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“Love without the fear of falling” is how Sagittarius-Aquarius love is. When they both get settled up in a love match, Sagittarius mate’s braininess and Aquarius folk’s ideals make up an adorable couple. The two share a partnership that couldn’t be uninhibited. While it could become a competitive one, there’s hardly a chance of feeling bored of each other in any manner. With being always “High on Life,” Sagittarius and Aquarius love compatibility is a perfect example of individuality, captivity, and creativeness. Sagittarius and Aquarius couple enjoy their lives with each other and always come up with enthusiasm to forward one another before themselves. With their habit of discussing everything with their other half, they effortlessly overcome all the bumps in their love journey with each other.


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Sagittarius and Aquarius sexual compatibility is pretty experimental. Aquarius acts in a manner their Sag half thinks is sex asset of their life. Whereon, the Sagittarius partner in this partnership would give enough warmth and passion to turn their focus on them. Sometimes, Sagittarius and Aquarius couple intimacy involvement won’t even matter if they bring their verbal communication in between. They shall find each other in the bedroom amusing and an all-in partner. Although their sensual connection is gratifying for both the partners, they might bear trouble after a certain point in time. Both might feel an on-off bonding when considering intimacy and sexual desires.


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Sagittarius and Aquarius are friends in deeds, needs, and liveliness greed. With different interests yet similar ways of experiencing them, Sagittarius and Aquarius friendship compatibility is high. Though they live life very differently and stand on their own point of view, yet develop blissful and deep friendship bonds with each other. Accompanied by respecting each other’s time and space, they also root up a feeling of admiration and mutual respect. Even though they are so compatible with each other, they might have some possibilities of not being friends forever. It is often the “I want to do it my way” nature of both the zodiacs that create a conflicting state between them.


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When Sagittarius-Aquarius friends sit together and discuss something, they could get infinite topics to talk on, from philosophy to practicality, they can talk all they want. Aquarius folk in their companionship might stay distant for a long duration, while the Sagittarius may act like a child and talk too much about illogical and uninteresting stuff, only to create a bond around. Sagittarius and Aquarius communication compatibility is what you call an incredible one. With debates, varying points of view, solving approaches, and so much more, they could go on and on for like ever! In short, when they share some topic of interest, productive knowledge would be there for sure.


Sagittarius and Aquarius couple may seem like two people who give priority to the future instead of the present. Their relationship is usually like a shiny beacon to people who see. They would sit together and discuss the aspects of life they are facing trouble with and mutually will get to a conclusion. Changes in their lives would be with each other’s consent, and feeling of restriction is a rare deal to them if Sagittarius and Aquarius compatibility fits in with each other. The major challenge between Sagittarius-Aquarius compatibility shows up when either of them behaves rationally. They could have problems in approaching pure closeness and intimacy level. What they need to do to make things better is slow things down. They need to speak up their heart and head out to become happy companions.

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