Shravana Nakshatra


Characteristics male

The Male natives born in the Shravana Nakshatra have a strong influence of the Moon on them. And hence, these people are really soft-spoken in nature. The native has established values in life, and peer pressure can't ward him or her away from following those. The male natives born under the Shavaran Nakshatra are different from other males in many terms. These people are very particular about the tidiness and neatness of their surroundings. The trait helps them to think better and make better decisions for themselves. Unlike many other people, the male born in the Shravana Nakshatra is also very helpful towards others and really doesn't expect anything when he is helping someone. The native also puts a lot of belief in God and his will.

Profession male

The male native born in the Shravana Nakshatra goes through a lot of life changes till the age of 30. Hence, he may not have a stable profession till this age owing to his will for trying new things on a regular basis. Profession-wise, the best time period for natives born in the Shravana Nakshatra begins after 30 and continues till 45 years of age. This will be a stable period for the native wherein he can try professions such as one related to technical or any kind of export and import business. When it comes to work, these people tend to get so engaged in it, that they often forget that they have a family they need to be with.

Compatibility male

If these natives can bring a work-life balance to the table, the male natives born in the Shravana Nakshatra lead a very happy married life. The wife to you will usally fall for your kind nature, which makes you an irresistible husband material. However, the people born in Shravana Nakshatra also need to be careful not to indulge in flings, which they tend to as they get a lot of attention from women after a certain age.

Health male

Talking about health, one born in the Shravana Nakshatra may complain about suffering problems in the ear. You need to take special care of your skin as you are prone to skin disease and problems in your digestive system.

Characteristics female

The females born in the Sharavan Nakshatra home a charitable nature and are a giver to the society in ways she can. The woman has compassion for the needy and can't see others in pain. However, the lady might also possess a habit of showing off and she makes sure that anything good she does is noticed by the masses. In one way, the trait is not bad as it motivates others to do good. The females born in the Sharavan Nakshatra are though very talkative but also great secret keepers. These women can hide anything, especially from their husbands, which might result in friction between the couples in some cases.

Profession female

The female born in the Sharavan Nakshatra usally has a tough time garnering education, owing to her interest in doing other things in life. When it comes to profession, it is in the best interest of these women that they are allowed to do whatever they wish to, as only then will they be able to excel in their career. The women born in the Sharavan Nakshatra have a good career after 26 years of age. She can be a very fine exponent of the fine arts and especially makes a very good dancer.

Compatibility female

When it comes to family life, the female born in the Sharavan Nakshatra is capable of keeping everyone happy and satisfied. As these ladies seek perfection, they don't like to give anyone the reasons to taunt them. Also, she excepts others to be as perfect as she is and thus might end up disappointing herself. This perfectionist attitude, however, does not apply to her husband, on whom she showers a lot of love and care, thus helping herself with a very content married life.

Health female

Health wise, just like the male natives born in Sharavan Nakshatra, the female natives too may have to face some skin disease at the early stage of their life. The lady may also be vulnerable to tuberculosis.

Shravana Nakshatra Dates 2022

January 4 & 31, 2022 February 28, 2022
March 27, 2022 April 23, 2022
May 21, 2022 June 17, 2022
July 14, 2022 August 11, 2022
September 7, 2022 October 4, 2022
November 1 & 28, 2022 December 25, 2021

Shravana Nakshatra Padas

  1. Pada 1st: The native born in this pada possess logical thinking and are also very ambitious in nature. In fact, these natives are also very career conscious and get frustrated quickly when things don't go as per their plan.
  2. Pada 2nd: People born in the second pada of the Shravana Nakshatra are intelligent, soft-spoken and very diplomatic. They are very work driven and don't leave any work in-between.
  3. Pada 3rd: The people born in the thrid pada of Shravana Nakshatra, which is ruled by Mercury, are a bit cunning. They also possess the desire to learn and do well at jobs related to media and communications fields.
  4. Pada 4th: The people born in the 4th pada of the Shravana Nakshatra are very sympathetic and understanding beings. They like to mingle with people and are very open-minded. However, they can be rigid about change.

Features of Shravana Nakshatra

Lord- Vishnu

Controlling Planet- Moon

Ruling Deity of Moon- Parvati

Deity- Vishnu — the All-Pervasive

Rashi/Zodiac Sign- Capricorn

Gender- Male

Dosha- Kapha

Element- Air

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