ones who remind their siblings to be smart and safe whenever they think of doing anything crazy. Moreover, their siblings feel pretty confident with them. With a Taurus sibling, you can go to them anytime. They love and care about their siblings a lot and are unafraid to show their love in the form of tickle fights and teasing.

Gemini Sister

Geminis love fun and would not mind taking their siblings and all their friends out when they ask for it. Gemini is definitely the cool sister and can also be a bit nosey. Gemini Sisters love knowing what’s going in their siblings’ life. Hence, even when they are away they don’t leave any stone unturned to make sure that their siblings are okay.

Cancer Sister

Cancer is a protective sister. They are very protective of their siblings and can go to any heights for their happiness. Moreover, they are very deeply connected to their siblings and need regularly scheduled quality time with them. Family is their first priority and they want to assure them that they are always there for them.

Leo Sister

Leos are the fiercely loyal sisters. They are the ones who will always stand beside their siblings no matter what. They are a loyal, trendy, and cool sibling. Moreover, no bullies have a chance to win over them and hence their siblings are also carefree when they are with you. Also, they have a great fashion sense hence your siblings look up to you.

Virgo Sister

Virgo is a kind-hearted sister and is always there to lend a helping hand whenever their siblings need help.  Also, they are great advice giver and their siblings also know that you can help them get out of every situation. Moreover, they are an independent sibling and like their space. Though they love being helpful they need your own space as well. And, hence they won’t mind telling their siblings to leave them alone if they are feeling suffocated with their presence.

Libra Sister

Libra is a kind sister who loves to share everything with their siblings. Be it clothes, advice, secrets about guys- they will share it all because that is what is in their nature. They feel by sharing they connect more with people and hence they are an attached sibling as well. Also, they prefer spending some time with their siblings because they want them to know that they love them.

Scorpio Sister

Scorpio is a fiercely protective sister and they may not always see eye to eye with their siblings. But, they can fight tooth and nail for them either way. They are the one who is constantly arguing with their siblings and when someone else does so, they can’t bear it.

Sagittarius Sister

They are the wisest sister of the zodiac and give astounding advice to their siblings. This is because they know what their siblings are going through. Hence, their siblings know they can come anytime to them when they feel a lack of wisdom and they will help them out. At the same time, they are an embarrassing sibling as well. They do it merely for fun but their siblings wonder they are going to leave them alone next time in trouble.

Capricorn Sister

Caps are an ambitious, driven person by nature and hence they appear as someone admirable. Moreover, they are loyal sibling and their family is very important to them and Caps could do anything for their fam. Therefore, even when they are away from home they make sure to talk to siblings and remind them how much they love them.

Aquarius Sister

The honest sister!! They don’t like lying or kidding when it comes to people they love. They can be brutally honest sometimes but their siblings know it is because they care for them. Aquarius is a friendly sibling and wants her siblings to see as someone they can count on.

Pisces Sister

They are one of the most compassionate sisters and always lend their ear to their siblings when they need a vent. Pisces siblings are quite aware of how it feels when they are alone or lost hence they want them to know you are always there for them. Moreover, they are their sibling’s best friends and want to be a person that they can rely on completely.

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