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Here comes your knight in shining armour Aries. Apart from the initial A, there are literally thousands of other things that take the Aries and Aquarius compatibility beyond imagination. The Aries are usually attracted to the Aquarius owing to the latter’s charming personality. The Aries and Aquarius are very idealistic individuals and extremely good at communicating their thoughts and feelings with each other. In love, the Aquarius are a bit reserved but open and excited about learning the hows and wows of the relationship. These two signs usually go well together in general and they support each other through thick and thin.


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Aquarius is said to be a very cunning sign. Though very reserved initially but when the Aries had spent a few nights with them, the Aquarius uses his/her cunning personality to get from the Aries whatever they please. Thankfully, the Aries, owing to their ultimate desire to express love physically, also are very kinky, and thus the two make a good pair in bed. However, both Aries and Aquarius are very possessive too; and might use sex as a tool to refrain the other person from the threat of other humans in the vicinity. Well, that's surely not a way that would guard your partner for long. Thus it is better to talk it out for better Aries and Aquarius compatibility.


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The ruling planet of Aries is Mars, and the ruling planet of Aquarius is Saturn. Saturn is the planet of creativity that bestows Aquarius with the luck of imaginative vision. Meanwhile, Mars, as the starter of things, helps in putting plans into motion. Moreover, the Aquarius also brings the trait of perseverance in a relationship, which inspires the two to keep working hard. So collectively, the Aquarius and Aries compatibility on friendship brews fruitful consequences for both natives. These signs ideally suit each other, but they also value their individuality, thus may not agree with each other in various instances.


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The Aries and Aquarius conversations are so fulfilling that many people would literally pay to listen them talk. It doesn't happen often for the Aries to find an idol in someone, but an Aquarius does inspire them. An Aries would listen to the Aquarius with sheer curiosity, all excited about what they might discover. Meanwhile, Aquarius also enjoys their role as a sharer for they have so much to say. However, Aquarius is not up for ridiculous conflicts and usually cuts the other person from their life to safeguard themselves from the same. Thus, it is recommended that the Aries rein their impulsive nature and urge to counter when they converse with Aquarius.


Aries and Aquarius compatibility is one that can make Shakespeare blush. These two signs rarely think of parting ways from each other, which is an act to adore. However, while focusing on their long term relationship goals, the Aries and Aquarius couples must not ignore the small battles up front. This is a union for the ages only if the two parties involved know how to keep it alive for that long. And trust us learning that art will only enrich the love that you two share.

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