Moon Transit 2023


Moon Transit 2023 Dates, Time, Prediction & Remedies

In astrology, the planet Moon represents the emotions and cognitive levels of a person. Also, it indicates how you display affection and devotion to others, as well as how you expect them to do the same. The Moon transit 2023 impacts our inner world and shows multiple effects on all the houses in your birth chart. Its effect is determined by its location concerning your other houses and planets.

From where the Moon is situated in your birth chart, its transit in the 1st, 3rd, 6th, 10th, and 11th house gives beneficial results. For the rest, be prepared to experience mixed results. As a result of the 2023 Moon transit, there may be many obstacles in your life during this time. You should stay prepared for all of them.

Moon transit in January 2023

Date and Day Transit From Transit To Time
January 2, Monday Aries Taurus 08:51 PM
January 5, Thursday Taurus Gemini 08:05 AM
January 7, Saturday Gemini Cancer 08:24 PM
January 10, Tuesday Cancer Leo 09:01 AM
January 12, Thursday Leo Virgo 08:59 PM
January 15, Sunday Virgo Libra 06:48 AM
January 17, Tuesday Libra Scorpio 01:00 PM
January 19, Thursday Scorpio Sagittarius 03:17 PM
January 21, Saturday Sagittarius Capricorn 02:52 PM
January 23, Monday Capricorn Aquarius 01:51 PM
January 25, Wednesday Aquarius Pisces 02:29 PM
January 27, Friday Pisces Aries 06:36 PM
January 30, Monday Aries Taurus 02:46 AM

Moon transit in February 2023

Date and Day Transit From Transit To Time
February 1, Wednesday Taurus Gemini 01:59 PM
February 4, Saturday Gemini Cancer 02: 31 AM
February 6, Monday Cancer Leo 03: 03 PM
February 9, Thursday Leo Virgo 02:49 PM
February 11, Saturday Virgo Libra 01:02 PM
February 13, Monday Libra Scorpio 08:37 PM
February 16, Thursday Scorpio Sagittarius 12:46 AM
February 18, Saturday Sagittarius Capricorn 01:48 AM
February 20, Monday Capricorn Aquarius 01:14 AM
February 22, Wednesday Aquarius Pisces 01:10 AM
February 24, Friday Pisces Aries 03:44 AM
February 26, Sunday Aries Taurus 10:14 AM
February 28, Tuesday Taurus Gemini 08:32 PM

Moon transit in March 2023

Date and Day Transit From Transit To Time
March 3, Friday Gemini Cancer 08:58 AM
March 5, Sunday Cancer Leo 09:30 PM
March 8, Wednesday Leo Virgo 08:53 AM
March 10, Friday Virgo Libra 06:37 PM
March 13, Monday Libra Scorpio 02:18 AM
March 15, Wednesday Scorpio Sagittarius 07:33 AM
March 17, Friday Sagittarius Capricorn 10:18 AM
March 19, Sunday Capricorn Aquarius 11:17 AM
March 21, मंगलवार Aquarius Pisces 11:57 AM
March 23, Thursday Pisces Aries 02:08 PM
March 25, Friday Aries Taurus 07:25 PM
March 28, Tuesday Taurus Gemini 04:25 AM
March 30, Thursday Gemini Cancer 04:15 PM

Moon transit in April 2023

Date and Day Transit From Transit To Time
April 2, Sunday Cancer Leo 04:48 AM
April 4, Tuesday Leo Virgo 04:05 PM
April 7, Friday Virgo Libra 01:10 AM
April 9, Sunday Libra Scorpio 08:02 AM
April 11, Tuesday Scorpio Sagittarius 12:58 PM
April 13, Thursday Sagittarius Capricorn 04:22 PM
April 15, Saturday Capricorn Aquarius 06:43 PM
April 17, Monday Aquarius Pisces 08:51 PM
April 19, Wednesday Pisces Aries 11:53 PM
April 22, Saturday Aries Taurus 05:02 AM
April 24, Monday Taurus Gemini 01:12 PM
April 27, Thursday Gemini Cancer 00:18 AM
April 29, Saturday Cancer Leo 12:47 PM

Moon transit in May 2023

Date and Day Transit From Transit To Time
May 2, Tuesday Leo Virgo 00:21 AM
May 4, Thursday Virgo Libra 09:20 AM
May 6, Saturday Libra Scorpio 03:22 PM
May 8, Monday Scorpio Sagittarius 07:10 PM
May 10, Wednesday Sagittarius Capricorn 09:48 PM
May 13, Saturday Capricorn Aquarius 00:18 AM
May 15, Monday Aquarius Pisces 03:23 AM
May 17, Wednesday Pisces Aries 07:38 AM
May 19, Friday Aries Taurus 01:35 PM
May 21, Sunday Taurus Gemini 09:46 PM
May 24, Wednesday Gemini Cancer 08:27 AM
May 26, Friday Cancer Leo 08:49 PM
May 29, Monday Leo Virgo 08:55 AM
May 31, Wednesday Virgo Libra 06:29 PM

Moon transit in June 2023

Date and Day Transit From Transit To Time
June 3, Saturday Libra Scorpio 00:28 AM
June 5, Monday Scorpio Sagittarius 03:22 AM
June 7, Wednesday Sagittarius Capricorn 04:40 AM
June 9, Friday Capricorn Aquarius 06:01 AM
June 11, Sunday Aquarius Pisces 08:46 AM
June 13, Tuesday Pisces Aries 01:32 PM
June 15, Thursday Aries Taurus 20:23PM
June 18, Sunday Taurus Gemini 05:12 AM
June 20, Tuesday Gemini Cancer 03:58 PM
June 23, Friday Cancer Leo 04:17 AM
June 25, Sunday Leo Virgo 04:51 PM
June 28, Wednesday Virgo Libra 03:27 AM
30 June 30, Friday Libra Scorpio 10:19 AM

Moon transit in July 2023

Date and Day Transit From Transit To Time
July 2, Sunday Scorpio Sagittarius 01:18 PM
July 4, Tuesday Sagittarius Capricorn 01:43 PM
July 6, Thursday Capricorn Aquarius 01:38 PM
July 8, Saturday Aquarius Pisces 02:57 PM
July 10, Monday Pisces Aries 06:58 PM
July 13, Thursday Aries Taurus 01:57 AM
July 15, Saturday Taurus Gemini 11:22 AM
July 17, Monday Gemini Cancer 10:31 PM
July 20, Thursday Cancer Leo 10:55 AM
July 22, Saturday Leo Virgo 11:42 PM
July 25, Tuesday Virgo Libra 11:12 AM
July 27, Thursday Libra Scorpio 07:28 PM
July 29, Saturday Scorpio Sagittarius 11:34 PM

Moon transit in August 2023

Date and Day Transit From Transit To Time
1 August, Tuesday Sagittarius Capricorn 00:15 AM
2 August, Wednesday Capricorn Aquarius 11:26 PM
4 August, Friday Aquarius Pisces 11:17 PM
7 August, Monday Pisces Aries 01:43 AM
9 August, Wednesday Aries Taurus 07:42 AM
11 August, Friday Taurus Gemini 04:58 PM
14 August, Monday Gemini Cancer 04:25 AM
16 August, Wednesday Cancer Leo 04:57 PM
19 August, Saturday Leo Virgo 05:40 AM
21 August, Monday Virgo Libra 05:30 PM
24 August, Thursday Libra Scorpio 02:54 AM
26 August, Saturday Scorpio Sagittarius 08:37 AM
28 August, Monday Sagittarius Capricorn 10:39 AM
30 August, Wednesday Capricorn Aquarius 10:18 AM

Moon transit in September 2023

Date and Day Transit From Transit To Time
September 1, Friday Aquarius Pisces 09:36 AM
September 3, Sunday Pisces Aries 10:38 AM
September 5, Tuesday Aries Taurus 15:00 PM
September 7, Thursday Taurus Gemini 23:12 PM
September 10, Sunday Gemini Cancer 10:24 AM
September 12, Tuesday Cancer Leo 23:01 PM
September 15, Friday Leo Virgo 11:35 AM
September 17, Sunday Virgo Libra 23:07 PM
September 20, Wednesday Libra Scorpio 08:44 AM
September 22, Friday Scorpio Sagittarius 15:34 PM
September 24, Sunday Sagittarius Capricorn 19:17 PM
September 26, Tuesday Capricorn Aquarius 20:27 PM
September 28, Thursday Aquarius Pisces 20:27 PM
September 30, Saturday Pisces Aries 21:07 PM

Moon transit in October 2023

Date and Day Transit From Transit To Time
October 3, Tuesday Aries Taurus 00:14 AM
October 5, Thursday Taurus Gemini 06:58 AM
October 7, Saturday Gemini Cancer 17:17 PM
October 10, Tuesday Cancer Leo 05:44 AM
October 12, Thursday Leo Virgo 18:16 PM
October 15, Sunday Virgo Libra 05:21 AM
October 17, Tuesday Libra Scorpio 14:19 PM
October 19, Thursday Scorpio Sagittarius 21:03 PM
October 22, Sunday Sagittarius Capricorn 01:38 AM
October 24, Tuesday Capricorn Aquarius 04:22 AM
October 26, Thursday Aquarius Pisces 05:57 AM
October 28, Saturday Pisces Aries 07:31 AM
October 30, Monday Aries Taurus 10:28 AM

Moon transit in November 2023

Date and Day Transit From Transit To Time
November 1, Wednesday Taurus Gemini 16:11 PM
November 4, Saturday Gemini Cancer 01:23 AM
November 6, Monday Cancer Leo 13:22 PM
November 9, Thursday Leo Virgo 02:00 AM
November 11, Saturday Virgo Libra 13:01 PM
November 13, Monday Libra Scorpio 21:17 PM
November 16, Thursday Scorpio Sagittarius 03:00 AM
November 18, Saturday Sagittarius Capricorn 07:00 AM
November 20, Monday Capricorn Aquarius 10:07 AM
November 22, Wednesday Aquarius Pisces 12:57 PM
November 24, Friday Pisces Aries 16:00 PM
November 26, Sunday Aries Taurus 19:55 PM
November 29, Wednesday Taurus Gemini 01:40 AM

Moon transit in December 2023

Date and Day Transit From Transit To Time
December 1, Friday Gemini Cancer 10:12 AM
December 3, Sunday Cancer Leo 21:35 PM
December 6, Wednesday Leo Virgo 10:22 AM
December 8, Friday Virgo Libra 21:53 PM
December 11, Monday Libra Scorpio 06:11 AM
December 13, Wednesday Scorpio Sagittarius 11:05 AM
December 15, Friday Sagittarius Capricorn 13:44 PM
December 17, Sunday Capricorn Aquarius 15:44 PM
December 19, Tuesday Aquarius Pisces 18:20 PM
December 21, Thursday Pisces Aries 22:08 PM
December 24, Sunday Aries Taurus 03:17 AM
December 26, Tuesday Taurus Gemini 09:57 AM
December 28, Thursday Gemini Cancer 18:37 PM
December 31, Sunday Cancer Leo 05:42 AM

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Read in detail how Chandra Gochar in 2023 will impact the natives in different houses.

Moon Transit in 1st House from Natal Moon

When the Moon transits in the first house from the natal Moon, it brings good news for the natives. They should expect good things during this time period. Moreover, time will be favorable for them in terms of careers. In fact, the harder you work, the more you will get results, and your efforts will be successful. Not only will your efforts be rewarded warmly, but you shall also enjoy the welcome at the workplace. Since the time in the office will be good, the Moon transit 2023 will affect your finances too. If you had taken a loan from someone, the period would be the right time to repay it. With it, the prediction foretells that there would be good possibilities and Yoga for you to invest in places. Looking at the impacts of this planetary transit 2023 on your married life, you will see good times coming and have a pleasant time with your spouse. Both of you will take great care of each other and may plan a surprise or something. In this way, the relationship between you two will become stronger than before.

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Also, as an impact of the Chandra Gochar in 2023, your time at home and office is likely to be spent very well, which will make you feel the flow of positive energy in yourself. Along with it, your emotions will be on the right path and make you feel loved, because of which your closeness with friends and relatives will also increase. Also, in the first house, Moon transit will act as a great influence on health. But worry not, natives, as your health shall stay normal during this period. Thus, take a break from work and go for a short trip with your family, as the transit is a golden opportunity to spend quality time with your family.


  • Natives should observe fast on Mondays to make the effect of the 2023 Moon transit positively effective.

Moon Transit in 2nd House from Natal Moon

With the transit of the Moon in the second house of the natal chart, time will be full of difficulty for you. Professionally, you may face many difficulties in life and often feel dissatisfied with your work. Not only this but in your life, there are high chances that you might make some new enemies for yourself during this period. Therefore, our astrologers at Astrotalk would advise you to do financial transactions with people carefully. Do not get into unnecessary disputes with others or use abusive words during the conversation. Ahead, the Moon transit 2023 indicates, health-wise, things won’t be good either. Your mental health shall face ups and downs. Moreover, you will often be extremely tired due to a poor state of mind, resulting in many wrong decisions and bad choices. There are high possibilities that you may confront some other issues as well. Thus, natives must avoid traveling during this phase.

Ahead, as per the predictions of Chandra Gochar 2023, you shall try to make your finances better and stable, but because of malefic impacts, the only thing that would increase will be your expenses. With it, some of you can even expect their income to be low. In fact, there is a high chance that your primary source of income would become incapable of providing you with money. Thus, in such scenarios, you should avoid taking investment risks and must not shop unnecessarily. Personally, there could be a ride of emotions, which is why it would be in the best interest of the natives that they try to control their emotions, as people around you shall behave the way you would treat them. Furthermore, there might happen to be disagreements and misunderstandings with your partner and friends, which could affect your networks, communication, and connections and make you upset and sad.


  • Chant Chandra Beej Mantra in the evenings to get good results from Chandra Gochar. Do this daily until the transit period exists.

Moon Transit in 3rd House from Natal Moon

With some positive results in the life of the natives, the Moon transit 2023 will be a boon in all areas of life. In terms of your professional life, you will be successful and capable of achieving your objectives. People in your company will recognize, respect, and thank you for your efforts. Even your boss will not be able to ignore your work. As a result of such appreciation and recognition, you would also see your financial sector improving at a better rate. Observing the impacts of the Chandra Gochar 2023 on your personal life, consider it positive too, as the relations with your spouse, neighbors, and relatives, especially with your younger brothers and sisters, will be great.

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Natives who wish to make a move with someone they adore will seek successful results. Things will be beneficial and joyful in the long run. Also, unmarried people and folks looking for a prospective partner to marry and spend their life with will be successful, as the prediction foretells that you shall soon get the partner of your choice. The possibility of marriage is on the line as well. And, worry not as in the future, you and your spouse will have a positive and healthy relationship away from worries and stress.


  • To strengthen the position of the Moon in your natal chart, donate milk to the needy and poor people and avoid keeping a big clock in your house.

Moon Transit in 4th House from Natal Moon

With the Moon transit in the fourth house of your natal chart, your life will become utterly slow and unstable. With this, there will be an increase in expenses also. Because of it, the overall financial condition of the house might deteriorate, and you have to try hard to handle your situation. Also, if you are planning to invest somewhere, it would be better to consult an expert regarding this as there are chances of loss in investment. Professionally, the 2023 Moon transit would be pretty hard on you. Your work efficiency may deteriorate instead of being made at your workplace. Also, there are possibilities that you might have issues with your fellow workers too. The same might be possible for the natives in their personal life.

Couples might find their relationship unstable, and married men and women might face difficulty adjusting to other family members. There could be a feeling like no one understands you, making you isolate yourself. Furthermore, with 2023 Chandra Gochar, your relationship with your mother will remain sour. Not just this, there is a high possibility that you might be dissatisfied while talking to your maternal relatives. The list of your troubles does not end here. In your health sector, things won’t be good there either. You may face anxiety, which could increase from time to time. Thus, our astrologers at Astrotalk would suggest your stick to a suitable diet to avoid such consequences. Also, if you face any chest problems or stomach and digestive problems during this period, make sure you seek a doctor as soon as possible.


  • Chant the Chandra Beej Mantra to change the impacts of the Moon transit 2023 in your favor. The Chandra Beej Mantra is - Om Som Somaya Namah || or Om Shram Shreem Shroum Sah Chandraya Namah ||

Moon Transit in 5th House from Natal Moon

All this while you have been a pro at your work and skills, which is why people have high expectations from you in the workplace and want the best performance from you. But unlike other times, your performance will reach a low level during the Moon transit 2023. In fact, there are high chances that somehow, because of your work and deeds, the integrity of other employees might come to risk. It might reverse or alter your image in your workspace negatively. However, as per the impacts of the planetary transit 2023, you shall still have a chance to improve the situation. You would have to act sanely and partner up with the right people. The same goes for the natives who are into business. The right partnership and appropriate decisions would take your venture to the next level.

Furthermore, if we look at the financial sector of the natives, Chandra Gochar 2023 says that the time would be difficult for you to face. You might run into poor investments and lose money because of the same. However, on the other hand, you will get full support from your family and friends. The support might look insufficient for you, and you may lose your calm from time to time. Thus, it is advisable that you must mind your emotions and not let yourself into sadness and despair. Not everything would be rough for the natives with the 2023 Moon transit in the fifth house. Some of you shall be lucky and will get a chance to travel. But, remember not to think much and travel with an open and positive mind.


  • Observe fast on Mondays. But before fasting, you must decide how many Mondays you shall keep the fast.

Moon Transit in 6th House from Natal Moon

With the transit of the Moon in the sixth house in 2023, natives will feel energetic and enthusiastic. It would enable them to work quickly and efficiently. Not only will you succeed in completing your unfinished tasks that have been there for a long time, but also, see other things getting better professionally. Ahead, as an impact of Moon transit in 2023, relationships with your spouse and family will be pleasant and enjoyable on a personal level. Moreover, you shall develop warm and friendly relations with the children, and they will have a nice time too. Your social circle will improve and increase, which will help you make new friends.

In fact, there is a high chance that people of the opposite sex will be more attracted to you. Natives, who are still single, i.e., not dating, but are looking for a partner to date or get into a relationship will have a pleasant time. You are likely to meet someone who would share similar feelings as you. Because of the same, they would become an integral part of your life. Overall, this time will be interesting and joyous for you, and you will feel complacent within yourself. Also, as per the Chandra Gochar 2023 predictions, it will be an excellent time as you will be healthy and worry-free too.


  • Keep peacock feathers in the house.
  • Avoid keeping a big clock in the house.

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Moon Transit in 7th House from Natal Moon

With the planet Moon transit in the seventh house of the natives, things would be pretty good. You will be successful in your endeavors. Professionally, you will be off worries. Any business partnership with foreign firms or foreigners will be successful. In fact, as per the planetary transit 2023 predictions, you will be able to beat your competitors and overcome your enemies. With this, many other sources will also open for a better future in terms of profession. The 2023 Moon transit will also be a happening time for your spouse. The connection between you and them will become better.

Not only will you get time to relax and chill but also would make random plans like shopping, etc. Moreover, you will also be able to spare some time for yourself. Interestingly, the predictions are demanding you to go on a spending spree and do some re-decore or lavish yourself with new clothes and other stuff. Ahead, as per the planetary transit 2023, health-wise time will be good for the natives. You will be fit and shall stay away from diseases and illness. However, our astrologers at Astrotalk would still advise you to be alert and consult a doctor immediately at the first sign of illness, as any carelessness towards your health and well-being can cause severe issues in the long run.


  • Do not accept a silver gift from an outsider, as it may cause you trouble during the transit of the Moon in 2023.

Moon Transit in 8th House from Natal Moon

For people expecting the Moon transit in the eighth house of their natal chart, issues, hurdles, and problems would be there during the transit period. Professionally, there may be a rift with the boss. Because of this, you will easily fall under the guise of others. Therefore, it would be a strong suggestion from astrologers to be careful and stay alert. Also, indulging in any kind of conspiracy with others will prove to be harmful to your job. According to the predictions of 2023 Chandra Gochar, your boss, and many people will turn against you. However, you can avoid such situations by avoiding unnecessary conversations with anyone at your workplace during the transit period. Similar would be the situation at your home. Your behavior and mood issues shall create problems in your personal life.

You will be harsh and rude to your parents and spouse. All this shall cause troubles in your married life and career differences in your relationship. Thus, it would be in your best favor to slow down a little and understand what is happening and who actually cares about you. Your life partner is ready to support you at every step, and you must acknowledge this before it is too late. Show your love to them from time to time, and things will be fine soon. Moreover, the Moon transit in 2023 predicts that some facilities and services will be available to you, which might cause a feeling of failure and despair. This negativity shall increase as time passes, along with unnecessary worry and stress. Therefore, be watchful. Talking about health, the Moon transit 2023 might make you face problems related to stomach discomfort, diarrhea, and piles. Also, be careful while climbing and descending ladders, and stay away from sports as there is a risk of injury.


  • Chant the Beej Mantra 1000 times to eliminate the malefic impacts of the Moon transit. Make sure you start chanting the mantra from Monday evening of Shukla Paksha.

Moon Transit in 9th House from Natal Moon

With the movement of the Moon in the ninth house in 2023, you will find it hard to complete your work and face pressure from your superiors. Even the most meticulous efforts are unlikely to yield results. As a result of it, your reputation in your workplace will get hurt. Moreover, as malefic effects of the transit, your opponents and enemies might come on you at the same point and time. They could affect your ongoing work and tasks, which will not be appropriate for you. Financially, the Moon transit 2023 foretells that things won’t be that bad. Cash flows will be modest. However, on the other hand, some liabilities are likely to increase. If scenarios don’t run as per your plan, there are high possibilities that you may suffer some financial loss during this period.

Personally, situations will be quiet and calm. Your household life will run normally. But, on the other hand, there could be some tensions and worries. As per the predictions on Astrotalk, it would be best to avoid conflicts or disagreements between the father and children. Moreover, there are some possibilities that your physical relationship with your spouse will be affected. However, you will engage in some beneficial charitable or religious activities. It would provide you with a sense of satisfaction. Also, due to the transit of the Moon in Vedic astrology, certain facilities and luxuries will be available to you, which could possibly change your mood and mind for the better.


  • Go to a religious place and pray with utmost devotion.
  • Chant Chandra Beej Mantra 108 times a day.

Moon Transit in 10th House from Natal Moon

Be ready, natives, for the time of your life if Moon is to transit in the tenth house of your natal chart in 2023. Professionally, things would be pretty much ideal. If you own a business or work in one with someone in partnership, there would be great times for you in order. The more effort you make, the more fruitful time you will enjoy. Also, if you work in a private job, be ready for some appreciation and recognition as the Moon transit in 2023 predicts your colleagues will be happy with you and understand your worth for that particular place. But, stay aware of the negative things that could come with it— jealousy and dislike. Stay away from people who make you feel so. Moreover, beginning a new project would be a great idea if you have your own business as the chances of succeeding in it are very high. As per Chandra Gochar 2023, the same would help in increasing your income substantially. Personally, if we see things in your life, you will also get the support of your loved ones during this time period. As far as your relationship with your spouse is concerned, you will have a happy and contented relationship with them. Natives who are married will enjoy a happy time with their spouses. Singles will get plenty of opportunities to meet new people. It will boost their image in your social circle. Overall, this time is going to be comfortable and pleasant for you.


  • Keep peacock feathers in the house.
  • Donate or offer milk to someone needy or poor.

Moon Transit in 11th House from Natal Moon

Moon transit 2023 will bring many changes in your life. According to the predictions, most of these changes will be positive and good. Especially your love and relationship sector would enjoy some sweet, serene, and happening moments. Natives, still single, can find a suitable life partner for themselves during the transit period. As for people who are already with someone or are married will see their love getting stronger and stronger. Also, with your spouse, there would be a great understanding. You shall openly speak to them about your problems. And, in return, they would understand the matter without any trouble. Not only will you find that she is supportive, but also understand that all this while, they have been here to make your life worth it. This feeling would be mutual and expressible enough for both partners to hear. Regarding the career and professional life of the natives, there are chances of promotion, as a result of the 2023 Moon transit predictions.

With great powers come multiple responsibilities. Thus, the position shall bring some challenges and busy times in your life. However, you will fulfill that responsibility with your understanding and please your seniors and colleagues. The planetary transit 2023 also foretells that if you have taken a loan or some kind of money from someone in the past, the period would be the right time to pay it off. It shall build your relations with them and increase your confidence unusually. Also, using the same, the predictions in 2023 say that you will attract people of the opposite sex towards you with your charm and charisma. However, on the other hand, your health might get compromised. That is why it would be in your favor to avoid unhealthy eating and exercise regularly. In this way, you will be able to stay fit and fine.


  • Keep fast every Monday.
  • Chant Chandra Beej Mantra 108 times daily.

Moon Transit in 12th House from Natal Moon

With the Moon transit 2023 in the twelfth house, the period would come as a warning for the natives. If you are doing any wrong thing in your life or are involved in any sort of illegal work, it would be best to leave it immediately. The phase won’t be appropriate for you, and you may get caught doing such things. Also, the scenarios shall make you introspect yourself, which is why there are high chances that you shall realize that it is best to avoid such kind of stuff as soon as possible. On the other hand, the period would be good if you wish to invest your money in risky stuff like markets or new ventures as they are likely to give you good results and help you in the long run. However, you should avoid partnerships and trust less in people around you as they may be in disguise as well-wishers. Professionally staying on your primary source of income would be best for you. Experimenting might cause you trouble and lead you to some serious issues. All this will increase your money inflow. There are high chances you may figure out new ways of making more money than your current one. But, as per the 2023 Moon transit, your expenditures would not see any end, and this might harm your mental peace and cause you trouble.

Financially, you must surely avoid any transaction with anyone during this period. Also, make no deals regarding lending as it may harm your wealth and money sector, and you might not get your money back ever. Personally, the Chandra Gochar in 2023 brings some mixed results. Therefore, if you are married and wish to have a calm life with your partner, you should avoid disagreements with your family and spouse. Also, avoid situations that could cause arguments, fights, or similar troubles. Losing your temper and control shall affect your marriage and make things rough for you and your family in the long run. Therefore, keep your patience, especially when your better half is losing their calm. Also, do not make any decisions uncontrollably. Furthermore, as per the predictions, if you wish to travel somewhere, go when you have money. Do not travel under any pressure. It can worsen the financial situation in your house and create an atmosphere of unrest.


  • Get Havan done at your house to wear off the ill impacts of the transit of the Moon in Vedic astrology. Also, chant Chandra Beej Mantra during Havan.
  • Worship Lord Shiva to improve the condition of the Moon in your horoscope during the transit period.

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What does Moon transit in astrology mean?

When the Moon moves from one zodiac sign to another and it impacts the life of the natives immensely. Moon rules over emotions. So, the movement of the Moon could be daunting or prosperous, depending on the placement.

How long a Moon transit lasts?

The moon stays in a zodiac sign from a few hours to almost two days. It is the shortest transit in astrology. Hence, the impacts it causes are short lasting. 

How can Moon transit 2023 affect your horoscope?

When Moon will move into the 1st, 3rd, 6th, or 10th house, you shall enjoy a favorable time in the New Year 2023. However, for the other houses in the birth chart, Moon may make natives suffer from some problems.

What is a weak placement for Moon?

Having Moon placed in the wrong place or the planet getting the company or weak or negative planets indicates that the Moon shall show you ill impacts in the horoscope. You may stay depressed or feel isolated.

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