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The most wonderful thing about a Leo and Capricorn relationship is that they have immense love for each other when they get together. The only reason Leo and Cancer get together is because of their overflowing love for one another. The worst thing about a Leo and Scorpio couple is that this love works against their relationship. And before you get confused, let us explain how this happens. The elements of Leo and Capricorn are fire and earth respectively. It is common knowledge that fires blaze suddenly and burns everything around, metaphorically and literally. On the other hand, earth characterizes composure. They take their time to build things up which is completely the opposite of what Leos do and how they are. In a Leo-Scorpio love match, Leo’s love is expressed in their emotions which like to engulf their partners suddenly. They expect their partners to succumb to this power. However, Scorpio can’t have this. They are quick to neutralize Leo’s emotional outbursts of love by slowing things down as soon as Leo fires them up. This can lead to extremely unsatisfying relationships in a Leo and Scorpio love life, despite all the love for each other.


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While Leo is a passionate sign brimming with energy, it is also a sign which brings warmth to a relationship. To come together in a love match, Capricorn’s coolheadedness is extremely appreciated right from the outset. However, both these signs might find it difficult to get along most of the time. When it comes to Leo and Capricorn sexual compatibility both signs can feel that things don’t go as they intend to. This is mostly because a healthy sexual relationship requires a good tempo which never seems to come to a Leo and Capricorn couple. Both these signs require different kinds of sexual experiences which is why they might find their relationship boring and even tedious at times. This can hamper a Leo and Capricorn love match to a great extent. It is only through their warmth that they can fill the void which their sexual experiences create. A sign like Leo which has an extremely good libido can find it excruciating to see their libido die down in a relationship. This makes their sexual as well as their emotional love life quite difficult.


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Leo is ruled by Sun and is the embodiment of ego and self-worth. They can bring warmth and light into the lives of their loved ones through their fiery passion. A Leo radiates energy and enthusiasm which can make the people near them enthusiastic as well. Capricorn on the other hand is ruled by Saturn which is responsible for accountability and hard work. In a Leo-Capricorn friendship, both signs can learn from the diversity of each other while also being relatable to each other due to their common quality of leadership. Sun and Saturn which represents life and tenacity respectively, can be extremely compatible with each other if they choose to pay close attention to each other making Leo and Capricorn friends better when they are together. Leo and Capricorn friendship compatibility can be considered as decent. For a Leo, freedom is crucial to living their life to the fullest and while Capricorn can go along with it, what they seek in their lives is a steady income and professional stability. A Leo-Capricorn love match, as well as a Leo-Capricorn friendship, represents a balance between romanticism and pragmatism. This makes their friendship reassuring as well as fun. Conflicts can occur between them but if they can get past that, this friendship can benefit both of them.


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Both these fire and earth signs are extremely adamant by nature. Ruled by the Sun and Saturn respectively, Leo and Capricorn are characteristically ambitious and always strive for success in their lives. This makes communication somewhat easy between the two as they can relate to each other’s problems and strengths. Leo and Capricorn love matches also have mutual respect because of their hunger for success. Their strong characters however do not make it easy for them to find reconciliation in a Leo and Capricorn friendship or couple. Due to their strong character, they often refuse to settle down for a neutral conclusion whenever they find themselves debating over something. Leo and Capricorn communication compatibility is further hindered by their difference in perspectives of life and everything related to it. Leo embraces the wild whereas Capricorn requires plans and values predictability. This is the primary reason why these two signs may find it difficult to communicate with each other at times. Nevertheless, Leo’s views will be intriguing for the Capricorn and Capricorn will bring reason into the life of a Leo from their communication which will be beneficial in a Leo-Capricorn love match.


Compassion, mutual respect and compromise are the tenets of a friendship or a love relationship. In a Leo and Capricorn love match, we see mutual respect and some glimmer of compassion between these two signs. However, the third element, compromise is something that these signs cannot seem to make. Therefore, to create or improve a Leo and Capricorn relationship, these two signs must learn to compromise when needed and augment their compassion between themselves. It is crucial to let go of mutual differences and make conscious efforts to know each other better. Both Leo and Capricorn are incredibly powerful signs who are driven by their pride. Instead of arguing about who’s better or right, they should learn to embrace each other’s faults and differences and find a common ground.

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