Donate this on Janmashtami as per your zodiac sign

what to donate on Janmashtami

According to the Hindu calendar, Lord Krishna’s birth is commemorated with tremendous fervor and passion on Janmashtami; which falls in July or August. We often feel, what to donate on Janmashtami? Here is the answer!

According to mythology, it is observed on Krishna Paksha’s Ashtami or the eighth day of the dark fortnight in the month of Bhadon.

To attract luck and love into one’s life on this extremely good day; Janmashtami celebrations with Janmashtami Pooja. Donations of various commodities according to zodiac signs is good if done.

You can view the information below according to your zodiac sign if you want to know what gifts are appropriate for your sign.

What to donate on Janmashtami according to your zodiac sign?


You can offer malpua, ghee, red clothing, bananas, pomegranates, copper, moong dal, and wheat if you’re an Aries. You can also donate gold or silver if you’d like to promote prosperity in your life.


Give anything made of silver or silver objects if you are a Taurus. Additionally, you can contribute ghee, fruits, flowers, curd; also aid, someone, in any other way during a wedding or similar event.

Saffron, gram flour, and turmeric might be given to attract peace.


To answer what to donate on Janmashtami? The following items are appropriate donations for a Gemini; moong dal, an umbrella for a godly idol, cooking oil, bananas, malpua, bracelets, sindoor, and clothing. Additionally, you are welcome to donate expensive gems like gold or emeralds.


You can donate items like silver, pearls, white clothing, curd, milk, water, rice, and sugar.


The greatest items to give to a Leo are jaggery (Gur), red clothing, sindoor, candles, camphor, copper, molasses, and utensils to achieve harmony and calm in life.


A Virgo can provide raw sugar (also known as “born” or “Khaand”), sugar cane, dairy items such as Paneer, yogurt, cream, pure ghee, etc., white rice, white flowers, and cashews.


Ghee, camphor, curd, silver, rice, sugar, white clothing, or flowers are among the things Libra donates. You can also donate diamonds if you’d like.


You will need to go the additional mile as a Scorpio and donate to farmers, the military, and law enforcement agencies. If it’s not possible, you can also give friends any items made of copper, participate in a blood drive, or give your blood.


You will have to provide turmeric to a temple, feed animals jaggery, or pour butter oil on a Shivlinga as a Sagittarius. Give to the divine with your donations.


You can light a mustard diya under a peepal tree or place black sesame seeds on a Shivlinga. In addition to this, if possible, you can also feed the buffalo.


You must provide food and cooking supplies like coconut water, mustard oil, and utensils. You can also contribute clothes, shoes, umbrellas, and cement.


Donate whole or ground turmeric, yellow flowers, honey, gram flour (besan), sugar, or saffron. In addition to this, you can also present yellow candies, ideally, those made with gram flour besan, such as banana, boondi, or besan laddoo. Finally, you can also donate items like citrine, yellow sapphire, golden topaz, or clothing in this color.

As the personification of peace, love, and power, Lord Krishna can dispel darkness and give his followers the confidence to battle it.

According to our mythical writings, it is known that he attained Nirvana and abstained from worldly virtues. He was a real Brahmin who traveled the way of love and devotion. The Vedas claim that Lord Krishna adopted blue as his true color, emulating the endless potential and limitless strength that he possessed in the sky.



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