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Aries people are very confident and ambitious who possess leadership qualities. Meanwhile, Sagittarius is known for their extroverted, dynamic, social and friendly attitude. The fire and fire compatibility infuses a very deep level of understanding between these two signs forging an excellent Aries and Sagittarius compatibility. Aries and Sagittarius' relationship, though slow in the initial stages, picks up pace as Aries reveals their free spirit and steadfast individuality, and Sagittarius their powerful persona and consistent confidence. Though very competitive by nature but when these signs are together, they only work to better each other. Keep Aries and Sagittarius in a room and they would have a lot to share and better each other.


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Aries and Sagittarius share a very heightened intimacy when it comes to making love between the sheets. If the two fire signs can control their short temperedness, they would usually find themselves 'on' each other, making babies like it’s their job. While Aries is very sensual, Sagittarius is next to Scorpio and thus borrows the art of seduction from the latter. In love, the two fire signs hold a reserve of energy and are literally down to share theirs when the other is low on energy. By this, we mean that even when you are not in the mood, the other person will ensure that you are in the mood.


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Both Sagittarius and Aries are fire signs who have a knack for adventure. They are both enthusiastic and optimistic, and comprehend each other well and thus not only make a great couple but great friends too. In astrology, Aries is ruled by Mars, which represents initiatives and Sagittarius by Jupiter, the planet which represents indulgence and aspirations. Therefore, this makes the Aries a starter of things, the one who pulls out the best ideas from the kitty and inspires the Sagittarius to eagerly support them (indulgence).


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The Aries and Sagittarius mature understanding can be so deep that most of the time, they don't even need words to understand each other. The two signs push each other beyond their ability to make each other feel that nothing is impossible. The Aries and Sagittarius compatibility is the result of the former's focus on what the Sagittarius tells them and Sagittarius' vision that prompts them to perceive how the Aries is curiously entertaining everything they have to say. This level of bonding, in the time to come, develops into a long-lasting affair.


Both Aries and Sagittarius are very possessive about their pride and they can’t stand the other person treating them rudely. While this is a good thing to home when you are dealing with the outside world, but the habit, if it finds its way into the relationship, could be catastrophic. You may feel that your partner, under the pretext of advising you, is trying to captivate you, however, that is rarely the case. The Aries and Sagittarius compatibility is something that can bring the good out in both of you but only if you do not let misunderstandings hamper it.

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