Two of Wands


Two of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

Key meanings (Upright): Anticipation, decisions, dual path, options, emigration, waiting, restlessness, wanderlust, withdrawal, detachment, lack of contentment, planning, moving, or travelling overseas

Key meanings (Reversed): Fear of change, indecisive, unsure, restriction, lack of planning, rigid, cancelled travel or plans, playing safe, fear of unknown, stepping back, choosing a boring or mundane life, sudden arrival or return

Two of wands tarot card description

The Two of Wands tarot card in Minor Arcana deck of cards describe the inner feelings of a person. This card showing up means that the person wants to venture into new things and is curious. They want to explore the new ideas that they have been getting. The card has a man dressed in a red robe and hat, holding a globe. One can easily guess that the globe represents exploration and having one’s interpretation of the world. They see the world as in their hand, helping them expand their horizon.

The background shows him standing on top of a castle, meaning that even if they want to explore new opportunities, they are still latching on to their comfort zone. The person in the card can be seen holding the wand in one hand and the other hand resting on the wall. The hand resting on the wall interprets that he is yet to take a step, and is waiting for the right time. The scenery from his castle has beautiful fertile land as well as rocks, interpreting that there are chances of positive results but that will come with equal challenges. Although, he will overcome all the challenges and sow the fruit of his hard work.

Two of Wands (Upright)

Upright Two of Wands Meaning
Two of Wands

The Two of Wands (upright) are the advanced version of the ace of wands, as the ace of wands represents planning and the two of wands represent taking action on the plans. This card, when it comes upright, means that the person is ready to move forward. Moving forward with the plan and setting everything in motion is represented through this card. A different way to view two of wands that it indicates is finding out new things or information. Getting out of the comfort zone and venturing into the wild and unpredictable world is what the person is going to do, as interpreted by this card.

In the beginning, things might seem difficult to handle, but this card encourages us to keep striving and to push forward. Two of wands upright mean that the native has discovered their potential and true objective. They have decided on what they want out of life and what their goals are. They have worked hard to reach where they are currently, and as they move forward, they are sure about their desires and goals.

Love and Relationship (Upright)

Two of wands coming upright is not the best indication when the native is in a relationship, since this card says that those who are in the relationship are not satisfied with one another. This card says that the native or their partner is doubting their relationship. They are unsure about one another, feeling the love has faded, because of which they are withdrawing themselves. They are not feeling much attached to their partner anymore.

This card is also a warning about unfaithful action, as it shows a choice between the partner and a lover. Travelling is also indicated through this card which could mean that the people in the relationship might have to move away for different reasons, making a distance between them and their partners. If the native is single, this minor arcana card represents that the native might get to choose between two lovers.

Finance (Upright)

It is a good sign for the two of wands to show up upright in terms of finance, as it represents financial stability. Financially, the native will be comfortable and secure and will not have to worry much about it. But that doesn’t mean that money will come left and right. Just that the native is not going to spend their money on unnecessary things. This card indicates that the native is secure enough about their financial situation and is planning for their long-term financial future. The right has arrived for the natives to make serious and important choices without worrying about failure or repercussions.

Moreover, the upright Two of Wands signals that If there is some significant amount already being saved, think about investing it to expand the number. Wasting money may cross the thought process. But, if you are dedicated and focused on long-term plans, you shall get into the trap of the happenings.

Career (Upright)

When the Two of Wands is upright, in terms of career it means that you are in that time of your life where you are contemplating your options. You have a lot in mind about what your future is going to look like and check your ambitions and goals. Deciding between what one wants to be in the future is a very important task, and you are now in that situation when you are ready to try out different options, to see what fits your plans and if it’s suitable to your personality.

This Minor Arcana card (upright) indicates that you have found an ideal company you want to work at, and now you are thinking about the pros and cons before joining. This could also mean that you are thinking about starting your own business and are laying out the plans for the future. The time to take the first step has come, and to turn those long years of planning into fruitful results.

Health (Upright)

A sense of duality comes in when the two of wands show up. In terms of health, this card can mean that the native might have to choose between two options while considering their health. It can be seen in a lot of ways. Two options may arise when they are going to have treatment for an illness. They may have to choose between two options while deciding what treatment to take.

Ahead, the Two of Wands tarot card also means that the native will be contemplating their fitness regime. They might have to choose between starting a new fitness plan or giving up completely and going back to their old habits. Choosing could be hard for you, however, with the right frame of mind and some advice, you shall be through the hard phases of wellness.

Two of Wands Tarot Card (Reversed)

Reversed Two of Wands Tarot Card Meaning
Two of Wands

When the two of wands appear reversed, it is an indication that it’s time to bite the bullet and just go for it. They have been thinking for a while now, but it’s getting too long. It is time to set up plans and long-term goals. It is a suggestion to start by considering everything, such as what you want to be, what you see in your future, and what suits your personality the best. Set up goals by finding and figuring out what’s important to you. Then take it a step further by planning the right way to go for it.

The Two of Wands tarot card in reversed position is also a form of warning that something is amiss in the plan for the future. You must have missed small but very important points while planning, which can later turn deadly and be the cause of your downfall. It is also an indication that too much confidence or lack of patients can later become the main cause of failure. So tone down the confidence a bit and try to stay calm.

Love and Relationship (Reversed)

There are a lot of interpretations, when the two of wands appear reversed, in terms of a relationship. First is that, if you are in a relationship, the love between the two of you is not the same as it was before and you are feeling yourself getting drifted away from your partner. You feel the relationship has become boring and there is no spark left, and the feeling is mutual. But you are still in the relationship because you fear the unknown. This minor arcana card also indicates that the relationship is holding you back, but you are not letting go because you are scared to be alone.

Travelling is also hinted at through this Minor Arcana card, which means you or your partner wants to move overseas, but the other wants to stay. This can ultimately lead to a breakup. But there is also an alternative interpretation, which is of you feeling your partner is getting detached from you, this card coming up means that your partner wants to connect with you again. If you are single, you will have two options, one to stay single, or two, to get back with your ex. Similar to upright, this card reversed means that you will have two options while choosing a partner, and you will eventually choose the safest option.

Finance (Reversed)

The Two of Wands reversed tarot card is an indication to stay aware of your financial situation. Your financial situation is going to be somewhat unstable if this card shows up. This does not mean that something dramatic is going to happen, such as you are going to lose all your money or you are going to win a lottery and your bank account balance is going to fluctuate drastically. It means that whatever you had planned regarding your finances is not going as you want, which in turn can become a critical time for you.

Don’t make any investments or make a large purchase during this time. Instead, study your current situation and think about what you can do to improve your financial situation. This tarot card (reversed) suggests that you shall be successful in your efforts soon. The only thing you need is the right frame of mind and better understanding of the existing scenarios.

Career (Reversed)

Two of wands reversed can mean two different scenarios. The first is, that you have been planning a lot about what your future is going to look like and what are you going to do. But as the time has arrived when you have already set everything into motion and are waiting for the results, things are not going as planned. You are not liking the results of your hard work which is frustrating you. This could indicate that you must have missed analysing a point or two while planning, which has turned out to be the obstacle in your plan.

The other interpretation of this card coming up is that you have done your research thoroughly, made plans by considering everything, and there are no plot holes. But the thing that is holding you back from taking the step is your fear. You are too scared of the result. Try to let loose a little and stop overthinking. It is time to take the first step and just go for it because one cannot prevent every mishap, and failure is a part of life.

Health (Reversed)

The appearance of Two of Wands tarot card (reversed) when reading a health card means that two options should be taken under consideration while deciding on health and treatment. This, in simple words, means that there is other information that has not been revealed yet regarding your health and you need to listen to a second opinion, to fully evaluate the situation.

It could be that you already have a consultant and they have given you their opinion. But that should not be the only guide you follow as you choose the option. Try consulting with a different source, and equally think about both the things they have said. Only after thorough consideration of both opinions, go forward with the treatment. Moreover, the Two of Wands says that you must not act carelessly around things that give you not-so-good vibes as it may be true and might make you suffer from troubles (health-related) later.

Two of Wands: One Card Pull

One card pull is done when you want to have straight to the point and quick answers. It is for the time when you wish to know specific answers in the form of Yes or No. So, if you are going through any tough situation or are stuck in a dilemma, getting a one-card pull is always helpful. Post shuffling the card, you can choose one from the deck. Depending on your question, you shall get the answer to the question. The results for one card pull in the Two of Wands card is:

Upright position: If you pull the Two of Wands in an upright position, the answer is yes, but you will achieve your desired result after putting in effort and hard work.

Reversed position: If you pull the Two of Wands in the reversed position, the answer is still yes, but you have to communicate openly about what you want and reach a conclusion that satisfies everyone involved.

Two of Wands Card for Timing

If you want to know when a specific thing is going to happen, and you pull out the Two of Wands, the time is not far for your desire to get fulfilled. The time will be counted in days or months, as in one month later or around the 2nd, 11th, or 20th of the next month. No matter the exact date, this Minor Arcana card indicates that whatever you are praying for will reach you very soon.

Spring here doesn’t mean that if you are doing the reading in the summer, so your desired wish will be fulfilled the next spring. It depicts that what you want will arrive at you the next month from the date of the reading.

An easier way to interpret the time is to take note of the number of the card. Here it is two in the Two of Wands, which means that your time is in 2 days, 2 weeks, or 2 months. It is hard to predict the future in years through tarot card reading or any other form of spiritual reading, as our future frequently changes with every action and choice we make in our life.

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