Things that Bring Negativity at Home- Keep them Away

Things that Bring Negativity at Home- Keep them Away

Do you know there are some things that are otherwise considered normal, but attracts the negative energies in your home? These things are considered as the harbinger of negativity and can ruin a family completely. Have a look at this article and find out whether you have these things in your home. Also, you will get to read the methods to find the presence of negativity and the ways to get rid of it.

-Wearing Dirty Clothes

Wearing dirty clothes is believed to bring negativity in your home. Not only are they carriers of germs but Vastu Shastra also considers it poor as it attracts negative energies.

-Having Garbage or Clutter

Having too much clutter is sure to attract negative energies into your house. A house should be kept neat and clean away from all the dirt and dust. Note this down and if you have a lot of unkempt things or clutter in your home, try to throw it as early as possible.

-Deities facing each other

If you have kept deities in your home, then make sure they are not facing each other. Keeping the deities facing each other attracts negative energies. In addition, one has to take special care that the deities are kept separate from each other and are not facing each other.

-Keeping sweets

In most houses, people have a habit of keeping sweets in hand. If someone offers you, sweets, consume it immediately rather than keeping it here and there. Not only will it attract houseflies but also attract negative vibes in your home.

Also, it is important to know whether there are negative energies present in your home. These signs will tell.


Are you or your family members always complaining about one thing or the other? My dear friend, if you are always cribbing then this means there is too much negative energy present in your home.


Another sign that the negative vibes have entered your home is that there is a lot of criticism in your home. If people are criticizing you or you end up criticizing other people, then this is a sign that your home is slowly becoming a storehouse of energy.

-Wrong feelings

Our intuitions have something to do with the upcoming events. If you are getting inappropriate feelings like there is something wrong in your home. Also, if some family member is messing up some task then this signifies that negativity has entered the doors of your home.

Once you know the presence of negative energy in your home, it is also important to get your home rid of it. Some points to be taken care of include

-Cleaning your house

Don’t take cleanliness for granted and clean your house at least on a weekly basis. Your target should be on the things that gather or collect the most dust. In addition, don’t forget to remove the clutter from your home. Be it curtains or rugs, do clean your house to remove the negative energies.

-Open Windows

The fresh air has a lot of benefits. Hence, it is recommendable to open up the windows of your home quite often. The fresh and pure air promotes positive vibes and wards off the negativity from one’s home.

-Rearranging furniture

After a month or two, rearrange the furniture of your home. You can change the place of the couch or the dining table. Also, remember to clean the area properly before changing the furniture’s position.


Sit in a silent corner of your home having excess sunlight. Say your prayers to God. This will not only purify you mentally but will also ward off the negative vibes from your home.

-Lightning candles

When you burn the scented candles in your home, the scent also attracts the positive vibes in your home. In addition, you can also hang wind chimes for more effective outcomes.

-Indoor plants and crystals

Apart from providing oxygen, the indoor plants also provide good energy to your home. Keep a few in the living area of your home and maintain them. Hanging crystals at windows, doors, staircase prevents the entrance of negative energies in your home. It is also highly significant in Feng Shui as well.

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