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Capricorn & Aries


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Capricorn is an Earth sign while Aries, a Fire sign. And if you ever wish to see people who are poles apart, then Aries and Capricorn could be the showpiece you could glare at. Capricorn is the owner of a calm attitude while Aries, on the other hand, is very outgoing in nature. Though in a way, Aries and Capricorn are two linked signs, but they don’t realise it due to the difference in their characters. What could possibly make the Aries and Capricorn relationship work is the belief they have in each other. The two signs are very loyal in approach thus are able to create a full-fledged trustable bond when together. Also, as these two signs are very goal-oriented, you can expect them to support each other on the professional front too.


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The Aries is usually in the flashiness of things while Capricorn likes to live their life amidst simplicity. The Capricorn also puts a lot of thought before beginning something for themselves. These different traits sometimes become a hindrance for Aries and Capricorn as they can’t find mutual ground. The refusal to adjust to the other person’s way of life causes unnecessary arguments and friction. Thus it is recommended that the Aries and Capricorn couple find a mutual point where they can agree on whatever they do, including sex.


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The ruling planet of the Aries is Mars and Capricorn is Saturn. In astrology, the planets Mars and Saturn do not share a good bond, which is something that reflects in Aries and Capricorn compatibility in friendship. An Aries Capricorn friendship seeks constant attention from both ends. However, once the physical contact succumbs, it gets very difficult to continue with the friendship. Nevertheless, the best thing about the Aries and Capricorn is the uniqueness they bring in the partnership. As long as either of them is allowed to preserve their identity, their alliance works well.


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Well, well, while most of the signs throw away their arms when it comes to arguing with the Aries but Capricorn is here to give the Aries some competition. Capricorn has the best answers for the clever Aries trying to be over smart and cutting people in between the conversation. The Capricorn and Aries, when communicating, must share less when it comes to deep thoughts and opinions and try to keep their conversations limited to career goals, achievements at work and physical activity. The lesser you share, the better your bond gets.


The Aries and Capricorn relationship doesn't look like one that could go beyond an extent but exceptions are always there. Aries and Capricorn are two signs with high power of conviction and are very goal-oriented. If they together decide to make things work, they really can strike a cord, ditching all the contracting opinions and beliefs and literally surprising the uncles and aunties who were doubtful of things working out for the two of them.

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