Dhanishtha Nakshatra


Characteristics male

Males born in Dhanishtha Nakshatra are believed to be intelligent with good work ethics. They love to learn and gather knowledge. Hence, whichever job they decide to choose for themselves, they are going to ace it. Dhanishta males give much importance to their ethical values and will try to avoid any forms of controversy, which might affect others. They will never, in any way, neither with their words nor action, hurt someone consciously. They will always stay away from arguments unless there is no other choice. These males are believed to be naturally religious and like to stay in their comfort zone, hanging out with the same friends and doing the same activities. If they are ever wronged, they will never forget. As they are very patient, they will wait for the right time to take their revenge.

Profession male

Dhanishta nakshatra males are high-achieving people. Because of their thirst for knowledge and intelligence, professions like being a historian or even a scientist will be most suitable for them. They can also work at an intelligence agency or be a private secretary for big businessmen, if that fancies them, as they are very capable of keeping secrets no matter how big the secret is. These males are more advanced than their peers when it comes to intellectuality and hence get success faster than others. Their career will flourish after the age of 24. Although they should be careful in their work while trusting their colleagues even if it is required for them to trust.

Compatibility male

Males of this nakshatra will have extreme luck when it comes to their spouses. Their wives will be like the incarnation of goddess Lakshmi and will bring very good fortune to them. They will have the upper hand when it comes to the family role but they will have a very good relationship with their siblings. There might come instances where their relatives will create problems for them, and they might not have the best relationship with their in-laws. But nothing too serious to be of concern.

Health male

As per where health is concerned, males of this nakshatra will not always feel good physically. As they do not take much care of their health and only seek help only when there is no other option, they will have to suffer from illnesses such as cold, cough, or anaemia.

Characteristics female

Dhanishta nakshatra females are kind-hearted and good-natured people. Just like the Dhanishta males, they too are very intelligent and high achieving people and because of their high ambitious nature, they will easily get jobs where there is good money. But with that, they are also spendthrifts and love to splurge on themselves and their close ones from time to time. They can also be called an empath as they can feel the pain of the unfortunate ones and will love to indulge in charity work. These females will have a dominant nature in general but they stifle it for their family’s welfare.

Profession female

Females of this nakshatra can choose anything as their profession as they can adjust to all kinds of situations and have knowledge of everything. These females can do jobs that are suitable to men as well as women because they are somewhat multitalented and can adapt to various scenarios effortlessly. They can either go for a teaching job as they love to learn and share knowledge, or they can choose to work in the literature field as they are also good with words. Since there is no boundary to their interests, they can also go for a profession related to science.

Compatibility female

Dhanishta nakshatra females have a good sense of family importance. They are naturally accustomed to maintaining harmony among the family members. Because of their dominant nature, chances are that they will be the ones to make the important decisions in the family and they will be very good at managing family affairs.

Health female

Just like the Dhanishta Nakshatra males, these females are also very careless when it comes to taking care of themselves. They hardly go for regular checkups and try to avoid taking medicines as much as possible. Because of that, there are chances that they will have to go through many health problems such as anaemia, cough or fever, blood-related problems, or uterus disturbance.

Dhanishtha Nakshatra Dates for 2022

January 5, 2022 February 1, 2022
March 1 & 28, 2022 April 24, 2022
May 21, 2022 June 18, 2022
July 15, 2022 August 12, 2022
September 8, 2022 October 5, 2022
November 29, 2022 December 26, 2022

Dhanishtha Nakshatra Padas

  1. Pada 1st: The first pada of Dhanishta nakshatra is dominated by the Sun and falls in Leo navamsa. The people born in this pada will receive success in all aspects of life except their married life. The focus is mainly on materialistic achievements.
  2. Pada 2nd: Dominated by Mercury, this pada of Dhanishta nakshatra falls in Virgo navamsa. Although just like the previous pada, marriage will be fairly difficult for peole born in 2nd pada but they will discover their talents as an athlete or a musician.
  3. Pada 3rd: The third pada of this nakshatra is dominated by Venus and lies in Libra navamsa. Unlike the other two padas, these people will have a very successful marriage and will have a very healthy mental state in general. They will also flourish in spirituality along with performing arts and astrology.
  4. Pada 4th: The fourth pada of this nakshatra is dominated by Mars and lies in Scorpio navamsa. The focus here is on physical strength and outdoor activities. The peole born in this pada have immense energy and will do good in the athletic field.

Features of Dhanishtha Nakshatra

Symbol- Drum or flute

Ruling planet- Mars

Gender- Female

Gana- Rakshasa

Guna- sattva/tamas/tamas

Presiding Deity- 8 Vasus

Animal- Female Lion

Indian Zodiac- 23°20′ Makara – 6°40′ Kumbha

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