King of Wands


King of Wands tarot card meaning

Key meanings (Upright): Optimism, experience, excitement, confident, energetic, charming, friendly, fearless, free-thinking, action, responsible, calculating, leadership, dominating, authority, followers, proud, easy success, lenient, loyal, dependable, protective, taking control, vision, decision making

Key meanings (Reversed): Forceful, dominant, overbearing, controlling, manipulative, rude, bully, dictator, tyrant, abusive, impulsive, vicious, unreliable, volatile, breaking promise, flirt, setting bad example, undependable

King of Wands tarot card description

The meaning of the King of Wands tarot card can be depicted from the image of the card and what it represents. The card has a king sitting on his throne, looking out at the empire that he has built. The first thing we notice about him is his prominent attire, which exudes power and strength. He is adorned with jewellery and vibrant-looking clothes in bright colours. The cape that he is wearing has the symbol of a lion and a salamander.

The same symbols are engraved on the throne that he is sitting on. The lion and the salamander are symbols of power and fiery nature. It depicts the general nature of the King and tells us how he can manage the empire that he has built with his queen's help. The orange robe is the manifestation of their combined strength. The King is also holding a wand that is blooming at the top. This represents his growing creativity and strength through which he will conquer more extraordinary things in life. The King seems to be looking far off into the distance, and his head is slightly turned to show that he is not looking straight.

He is looking far ahead from the present and looking at the future in which he has achieved more strength and momentum. The final card from the Suit of Wands is a symbol of power and wisdom. The King is overflowing with creativity and intelligence that matches his better half, the queen and he knows what he wants. The King expresses his desires openly and with his focused mind, he achieves them easily.

King of Wands tarot card (Upright)

Upright King of Wands Meaning
King of Wands

The King of Wands is a symbol of the male fire energy and represents everything masculine. The King in his true nature does not bother to be excited about creating or manifesting an idea or work hard by himself to bring it to actuality. He is more interested in achieving what he wants by implementing his ideas on others and initiating others to help him achieve them. When the King of Wands in the upright position appears, it is an indication that you have reached a point in your life where you are the ultimate visionary and have gained a form of authority and power on others that you know how to use in an ethical way to achieve what you want and for the betterment of the world.

You are sure about what you desire and your goals, and by directing those with the same goal in mind, you are ready to lead the way. Your leadership attracts everyone to you because you exceed charisma, power, and confidence, and they believe in you leading them in the right direction. Everyone wants to be a part of your journey and manifestation, which is why they support you in all instances. Like a true king, you know how to use people for your benefit but do it without hurting them. The King of Wands upright has appeared to tell you that you are now a genuinely confident person who moves forward with purpose and vision. Things that not everyone can see or imagine are being seen and realised by you, and you will stop at no cost to bring that grand vision to reality.

A King is never irrational or impulsive and knows how to take tough actions when required. Unlike the Knight of Wands who acted impulsively and behaved rashly because of a lack of patience, you have the mental capacity to think and evaluate every bit and cranny of a situation before acting on it, and your maturity has earned you the credit to be the leader. You will not change your mind easily or get distracted because you found a new shiny toy or idea. Instead, you will hold your ground and seek after your dream until you've got it in your hands. The reason why you get what you want each time is that you are honest about your goals and dreams and rarely get sidetracked by anything useless. Getting distracted is not your nature, which is the true nature of a king.

Love and Relationship (Upright)

It is always a good sign when the King of Wands appears in the upright position in any tarot reading. The same thing applies to your love life because this card reveals that a very charismatic and powerful person is about to or has already entered your life. They are very generous with their time and energy, and not one moment of your life will be spent in a boring way once the relationship starts with this person. This person is both responsible and fun-loving and realises the fact that you need an equal amount of attention as their work. This card indicates an exciting person who never lets a moment go stale.

The King of Wands usually is about someone who could have a problem with their temper, and because of their anger issues, you might have to face some issues, or it might get exhausting sometimes. But this person is not someone who will let their bad qualities get the best of them. They will not let the bad side of themselves hurt you. They are mature enough to keep their anger and emotions in check. Even if the relationship seems exhausting sometimes, these people bring excitement to the relationship. If you don't have someone new entering your life or not starting a new relationship and are already in a relationship for a long time, this card is a sign of a time in your relationship when you'll be focusing on making your bond stronger with your partner. This card indicates happy moments where you feel the love and closeness with your partner.

Finance (Upright)

The King of Wands indicates the maturity and growth of a person. It took you many battles and struggled to reach this point where you feel you are in a comfortable position with your finances. With your hard work, you have built a life free of financial problems and crises, and now the time for you to relax and enjoy has come. You are entirely able to preserve your wealth because you were the one who struggled for it. You can now save comfortably even when everyone around you influences you.

The time has come when not everything fazes you, and you have reached the level of maturity not to make mindless expenses. But that doesn't mean that all you do is save and don't spend even when required. Now you know when is the right time to spend your money, and you will not face any repercussions. A sense of balance has been created in your finances, allowing you to enjoy your hard-earned money in the best way possible. Now that you know your wealth's actual value, you spend it on your close ones, which brings you gratification and appreciation.

Career (Upright)

In terms of your career, the King of Wands upright represents your success in your professional life. This card indicates the respect you are receiving from everyone, which is an ego boost. You have worked hard to bring your vision into reality but also realise the help and support you received from everyone close to you. You appreciate them with your heart and let them know your feelings. With your creativity and leadership qualities, you have achieved a position in your work where you have authority over many people. People are working under you, and you have the role of directing them with the appropriate tasks.

The King is an obvious indication of your role in your field, which is that of a leader, and you are the perfect fit for that role. Many see you as their mentor and follow your ideals because you have already set an impression of a responsible and visionary person. Your morals and values are viewed highly, which is why they respect you. The upright King of Wands also hints at your success in your business as you are experiencing massive growth. Your work is going well, which is not ending anytime soon. You can expect this success to keep going as a permanent thing and the chances of it growing more are there. Put good use of this time and grow your business into something significant.

Health (Upright)

When the King of Wands appears in the upright position, it is an indication of good health and vitality. You are feeling a lot of energy right now which you are excited to use for your career and relationships. Now is the time to grow your business because you have the energy to put in the effort and make something big. Relationships with your close ones will also improve because you will be giving them the time and energy which will improve your relationships. But this card is also hinting you to keep calm in some situations because sometimes you tend to overdo things that are causing negative effects on your health. So take breaks and relax in intervals so that you don't overuse yourself.

Also, the King of Wands (upright) card signals you not to overstress things around you. Understand how important it is to value your health and take necessary measures. Don’t whine about things. Instead, prepare a plan, and work on it as soon as possible to improve your well-being.

King of Wands tarot card (Reversed)

Reversed King of Wands Meaning
King of Wands

The King of Wands reversed is an indication of your insecurity and distrust about your position as a leader. You have been given the role of a leader and the responsibility to direct people, but right now you feel as if you are not ready to take that role yet. Although it lies in your nature to be a visionary person and your creativity and intelligence are what let everyone give the role of the leader to you, you are not confident about your skills to lead people towards your vision. For a long time, you have worked hard on your ideas alone, but now that you have others ready to help you, you do not know how to react.

For the time being, you are suggested to work on your leadership skills, or you can also get help from someone naturally skilled at steering others towards a common goal. It can also be that you are not openly sharing your ideas and visions with your coworkers or just giving them things to do. This creates a barrier between you and your coworkers, resulting in them not wholly committing to the tasks. As they don't see the vision, they don't know the right way to approach it. This card advises you to trust those helping you with your plan and make them see what you can see. Communicate with those you are working with and work with equal passion. Thinking that you are the only one who is going to understand yourself completely and no one else can take up the responsibility to put work for your idea will not get you far.

When the reversed King of Wands appears, it indicates that you might have gotten too confident and arrogant over time since all you see is a success. In your drive to reach your goal and defeat all the obstacles standing in front of you, you are disregarding the efforts put in by your colleagues and coworkers who have been working with you all this time. As you chase your dreams, you are underappreciating the help that you are receiving from them. But to feel fulfilled after you receive what you want, you have to appreciate and recognize their help and not take them for granted. Do not let success overpower your consciousness and think the rest of the world is below you just because you are the leader.

Love and Relationship (Reversed)

In the reversed position, the King of Wands is not the best sign for someone in a relationship. This card is about a person in your life who is too overbearing for you to live happily with them. They have a personality that makes spending every time with them sour and distressing. They behave in a controlling and manipulating manner and are trying to control you at every position in life. The person hinted by this card is arrogant and aggressive, and their behaviour towards you is not the best. If by any chance, there is no one in your life with these issues, then you should look into your actions and evaluate your words as you speak them because it could be you who is the aggressor in the relationship. As you speak, notice their reaction carefully and see if what you say is offending or bothering them. You might feel as if your relationship has been in strain, and issues and problems arise every other day.

Your behaviour or your partner's actions could be the reason behind this. You might be feeling as if all your actions are because you love them and are pushing them so that they reach their best potential. But in reality, you are being controlled and manipulative, which is bothering them a lot and ultimately creating distance between you and them. You must realise that everyone has their way of coping or figuring out solutions. Implementing forcefully your ideas and answers, which you believe to be correct, will not help them but aggravate them more. These actions make a relationship sour. Give them the space to figure out their problem and the best way to solve them, and just be by their side as they go through them.

Finance (Reversed)

The King of Wands reversed is a sign that your financial situation is not in the best position, and there are many more hurdles to come in the future if action is not taken immediately. It seems like you are waiting with your breath held for the universe to show a sign of mercy or send help for you, but this is not the right thing to do if you keep waiting for help to arrive without taking the initiative to move forward and take things in your hand. No matter how hard the situation seems and no matter if you feel as if you alone won't be able to make any change, you need to know that it's only you who can take charge of your finances and take responsibility for the mistakes that you have done and work hard so that you can change the situation.

Instead of waiting for good fortune and external help, take charge of your finances and seek proactively financial help. There are many ways through which you can change your situation, such as applying for higher pay at your current job, applying for a promotion, looking for ways for a side income, or even looking for a change of job if the current one is not paying enough. You can also help yourself by cutting unnecessary expenses even if your friends are provoking you or you might feel obliged because everyone is doing the same. Use your common sense and creativity to ensure that you come out of this situation unscathed.

Career (Reversed)

The King of Wands reversed in a career reading mostly hints at everything opposite to the same card in the upright position. This card indicates that you must have been given a role of authority recently but you are lacking the leadership qualities that everyone is hoping for from you. Either you don't have the capacity in you to lead a group of people towards a single goal or you are just too tied up in your own greatness that you are not bothering to take the initiative to act as the leader. Chances are that you are waiting for others to bring the things that you require for your project and not taking the responsibilities yourself to get what's required.

You might be waiting for validation from someone else that you deserve the role, and that you are fit for it, but waiting for it and not taking the responsibilities of that role is harming your reputation and your chances of getting the project the success that it deserves. Your co-workers deserve the proper treatment and directions from you to do things correctly, and not acting as you are supposed to is not helping anyone. Even if you are working solo, you are waiting for the right opportunities to fall on your lap and not seeking them yourself. Waiting for them to arrive and not doing anything in the meanwhile is the worst way to work because the success is getting further and further from your reach, and there is always someone ambitious enough waiting to grab the opportunity. By waiting, you are losing most of the good chances.

Health (Reversed)

The reversed King of Wands is suggesting you take a breather right now because the stress that is being caused due to all the responsibilities that you have currently received is sucking up all your physical and mental energy and you are soon about to face burnout. If the current lifestyle keeps going, soon you will have to face repercussions such as you might even have to get hospitalised. Stress induced from overworking is mostly what the king of wands is indicating which should be taken seriously as it concerns your health. Financial problems or relationships can be mended with effort, but once your health is in a bad condition, there are low chances for you to help yourself and be completely under the mercy of the doctors.

This card advises you to change your current lifestyle and focus more on your well-being such as sharing your heavy responsibilities with someone you trust or changing your diet and including food that compliments your body. Connect with nature and it will freshen up your mind. Perform meditation and you shall feel relaxed and out of mental troubles and stress-related issues. Anxiety had been caging you for a while, signalling the King of Wands (reversed) card. And our tarot card readers at Astrotalk suggest that the best way to get rid of the same is to be and feel healthy.

King of Wands: One Card Pull

One card pull is done when you want to have straight to the point and quick answers. It is for the time when you wish to know specific answers in the form of Yes or No. So, getting a one-card pull is always helpful if you are going through any challenging situation or are stuck in a dilemma. Post shuffling the card, you can choose one from the deck. Depending on your question, you shall get the answer to the question. The results for one card pull in the King of Wands card is:

Upright Position: If you have pulled the King of Wands in the upright position, the answer is definitely yes.

Reversed Position: If you have pulled the King of Wand in the reversed position, the answer is yes but be humble about your success.

King of Wands for Timing

If the question is about when something you wish for will come to reality, and the King of Wands has been pulled out, this can indicate that the time is very near. To be very specific about the time, one should expect it to be during the spring of the zodiac sign season Aries, Sagittarius, or Leo.

Remember that whatever you wish for is right around the corner and needs just a bit of patience. You will soon figure out the time. If the reading is done during the summer, this does not mean your wish will be fulfilled during the spring. It means that you should expect the time to be during the Leo season or the upcoming month. It is hard to predict the future considering years since our future keeps changing with every action we take.

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