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An Aries person entertains a free-willed personality. When two Aries are in a relationship, they tend to create for themselves a space in which they can breathe easy; in the absence of doubts to choke them. An Aries, as a lover, is very loyal and wants the other person to trust that loyal-ness of them. In an Aries-Aries love match, both individuals are ruled by the planet Mars. This sameness allows them to easily understand each other and their wanting for the independent kind of love. Hence, in a nutshell, an Aries and Aries couple is better at forging a long-term balanced kind of love.


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We wrote an article where we ranked the most horny zodiac signs of all in astrology. And if you read that for yourself, you would know that Aries occupied the second spot only after Scorpio. Being the first zodiac sign in astrology, Aries usually seek to be number one across all domains and sex is no exception. Well, these people can’t win at everything of course, but sex is surely a game they know how to play, and win invariably. So an Aries and Aries sharing the same bed? May God bless and save the bed.


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If not a lover, it’s highly possible that you might find a friend in Aries. So what is Aries and Aries friendship compatibility like? Well, if we have to define it in a word, it would be - competitive. The Aries, as we have mentioned, is very ambitious and headstrong about their goals. These people usually can't see anyone else taking the front seat in their presence. Thus competitiveness, even in a relationship, is inevitable. However, when the Aries is not busy competing, you would find them indulging in mutual interests. You can trust the Aries and Aries couple to stand by each other when no one else would.


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We, surely, have introduced you to the competitive nature of the Aries. Well, that is exactly what stops the Aries from backing down in a conversation. Aries and Aries, when conversing, only listen to reply and won't usually back down until they have proved their point. They usually want their point of view to win acceptance among others, which surely is not happening when the other person in the chatter is also an Aries. So to make things less argumentative between the Aries and Aries couple, it is better that you two practice the art of analysing what others tell you from multiple perspectives before speaking anything new.


Two Aries individuals together can create a world filled with lots of love and sensuality. However, this relationship, at times, is also prone to selfishness from either side. If you see such signs plundering the Aries and Aries compatibility, then it’s in the best interest to be mature about the situation and talk things out. Because lurking around doubts and discomfort that the fire energy of the two signs brings will only destroy what you share before you even know.

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